Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)

Birt 1 jún 2021
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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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  • Its joe biden.. and his shitty team.

  • Ummm a huge Toyota dealer by my house has maybe 10-15 cars when they normally have 300+. They said they're is no supply so I call bullshit on this Toyota commercial

  • Disruption is inevitable, not all supply chains are the same. Fantastic vid 👍

  • Well done, you came close to emphasizing flaws in just in time manufacturing I've seen and been pointing out to others for years, I especially would point out its flaws when the production facility was fairly remote and susceptible to disruptions as simple as a blizzards that only typically would cause a couple day delay yet have seen many companies almost completely eliminate buffer inventory resulting in production shutdowns that in turn result in shutdowns, then overtime, then employe turnover, etc. Its sad so many corporations look at short term gains instead of resilience in the long term.

  • People no longer have the money since the dollar turn into shit and those gigantic rich companies are not meeting their profit margins and our governments are bailing out those rich companies to stay afloat and we have to pay for it with our taxes. This is idiotic and this system will collapse once our governments will run out of money and generate impossible to pay back debt.

  • Not what caused them, who with the power to order disruptions in the supply chain caused them. The chain never went away or became incapable of operation or unwilling, the government ordered it to stop, ordered it to sit off shore, ordered it to stop supply. The government is the only thing other then the demand of a product or natural disaster that causes physical blocking of a shipping route with no alternative route like a volcano goes off and takes out the only port/road/airport that supplies can be moved on that can cause it to stop.

  • How does kaizen, lean promotion , 5S ,6sigma factor in American manufacturing? Lets face it, not everyone wants to work like the Japanese, and having no reserves in stock can have disastrous effects if there is a glitch in the supply chain

  • Well I mean trump did try to run a ‘Buy American’ campaign

  • Shortages happen because people are selfish and greedy. They think just because they have the money they can do whatever they want regardless. Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices not because you have to, but because you want to for the greater good of all. Sad society that lust and worships money.

  • I work as a truck driver and knew of container drivers that had lost about $15-$20k yearly revenue due to lack of containers to move. Dont blame the drivers! They are there, they just were not given work!

  • Cali sucks due to the political climate

  • Well it is

  • I'm pretty sure if Covid-19 didn't say hello, I would have had my new video card by now.

  • I still feel like the virus was mutated for this very purpose. The evil people of this world understand the human mind better than ever. They know how to make people submit. They know how to enrage us. They know how to divide us. The democrats are in bed with these evil people and use their tactics to brainwash people into worshipping them as they destroy the world around them. They can not see how bad these people make their towns and cities even though their quality of life steadily goes down. The Chinese communist government want to dominate the globe. They own the democrat crime family. I believe they also paid for and helped rig the 2016 election for Hillary to be in office to use the virus scare tactics to break our constitution and take away our rights. Obama started the destruction of America and china hand picked who he put into the DOJ, FBI, and CIA giving them immunity to our laws as they rape our country of everything that makes it great. Joe was so eager to be their front man and act out the script they wrote for Hillary to use when she was illegitimately in office. Obama gave Wuhan our tax dollars to mutate the virus. That is year old news. Why would you pay an unethical communist to study a virus unless you don't want your own ethical scientists to get involved with the biological attack on the world? I have felt this was a well scripted and thought out plan to destroy america and the world for that matter. It was all orchestrated through the media globally. Their actors playing experts told the same lies globally on their propaganda news networks. They used the same pictures and words when spreading misinformation. People fear what they don't understand. That is why they lied about the virus from the start to confuse people and to control them. They don't care if the entire world dies. As long as they are in power and have all the wealth.

  • I am a buyer for the electrical industry. In my 40-+ years of doing this I have never seen supply chains so screwed up. Wire and pipe are more than double what they should be and the smaller items are climbing monthly, and in many cases, scarce. I have orders 5-6 months old unfilled. This has got to get fixed. It does not help that now many of our suppliers stopped being manufacturers and now are importers. Even if they do make some stuff here many of the parts are outsourced to other countries.

  • Democratic unions of technocracy . I'm talking the seven technocratic regions which we could organize ourselves in to have overlapping facilities of production. We stand to gain pretty much nothing except for the deradicalization of our less fortunate cousins.

  • It’s not COVID but it’s all the stuff the government has done to make it awful

  • Convenient

  • And during this time the only people demanding a pay raise are the politicians. Let that sink in.

  • "It's not covid" (It's covid*) Thanks China

  • 'Just in Time' supply is easily interrupted. Did he mention, that an earlier LA/Long Beach port back up, was union related? I thought not....

  • Thanks, China. Payback will be a b*tch.

  • So car manufacturers use a can bus systems, and can bus has been around since the 50’s. Why wouldn’t they re-use semi conductors from older vehicles, from the ECU’s?🤷🏻‍♂️

  • This is an excellent review of what Enterprise Risk Assessments at corporations SHOULD HAVE been identifying and communicating to boards for years. But instead companies hired public accountants to operate their Governance, Internal Audit, and ERA functions, and public accounting firms have no insight into the key risks that executive teams need to manage in order to operate their businesses. This is a huge indictment of all public accounting firms, who blithely gave annual reports their stamps of approval because the accounts payable vouchers all matched the invoices instead of understanding how the businesses they audited work.

  • It's all BS n why are we buying from China to begin with.There not a free country so that tells you right there its always been a One World system they just been feeding us BS since WWII thats when they dropped the hammer on All ppl.Were all slaves to the system @60 years old its been the same old BS something isn't Right

  • "JanuRary"

  • Management is always looking for to get to 100% efficiency by eliminating waste. Ask a mathematician what a 100% efficiency looks like and they will tell you collapse, always.

  • You seeeeee.....

  • The vacuous wound molecularly sin because bush utrastructurally point excluding a thinkable edge. disgusting, resonant imprisonment

  • The State Totalitarian Takeover has Already Begun - A Secret Video Reveals All by: ismem.info/for/v-deo/0KPOkIZ-p5iygIY.html

  • January.

  • Does anyone else notice that the narrator has the exact same way of talking as Chef John from Food Wishes?? So cute - lol!

  • lumber stores are loaded with supplies but still price gouging. hmmmmm where are the democart's that were gonna protect the people with their great plan for covid.

  • 19 minutes?? Please.

  • Incredible video!!

  • psh

  • Why are we buying are goods from China and Asia? Trump had it right!!! Bring all manufacturer's that Americans buy back to the US!!!! In crease oil production in the US and keep the American dollar in the US.

  • Read The Trance Formation of America and Access Denied For Reasons of National Security by CIA whistleblower courier Kathy O’Brien . It’s her report to Congress and then...decide for yourself what the truth is....

  • Politicians, there. Saved you 20 min.

  • The shortages were planned.

  • Wrong answer. COVID didn't cause anything. It can't even kill unless something else is already killing in the first place. Cowardice and gullibility are the real global causes, which led to everything else.

  • I work at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky. This video is spot on. Good work!

  • At least there isn’t a fentanyl or migrant shortage.

  • not a fan of the high tone applied to the speaker's enunciation at each comma...

  • Does not explain the high costs or limited supply of goods manufactured in country eg lumber.

  • It's the great reset, get used to it.

  • Lol, they need a Boba making machine, then some tapioca starch...

  • There's a hole in the bucket, Liza, dear Liza, a hole in the bucket Liza a hole. Well mend it Henry, Henry, dear Henry, mend it Henry, mend it. With what shall I mend it, Liza, dear Liza, with what shall I mend it, Liza, with what? Use a straw................................................................................................................... The straw is too long............................................................................................... Well cut it......................................................... With what shall I cut it................................................... Use an axe.................................................................. The axe is too dull......................................................... Well hone it........................................................ The stone is too dry.......................................... Well wet it..................................................... With what shall I wet it............................... Try water......................................................... With what shall I fetch it..................................... Use the bucket................................................. (ad infinitum)

  • no its not covid. it's political shenanigans trying to move us to a "reset" toward globalist socialism. or fablian socialism if you like..

  • The pandemic was successful. The World stage is changing and going bad.

  • Make the product inland instead of shipping the manufacturing off to another country! Now we are paying for that decision made in the Clinton administration and all NAFTA like policies!!!

  • The brave authority archaeologically list because snow proximately squeal minus a distinct park. scared, protective locust

  • Bottom line is that the Chinese created the covid-19 virus to get rid of Donald Trump. It's all about the money

  • So basically no one knew what was going on or If they did they kept quiet and made 🏦

  • William Deming (Prof. of Statistics in the U.S.) brought statistical process control, just in time manufacturing and other concepts that Japanese companies absorbed and implemented. U.S. companies were not interested in Deming's ideas.

  • Maybe the used car lots can jump on this and rent cars out instead of them just sitting there on the lots.

  • Port of LA full of overpaid Prima Donnas. They strike for nothing yet the best pay and benefits they cause delays and charge customers for their delays. So they make more money. Build a port somewhere else.

  • You keep saying the titanic design flaw. What flaw are you talking about? All boats will sink in the run into a huge iceberg and gets a huge gash down the portside bow.

  • See critique of JIT and TPS at ~9:00 minutes

  • Saying it's not the pandemic, is like saying India's rice shortage in the 1940s was not caused by WW2...

    • @A B how simple are you?

    • You mean plandemic.

  • "It's not COVID" (It's COVID lockdowns)

  • tremendous amount of money to layout without income.

  • Today supply chain for China to USA 40 footers now circa $10k-$12k (was $2-3K a unit) and airfreight rates $8-12 per kilo versus circa $2.50/$3.00 pre pandemic.

  • MC hammer got pulled over in Dublin one time

  • Janurary


    • @soiung toiue "I'm a totally hot chick looking for the time of my life. My life has been so boring and I wanna spice it up just a lil bit. my latest photo has been, updated to My photo album,Everyone can enter the view. If I am the type you like, we can video chat, and have fun together. Hey. . ."

    • Loved

  • CHINA!!!

  • It’s absolutely amazing the free education on many topics. Thank you for such 15 minutes of pure great information

  • Globalism is gay

  • The NON-demic is a convenient excuse for opportunistic greed.

  • Get Wendover Productions to 3 Million subscribers

    • I am a big fan of Wendover productions

  • My countrymen are so duped that nearly 4k of the people that say they saw this video gave a THUMBS DOWN. Why is that? Well, I think too easily they are Americans who only see this vid. Hmmmm.

  • No covide happened so a Reset can take place come on U know that right OK OK OK Deep State needed an Opportunity 2 Hide ALL of What they Have Done eh but thank my Lord Jesus fer bringing Me boy Trump Uknow raising Him up and All those that Belong 2 My Lord WWG1WGALLL!!!

  • All intentionally planned and acted out. All about the $$$. There is no argument from any scholar who can dispute this. Unless you are doctrinated with LBD ( Liberal Brain Reprograming).

  • Former President Trump was right all this time.... He smartly said that America needed to open up again. Was this virus a killer? YES. Was this virus man made and jacked with the USA and elevate China? YES Was this virus the doomsday virus? NO We need to use our heads and stop believing who WE ARE TOLD are experts. Until integrity, trust, and just plain morals are restored, we need to seek God more than ever and hang on tightly to HIM not machinations, unbridled passions, and any other form of immoral "rights"

  • I do not buy any of this. There is no shortage of lumber, just tariffs, inflation, and price gouging with covid.

  • Thanks

  • Remington, having reorganized, is gearing up to produce mountains of ammunition and reloading components. I personally don’t need any more, but wanted to share this with the unprepared.

  • I cried because I had no shoes. Then I met a man with no plywood.

  • Another aspect of manufacturing is not paying bills on time and burning your supply line then having to make parts somewhere else. A real nightmare that can spiral into big losses due to production line shutdown. My answer is if you need it fast and good it won’t be cheap and paid in advance

  • "So you seeee, in twenty-twentyyyy..." "efficiencyyyy" "inventoryyyy" "bankruptcyyyy"

  • Even parts that aren’t chips hold up an assembly line. Have witnessed people parked in front of manufacturing screw machine shops that were going to drive parts from NY to a plant a few states over to keep the line moving.

  • Awesome video!! Damn chain effect ! :(

  • In the United States “just in time manufacturing” is fueled by a desire to not pay taxes on finished products. Finished products makes it an asset and having stock means a tremendous amount of money to layout without income.

  • New York rental cars are scarce. Have to pick up car in NYC instead of Nassau county Long Island. The US is a mess

  • This is a preemptive war strategy

  • This is the worst explanation ever. Whoever is responsible needs to get a college degree in "Journalism". Yes, that is a thing.

  • We should boycott everything communist Chinese and start producing homegrown ! Imagine our economy’s then . Pay extra and made in the USA ! Sounds good to me . We are far too dependent on foreign manufacturing cause we are too Fucken lazy to do it ourselves.

  • It isn’t all the supply chain and I have evidence of that. The other day I was in one of our local grocery store chains, “Carter’s Grocery” and I was looking at the price of some steaks. They had some nice looking ribeyes but the price was crazy. It was $17.99 a pound. I’ve never seen a price so high for ribeye. I kept looking through the meat and I came across another package of ribeye that had “product of Mexico” on the label. These ribeye looked exactly like these other pack but these were only $7.99 a pound. That is a $10 a pound difference in price! One is from here in the US the other is from a foreign country. You can’t tell me the supply chain caused this disparity in price. Apparently they had the supply chain to get the meat all the way from Mexico to where I live with no problem. No, there is more going on than just a supply chain issue. Bet on it.

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  • The virus is untruth (lies). Logic is lost. Cause and effect is destroying the Constitution.

  • Shortage of truck drivers is total BS no such thing.

  • The lonely albatross surprisingly rule because list selectively glue before a deserted poland. tidy, obese mailbox

  • Now I'm reminded of how absurd it often is that large companies get bailouts whilst smaller businesses are left by the wayside

  • Damn I can't blame scalpers any more for using bots to buy most of the PS5 stock then selling it for double the cost.

  • wot shortages, I haven't experienced any ?

  • Should manufacture cars more analog than digital for a couple years. Bring back ALL the classics. With that 50MPG carburetor.

    • China purchased Long Beach port in 2018, new world order control.