Women be shoppin lol (YIAY

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Fill in the blank: Women be shopping, men be ____. This is what I asked our viewers, and the results may surprise you. They won't surprise you.

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  • One time I was in the car with my family and my mum said that the was going grocery shopping so then I said “women be shoppin” and then she told me not to say sexist comments

  • yes so many time

  • Come to UK 🇬🇧

  • I am a women and i can confirm i do be shopping

  • December 2nd nice

  • Women be shoppin', men also be shoppin', enbies be like gargoyles watching them all from the rooftops.

  • 2:10 dam this is more true than my internet connection

  • #YIAYpoli I don't wanna get political, but fuck answering yiay's on time.

  • The best type of comments are the ones that make jokes about liking your own comment so you have an excuse to like your own comment (and yes, I did)

  • This video made me hate woman , never getting laid time

  • 2:16 yes, john. you're out of touch.

  • Why was there alot of triggered females in this video?

    • It is weird lol I am not an mra incel or anything, but it is jarring to see multiple comments unironically saying "men bad". The first few weren't that bad, but damn...

  • The last non blind yiay

  • I should not be awake this late, cuz boi I lost it when Jack asked if not holding the flashlight correctly was supposed to be relatable. Yes, it is. I bet you I could shine a flashlight under the hood tomorrow, and my dad would say something was wrong with it at *least* once.

  • My dad yelling at me bout the flashlight all the time lol

  • men may not be dunkin and cloppin but they do be jumpin and poppin we joppin

  • A couple came into the store I work at and I asked if they needed any help. The guy responded with “nah she’s in here so often I’m sure she already knows where everything is.” And it took everything in me to stop myself from saying yea man women be shoppin

  • The Gatorade one got me. I lasted until that one made me laugh

  • Gotta love it when all the sexist women come crawling out of the woodwork

  • 2:17 that has literally never happened to me what

  • Say it with me, kids: “A” before “I”, except for in “YIAY”!

  • Jack never worked on a car with his dad and it shows

  • Men Bea Arthur is one of the best YIAY answers in a while, until Gatorade Should Be Thicker came around

  • Please come to the uk

  • Women be shopping, Men be working

  • Men be making 0.30$ more an hour

  • the flashlight one is so relatable that women don't even be shoppin anymore, they be holding the flashlights wrong too :')

  • Are you coming to me? No. I’m coming to you. Wait.

  • Probably because he used twitter, but man a lot of those were sexist, in like a not funny just hateful way. Pretty cringe 😬

  • 2:40 Jack including this is awesome.

  • I thought the guys would have the sexist jokes not-

  • The flashlight thing is PAINFULLY relatable.

  • I dont wanna be political but... yeah no I don't wanna be political bye

  • Jack doesn't have a dad :(

  • Hello, JonathanFilms.

  • A

  • jack becoming a soyboy

  • 2:20 all the damn time my guy

  • The generational gap to make it where he doesn’t know that whole flashlight struggle, congratulations John, you’re now a boomer

  • I can't believe you are this sexist john

  • This man really be playing Cards Against Humanity with everyone

  • YIAY live, crying in UK right now 😭

  • #YIAYpoli I don’t wanna get political, but someone needs to introduce a furry hunting license. They wanna be animals, we hunt them like animals.

  • So your dad never had you hold a flash light while the power was out and he fixed the breaker panel?

  • Women be cosplayin’ as Shrek too. I’ve seen ’em.

  • 0:56 Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

  • Yo any Austin homies wanna go together?? :D

  • You are a sell outt

  • The moment he didn’t understand the flashlight one, I knew I had to see the comments

  • I don't wanna get political, but I'm late. #YIAYpoli

  • I am so shocked my dad's a Certified mechanic I know it would be holding the flashlight wrong and not paying attention

  • See you in Cincinnati, glad the show didn't get canceled

  • Yes to the flashlight

  • mesa never hold the flashlight right for papa

  • Women be shopping Men bee movie

  • #YIAYpoli shrek is the one that should be in office

  • The flashlight one is correct

  • The weird part about the flashlight thing isnt that Jack has never experienced it, the weird part is that he's apparently never ever heard the joke before

  • I don't wanna get political, but pineapple belongs on pizza. #YIAYpoll

  • I don't wanna get political, but the bee movie was actually not the worst movie I've ever seen. Not good, but not the spawn of Satan either. #yiaypoli

  • This doesn't feel like it was made in late April 2021

  • Everyone be hoping for the best for Brendon Fraiser's career

  • Would you come to rhe Uk

  • Sad Denver noises

  • i don't want to get political, but WHERE IS THE FRICKING SHREK 5

  • Women be shoopin, men be unable to be spellin

  • #YIAY

  • #YIAYpoli i vote for jesus

  • I don't wanna get political, but what the fuck even is cheese?

  • I don’t want to get political, but capitalists smell bad.

  • Where the hell is all this generalized men hate exist lol Edit: I’m dumb, of course they’re all just joking about it

  • #YIAYpoli ı dont wanna get politika but butt butt in the what ı say butt butt in the what

  • I don’t wanna get political, but furries don't deserve rights

  • #YIAYpoli I don’t wanna get political, but is Pythagorean's last name really theorem?

  • #yiaypoli I don’t wanna get political, but roblox can be suitable for adults

  • I don't wanna get political, but Capitalism is an economic system based on free markets and limited government intervention. Proponents argue that capitalism is the most efficient economic system, enabling improved living standards. However, despite its ubiquity, many economists criticize aspects of capitalism and point out is many flaws and problems. In short, capitalism can cause - inequality, market failure, damage to the environment, short-termism, excess materialism, and boom and bust economic cycles. #YIAYpoli

  • "My superpower is answering the wrong yiay" I SAW ONE!

  • I don’t want to get political, but shrek 3 was a masterpiece.

  • Man went back to the channel after a while and the first funny answer you act confused about

  • Come to Huntsville’s Stand Up Live!!!!

  • Wait why does youtube think this is vietnamese

  • Plot twist:Jack has no dad

  • The flashlight do Be true when Ur dads changin The tires

  • Lot of woman who clearly weren’t held enough by their dads responding to this yiay

  • Jokes on y'all, i held the oil during my dads oil change, the flashlight was my brothers job 😎😎😎

  • I don't want to be political, but cheese be good

  • I literally CANNOT BELIEVE "women be shoppin, men be fappin" was RIGHT THERE and they still said jerking. Im so fucking disappointed

  • John Patrick 'jack films douglass' Douglass

  • we got a lot of "kill all men" feminists here

  • I don’t wanna get political, but We need to stop the left from invading our country The western world is so much better. Hashtag WestISBest #YIAYpoli

  • Yaiy live, its like yaiy but you actually get included

  • i don’t wanna get political but why tf does it look like that #YIAYpoli

  • "Mens 6 in 1 Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant"

  • #YIAYpoli I don't want to get political, but what's Obama's last name?

  • shrek

  • Why are the political Logos animals? #yiaypoli

  • #YAIYpoli (yes i did that on purpose) i don't want to get political but i have 2 rows of fnaf action figures on my shelf

  • no

  • I don't wanna get political, but jack should make the new sundae plush or chipwich plush. I don;t know which one to pick, but you decide jack. #YIAYpoli

  • “Pissy shitwads don’t get YIAY” should be the title of this video