Whatever You Build Using Magnets, I'll Pay For! | ZHC Crafts

Birt 19 apr 2021
I can't believe we made art using magnets and the best one wins what they build! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!

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  • Zhc please let munchies win one time she never won in any challenges

  • 5:49 Michelle : Im about to ruin this woman's whole entire creation in Three, Two, On- Ad : *A R E Y O U S T R E S S E D ?*

  • 🙃

  • izzy was cheating at 0:35

  • An ad came right before the moment the dragon structure was gonna hit Izzy's sculpture-

  • this vid was soo badd i hated the bug part eating


  • I dare you to rig it and make Machel win


  • Uhh what just happened to your Profile

  • you guys should have done a kittie and a puppie

  • Everyone make a fun of Izzy

  • Jake and his frogs😂

  • Poor Izzy 😂 she’s one of my fav artist

  • This video makes me want to buy more magnetic balls!!!

  • 2:40. I lied you don’t win anything

  • Every on targeted Izzy cause hers was so nice

  • Poor Izzy 😢

  • I would not like to eat crickets!

  • Your videos are so fun to watch and even funner and funnier with the mini games! :)

  • I felt so bad for Izzy

  • I has crickets when we went to mexico it was good

  • #crickets

  • i would faint if i had da crickets on my hand (i hate bugs)

  • Alexa

  • Zhd is very mean to issie

  • McKenzie votes Jake Everyone votes McKenzie McKenzie and Jake 😍

  • Y’all are going down 😆

  • lets all agree zack is in love with dragons

  • They get fit from those crafts ( push ups all the time)

  • Best Lego building

  • I subscribed

  • Everyone: screaming bc they don't like the crickets Michelle: this is really good

  • Why does nobody notice the big iphone 12

  • Me sad because Michelle didn’t win :( you need to give Michelle a few more advantages because she (does it really win any of the challenges but she’s always a good sport)

  • Why would you make her curse the dragon on the other girls Tower it looks amazing now she had to do it all over again

  • making my list of things to build 1. cats 2. gucci

  • those magnets are nearly 2x my weight edit: not accumilatively like one bunch

  • I was ab to say simping ain't pimping

  • Hi hi hi hi hi hi😃

  • Michelle

  • Hi

  • Izzy

  • Draw a cute chicken nugget:)

  • hi im new

  • That is disgusting

  • Zhc, can i be one of your friend?

  • Those magnets must be heavy

  • mikenzie is always best

  • new mr beast

  • I love your videos can I have a iPhone

  • I feel so bad for jake tho cuz he needed a car :/

  • Zhc I had surgery because I swallowed those

  • I loved it

  • I bet izzy will eat bugs

  • I think its funny that he didn't choose the expensive ones?

  • I feel so bad for Izzy she just got targeted the whole time lol

  • Jazz: it is like the lion king Me: can’t stop laughing

  • Crickets are highly nutritious and affordable, which is why people eat them in many areas of the world. Crickets are a good source of protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber and may benefit gut health.

  • 💋😍😊😂❤️💖😭💕😘😁😅😜😏😉

  • Why were they bullying izzy like thats soo rude


  • 😍

  • mackenzie

  • I felt bad for izzy

  • I want that

  • Why’s his hair green

  • them: eating crickets me: having a hard time watching due to having entomophobia

  • What is up with the ripped shirt she is wearing

  • Can you take dog and cat food next pinishedmed

  • It is always the same thing

  • YAY Izzy!!!!

  • NO poor Izzy......

  • I am a bit sad viv isn’t in them

  • ι fєєℓ ριту fσя ιzzу,єνєяуσиє тαяgєтιиg нєя☹️

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  • hi

  • ZOMG

  • Izz

  • 7:13 XD that's amazing

  • Who doesn’t love jaz’s classic messy bun

  • So ZHC give away dragons and castles???

  • Mackenzie is a big baby even I would eat crickets even invite me to your house and I'll eat all of them just kidding don't invite me there that would be weird

  • Hi

  • no joke u are the best yt ive seen i love ur vids pls notices me

  • crikits arent that bad thy just tast like sun flowere seeds tbh

  • Are you mr beast you’re acting like him

  • So sad I got nothing on my birthday

  • the more expensave things u build the more u will get eliminatded

  • Ooh

  • Cool art you have there

  • Zack eye were like 👁👄👁 when Zack was lifting the metal

  • I have no money 💴 is a bad life jk

  • I think jake did the best to me

  • I’d make a house it’s easy

  • I like the classes and ring and slides I think she should have one the rest nah

  • I like the classes and ring and slides I think she should have one the rest nah

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