Widow of retired officer killed during riot speaks out

Birt 22 apr 2021
Ann Dorn, the wife of a retired St. Louis police officer who was shot and killed during the violence and looting that followed widespread protests over racial injustice in June, says it's 'disheartening' that leaders 'are not calling for peace.'
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  • See, biden reaches out to cops for senseless killings. Like the widow, she wants to reach out with courts and protesters. Maybe she needs to represent a study on influence. We all shall be fluent in cursive.

  • F George Floyd crap. Enough!

  • Was anyone ever arrested and brought to trial for killing Officer Dorn? Haven’t heard anything about it! Did I miss it on the news?

  • Sorry for your loss

  • You calling it “unrest” also downplays it.

  • "It s disheartening" that her husband felt the need to die for some stuff.

  • I figured it was the widow of Sicknic from Trump's coup attempt.

  • So sorry for your loss Ann Dorn.



  • Joe Biden is causing a lot of racism he should go back and look at the tapes they have on him

  • COME ON MAN everytime i hear be dep bedep that s all folks joe i get sick

  • I'm sorry? Excuse me? Brought the nation together Joey Bribes? You have us confused with some other planet you've been on.

    • Hello beautiful Jennifer How are you doing today dear?😊🌹🌻


  • Unified? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Oh Joe.

  • Democrats are responsible for those riots last summer they have those rioters brainwashed even today I wonder did they get any closer to becoming homes owners or have loads of money in there account rioters are simply being used by Democrats what a shame.

  • Anti American treasonist.

  • Why this lady don't get 27 millions dollars like the Floyd family that did a very poor job with him.

  • God bless the righteous

  • In the end of days, good is evil and evil is good. Criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. Sad

  • Biden is brain dead. He doesn't care about our country. If he did he would work toward unity and peace instead of fomenting racial hatred and violence.


  • How can any police get a fair trial or even a trial art all, when people talk about every thing before he can be charged.

  • At one time I like this Fox News announcer, now I can’t stand this fake.

  • What happened to Mr Dorn was barbaric. Damned animals destroying people's lives without blinking an eyelash. And Joe Biden, the great unifier. I am so repulsed by that buffoon.

  • Biden has no idea what’s going on in America! He’s a puppet with no brain!

  • F Biden!!!

  • Rest in peace Captain Dorn. God will mete out justice, for you, and all the victims of Satan's children.

  • If you weren’t racist before, if you weren’t jaded or bigoted, the BLM movement will test your beliefs.

  • Protests, Biden? Rioting, looting, stealing and burning ENCOURAGED by the Democratic Party! This crap went on night after night for months but CNN (Clinton News Network) made a fuss about ONE NIGHT at the White House on Jan. 6th.

  • Biden just justified all the evil fallout that came with ANTIFA & BLM riots which were caused by a career criminal who resisted a much needed arrest since Floyd was way off the rails & a danger to himself as well as others. Obama ,Pelosie, Waters & others of their ilk facilitated that evil intent. A lot of good souls were the victims of that evil because a criminal was once more in handcuffs due to his own flea from justice games. .

  • Lies and evil !!! They will reap what they sow!!!!

  • The Americans say enough about you Biden get out the White House, stop ✋ lies and destruction of U.S.A

  • How many police are murdered each year. BLUE LIVES MATTER.

  • All I can say is "God Bless this lady"

  • Funny i never saw people stealing and commiting arsen during the 60s

  • Biden and Kamala are traitors to the people protecting Americans every day of their lives.

  • Here was a decent man who was killed for just doing good. The media don't mention him. Please keep bringing up what a good man he was, he deserves to be recognised and a statue put up to honour him.

  • Biden is so full of crap... peaceful summer protests... delusional liar!

  • The fact the George Floyd is revered, while Captain David Dorn is forgotten is a travesty.

  • Anyone who thinks that Biden is a better president than trump must be really stupid or lacking commonsense that is for everyone around the world Biden is a disgrace

  • Those are the riots the democrats want to just forget

  • my heart is broken for mrs. dorn and her family..peace be with you

  • The summer of the 2nd birth of the BLM Klan who terrorized citizens, Didn't unify anyone.

  • Biden is the weakest US President, leader, that I have ever seen in my life

  • My condolences to you and your family, Mrs. Dorn. The Almighty God is the Righteous Judge of all the earth. He will do what He has to do in His time! Be strong and may the memory of your dear husband be a blessing!

  • Lmao he's aware we're more divisive as a country than ever

  • Y'all no know Joe has no clue he should not be president period.... No know Joe😂

  • Fox, who I USED to LOVE, DOESNT EVEN mention HIS NAME in the Description... he Died. And you are USING his Widow... like the Dems are USING Befuddled Biden...

  • FF

  • The Dorn's are what makes a country great. The grace of God makes the Dorn's the salt of the earth. Too bad most Americans despise Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

  • The retired officer died to protect insured things not lives, I call that a foolish There is big difference between fighting for racial equality & seditious insurrection against the US Constitution of these United States

  • "President" Biden. Who's zooming who!

  • China Joe's 's a racist, a traitor and nothing more but a demented soulless puppet, who's working for the corporate globalist mafia.

  • I cannot even imagine the pain this woman must go through, being gaslit every day by the media. And her husband was black! Where's BLM when a black officer dies?!

  • Funny how a whole country Mourns George Floyd a criminal a drug addict and a thief but nobody gives a s*** about This Woman's husband which was a hero

  • God bless your brave husband. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • Shut the hell up...you have done nothing about BLM...and Antifa..the senseless killing...and destruction of our country..

  • I hate what my country has turned into. It has brought a rage in many God-fearing Americans. We are such a bunch of pansies to not wipe BLM/Antifa off the face of the earth. It is as though God Himself has sent the delusion.

  • George Floyd may have been a terrific guy 🌹 maybe not 🌹 the story is about what the Cop did 🌹 the Cop put his knee on Floyd’s neck for a long time 🌹 I say the Cop is responsible for the Cop’s conduct 🌹 the Cop’s conduct was not ok 🌹 I am 74 and a 100% conservative Trump Supporter White Guy 🌹 I am surprised by conservatives’ continued support - Candace - Bongino - others - for the Cop’s conduct 🌹

  • I still think about Cpt. Dorn. Disheartening when people say "oh I know, I'm sure there are good cops" yet they refuse to acknowledge them.

  • No Joe not from all walks of live just criminals

  • World upside down in a blender

  • Riots and looting did not unify.

  • The dead is speaking..

  • Joe Biden is the Arsonist In Chief! He helps put the gasoline on the fire.

  • Biden needs to shut the f-up

  • Demorats are racist. Joe Biden is a nit wit. Derek is innocent. Usa is a collapse country

  • This illegitimate administration is a disgrace. God Bless this woman.. I pray God gives her peace and justice..

  • With peace and with purpose.....umm no

  • They don't want PEACE....the chaos allows for political CONTROL

  • Hey Biden! We had enough of your senseless actions!!

  • You mean the one that was completely ignored by the Democratic Party! Innocent people died and they did nothing.

  • Enough of Joe Biden he's not even a real president enough is enough

  • Liar.

  • Ok enough you hipocrite

  • Biden is a jurkoff.

  • Who's going to get justice for David Dorn?

  • Sad part is you are going to see more of this. The left wants racial divisions and Biden is their leader. Study the history on him and it becomes clear what his agenda is for our country.

  • China is poised to take over the world.

  • I'm so very sorry for your loss Mrs. Dorn. Praying for you and your family. 🙏😇🙏❤🌻


  • I am struggling very hard not to call that man out and a plethora of ugly names. I respect the office only. My condolences to this woman. An evil leadership has taken over Government.

  • Good will be called evil and the evil called good. Biden is pure evil

  • He is promoting this unrest in are nation this not bring peace but more of this rioting and destruction in are nation biden have to go with your radicalism that your pukeing out on are nation your the unrest

  • Jesus will deal with them.

  • her tears at the end...my god. 😞 this woman didn't deserve this and neither did her husband. she lost the love of her life. something that can never be replaced. all because of a stupid, foolish, senseless act done in the name of politics. it makes me sick and breaks my heart.

  • China Joe do what’s right, he is not a leader, start by putting you criminal son in jail, innocent cop shot and killed you do or say nothing😢😢😢😢

  • Cops Lives Matter too

  • Can not stand this man, supposed to be the president, the swamp should be so ashamed of there selves

  • "Protests that unified people of every race and generation, in peace and with purpose...." There is so much peaceful purpose in looting, destroying businesses, beating people up, committing arson, throwing Molotov cocktails, pulling down statues and so on.

  • Enough of Biden change your depends stinky pants


  • From the UK we wish you Americans all the best luck in the world. I have never ever witnessed anyone in a senior position (let alone POTUS!!) have no personality. sincerity or genuine belief in what hes saying or doing. I am no expert on the US politics but even from across the pond I can see a fake and dangerous facade from a mile off. If anyone on this planet genuinely believes that half of your once great country voted these clowns in to power then the MSM is doing its job really well but sadly very incorrectly and inhumane too. God bless America? I think only he can save you guys now. So so sad to witness

  • Yeah Joe, Enough, Enough, Enough of your Democratic Party lies.

  • George Floyd was a violent criminal. Im sorry to the woman who lost her husband for doing HIS JOB.



  • How out of touch do you have to be to say that last years riots created unity?

  • Remember Capt David Dorn!!!!!!!!!!!