What The PewDiePie Cocomelon Scandal Exposes, Joe Rogan Texas Controversy, Leaked Zoom, & More News

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00:00 - Fake Snow
01:04 - Kim/Kanye Divorce, DaBaby vs Jojo Siwa, & Pewdiepie's a Bully
04:01 - School Board Resigns After Public Zoom Call
06:53 - Sponsor
07:40 - Trump's Tax Returns & Changes To PPP Loans
10:23 - Texas Water Update & What Could Ted Cruz Do?
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People in Texas Burn Snowballs in Viral Videos to “Prove” the Snow is Fake:
DaBaby Responds to Claims That He Dissed JoJo Siwa:
PewDiePie “Really Disappointed” with ISmem’s Decision to Remove Coco Diss Track:
Entire California School Board Resigns After ‘Hot Mic’ Catches Them Insulting Parents:
SCOTUS Shuts Down Trump Bid To Keep Tax Returns From New York Prosecutor:
Biden Administration Changes PPP Rules to Better Target Small Businesses:
Nearly 9 Million Are Still Without Water in Texas:
Thailand Pushes Next Cash Crop:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • THE SNOW IS REAL PEOPLE. C'mon 2021 get it tf together.... Also pssssssttt ONE DAY LEFT @ ShopDeFranco.com​

    • @Remington William i will try it out now. Seems promising.

    • dont know if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it

    • Ted Cruz wasn’t elected to throw fund raisers he was elected to vote on and keep the will of his constituency in the senate. It’s like saying you entertain me on ISmem you should come to my house and dance for me when my TVs breaks. @philipdefranco

    • Then what is Joe Biden’s excuse for not doing anything?

    • Don't cover stupid people. They aren't only from Texas, and they're always going to be stupid.

  • AOC is a fraud

  • "thank you bill gates" ? i love how the stupidest people on earth are currently all trying to call anyone who's ever read a book a villain.. its like that dumb bully who can't read and thinks they can demote the practice of LEARNING. OK i've actually given up on these people.. it's time to pack up anything based on reasoning and build a fortress around it. these dumbos will be burning books next.

  • Maybe you really are that stupid..

  • Bruh I live in texas and there WAS snow and it was real idoit

  • PewDiePie is still doing that 100 million subscribers bullshit for views? Lol.

  • It just sounds like the board members are too lazy to do their jobs. "They just want their babysitters back.." Oh, I'm sorry that Parents have to worry about going to work, unlike you assholes. If kids being in your class only amounts to "babysitting" and not actual teaching/learning, you shouldn't be a teacher.

  • We reached a point where people can’t differentiate politics and common sense 😐

  • i think youtube handled the cocomelon situation appropriately, age restriction i feel would only help with accounts. when lot of teachers/caregivers/ etc just use youtube.com for their searches. pewdiepies content shouldnt be mixed in with the results of anyone looking for cocomelon. as youtube is fighting the issue of parody content looking like its aimed for children actually being harmful.

    • @Lisa Love If they really wanted to restrict who could see it then they should've age restricted it, not entirely removed the video.

    • @Lisa Love Only fans is primarily used to post content of a sexual nature, that is what people use it for. His biggest audience is on youtube so of course that's where he would post it, there shouldn't be an issue of kids seeing it if people are using the platform properly. ISmem is a 13+ platform and there's ISmem Kids for kids, the Coco disstrack wouldn't show up on the latter and is appropriate for the former. As a disstrack and as a parody it abides by ISmem's own guidelines. The only issue is that youtube is trying to police youtube for children when they're not even allowed on the site, the error wouldn't even be on the side of youtube it would be on the side of the consumer.

    • @Spriggan Panda and also there is a platform called only fans where he could put exclusive content like such on if fans like you feel so compelled to watch it. And you could even support him directly. There is no need for that video to be up on ISmem Or affect anyone else for that matter. And he could just put it elsewhere. Or upload something else

    • @Lisa Love For parents/caregivers/teachers another thing you can do is go to youtube kids, it exists for this very reason. The disstrack wouldn't show up in the search results there. ISmem is a 13+ website that's why youtube kids is a seperate thing.

    • @Spriggan Panda notice how I not only said teachers. Thank you

  • "We have to stop lowering the bar because we already need a shovel to get to it"...this is the best line.

  • I subscribe to Philip DeFranco 4 years ago and once he messing around in the political mud I unsubscribed the ego on this man is ridiculous anyone that thinks that they are the smartest thing on the internet should take a little while to reflect

  • If anyone sees this, would you mind informing me on why the board members statements were so bad? I thought they were just friendly complaining about parents which my teachers do all the time but I probably misinterpreted lol

  • It's actually very sad to live life like you're being recorded all the time. If you cannot be honest with yourself then there's something you need to change

  • Good show. I also wondered what practicle good Ted Cruz staying would accomplish. Just one more mouth to feed, I thought. But juxteposing that with what AOC accomplished changed my mind. Thank you.

  • On Cocomelon's video: RIGHHTTT? What's the point of age restriction bruhhh

  • I can't stand joe rogan

  • Don't act like this isn't all a political stunt. You think AOC gives a d@mn about texas? This is all a sick joke. Democrats, Republicans, Moderates, it's all a sad sick joke.

  • I'm sorry but I am the son of a school board member, and you truly have no idea the bullshit they have to deal with. They get shit on by both those above them and by you all. They get shit on from all sides for no money in the hopes of better the school system

  • Damn, DeFranco got fat though!

  • Does Phillip cover global news in a separate channel? If not, I'd love to see him take on the global scenario.

  • You said TRANSperancy too many times and it’s offensive!

  • Hey Philbo Baggins, you just shot yourself in the foot again. Hypocritical much? You owe Rogan an apology for misquoting and outright lying about what was said. Damn, in the beginning you actually did at least cursory research on the subject. Would you like a little bit of help looking for the ball you keep dropping.

  • "Please help me become that stupid because its miserable being me" -me every day at work listening to my coworkers

  • you seem to be drunk in this video

  • I don’t like Ted cruz but you are completely mischaracterizing Rogans comments, basically your lying. Joe was saying what can Ted do DURING the snow not after. You made comments that Joe said that as if Joe said Ted couldn’t do anything after. You started the video asking how you could be so stupid as the people claiming fake snow, well you did it!

  • That hoodie looks uncomfortable AF.

  • Trvmp 2024

  • Look at the eyes he gives Joe Rogan in the thumbnail while claiming he isn't attacking him for daring to make more sense than Philip does. Philip Defranco is such a scumbag

  • Have a nice life :)


  • Phill isn't dead yet? What happend to his life ending illness?

  • I think the meme is half truth. They cloud seeded over texas before the snowstorm. You can see it on NOAHS WEBSITE. Cloud seeding is where they shoot silver into the clouds and make it rain or snow. We did this in vietnam We do this a lot We have freedom of information. So it has to be logged when done Other countries like china do not need to report their behavior. Snow can be faked in a way. Still real snow though...

  • This guys videos have got drastically worse since last January, it’s a shame. I’ve been subbed since 2012

  • They're so stupid bro!! And you're so not! That's awesome man I'm happy for you

  • Im just catching up.. but those people living here in Texas, in those videos are not real texans.. probably moved here.. we Texans are not that stupid

  • Can you not be so stupid should be our new national anthem

  • Rogan was obviously saying what good is Ted Cruz able to do by physically being in Texas. Any of the work he needs to do can be done online, like what aoc did from out of state. There was no need for him to physically be there. Believe it or not you can go online from outside of America. I still don’t think he should have left, but that’s what rogan was getting at.

  • Harassment? Lmao, gotta take down all of Eminems vids too now

  • 3:31 The innocence of that photo made this stupid hysterical.

  • What does being in the state have to do with helping the state? You can help from outside the state... Also I thought it was only his family that left the state, no?

  • The snow isn't from bill Gates you idiots, it was antifa duh

  • Stop commenting on Texas. You’re not a real man Phil

  • Quit talking about trump all the time. Just like most people in media. You’re obsessed.

    • Right? Was he like, president or something?

  • The f*ck Trump/ feminist videos with children ACTUALLY swearing are still up on YT. So, you know same old double standards.....

  • I'm still waiting for Obamas records, his whole life was sealed from the public - talk about that!

  • If you don't think employees talk about customers. You are sorely mistaken. Yes you parents are fucking idiots most of the time. Teachers are very smart and reasonable people, so if a teacher is talking bout you, it's for GOOD reason.

  • I will say, as a substitute teacher, teachers are treated as babysitters.

    • That's not what's happening. First because of the effects of no child left behind, all they are teaching is Math, Reading, and English. It's part of it, but tying funding to the results of the test, encouraged teaching just the test. Teachers are expected to teach everything else in between those three. Science is another one that's considered important, and that's because we've fallen behind other countries, so they are pushing kids into the science fields, including robotics. Not ever school has art anymore, a lot of those type of studies have been removed, it depends on the size of the school. But overall art and music have been reduced. Second school don't have funding or support from the community, and sport events, especially this year, are seeing a drop off of attendance. Again each school district is different. Three teacher are not getting paid enough, especially in the para fields, para teachers work very hard. Also they're almost no substitutes. Again each district is different. Four parents do not stress education or manners, so a lot of the times you have to spend more time getting kids to pay attention. It's not a discipline problem, it's the fact that the parents are not helping. Schools have rules and structure. Whenever I see someone say the above, all I think is, you are part of the problem. You don't really know what is going on, and you spout propaganda as facts. And this is just what I have observed teaching for the past three years, in areas that are conservative. I may live in a "blue" state, which has okay school systems, but it in the "red" areas. What I am saying is not facts, it's an opinion. However I can almost guarantee most in the education have seen this. Not all will agree, but the majority hate no child left behind, at least of those I have asked about it. I teach diverse classes, which means there are multiple different backgrounds, and family structures, and i live in a rural area. But from what I gather you want me to teach them that "white is right"? That White Christian America is better than anyone else? I will tell you, I teach in rural America, this idea that we're a white, Christian, country, is laughable. The education that your alluding to, never existed. The difference is money. We're a third world country, and that due to Trump's policies, plan and simple. Because I saw how it affected the schools, how they've been forced to cut funding year after year. Make America Great Again, ie make America like it was during the Great Depression again.

    • Maybe they should start actually teaching instead of pushing political agendas on to children. Most kids can't read, write or do math sufficiently today but they know all about 'genders' and how to get an abortion......JS

  • Your opening statement hits home. I have, off and on over the past half-century, wished I was stupid too. They always seem so happy and confident.

  • *sigh* pewds said he didn't what this cocomelon thing to be another T-series fiasco, but like he was doing all the same shit. How else would it turn out? How can you bully a corporation?

  • I really wonder what your kid actually said

  • Sure just vote Democrat

  • I honestly don't know what everyone is upset about with the school board for. 1) They are real people; they're not infallible. They get emotional same as me and you. 2) A lot of parents are pieces of shit that see school as free child care. They never spend time with their kids, they don't put the time in to talk to them about school, they don't show the slightest interest in their kid's grades. Sounds like y'all are just mad because someone called you out on how much of a shitty parent you are.

  • Oh, shut up rebecca! your kid never said that.

  • also scotus is compromised

  • snow was real, i worked in it all week. kim and kanye should keep private busiiness private, and also if my favorite creators left youtube i would leave in a heart beat

  • Phil, you’re supposed to clip the lapel on before the light on the camera turns red

  • If you’re going to talk trash about someone you should only say things you’re willing to stand by.

  • 3:27 Rebecca...

  • Phill LOVES to use Rogan as CLICKBAIT but he failed to mention how over a half-dozen Democrats fled the country to avoid COVID regulations. WHAT ABOUT THEM HUH...!!!

  • Whats with the new voice? You sound like a Fox announcer

  • This has become nothing but biased news. I miss the old Philip de Franco.

  • I grew up in the small town of that school disctict... i'm so proud.. :/

  • Senators don't represent their constituents, Representatives do. Senators represent their states at the federal level. We didn't even vote for senators until the 17th Amendment was ratified. While the optics are still bad for an assumed political opportunist, what people expected out of Ted Cruz was literally not the job his was elected to do. But I'm no fan of his, but politics is like 90% persuasion and with this, AOC came out looking better.

  • The fact Jojo siwa doesn't have a stand means she's the worst Jojo of them all in modern day.

  • if you were a good person, you wouldnt need to live your live like you were recorded... you just wouldnt say insulting, mean and derogatory things about other people .... it's not even that hard

  • I lost all hope for humanity after that clip..

  • That "fake snow" came in handy when they shut our water off. Some of us had to use melted snow to flush the toilet.

  • So Philip covers how Ted Cruz left Texas but not AOC faking that she was in danger on Jan 6. This guy is so far left its ridiculous. He is totally biased now. Even with Trump out of office he still looks for stories to criticize him.

  • @philpDeFranco mate love your content. What’s changed?

    • He stopped doing legitimate research and started making shit up they cut the clip short to make joe seem dumber.

  • One of the things the pandemic showed me was how out of touch Joe Rogan really is.

  • “Stupid” ??? Weather modification if real, it was used in the Vietnam war. Google it. But it doesn’t mean it was the cause of the snow storm. But it’s stupid not to question.

  • Hey Phill, haven’t watched your videos in a while. And just wanted to stop by and say, you’re the fucking man! You speak as if I was in front of you having a great conversation. I really like your passion and the way you express yourself. Keep it up! You’re killing it!

  • If they're upset over kids seeing coco it shouldn't be a problem to be on youtube because according to youtube's own policy you can't have an account unless you're 13 and plus isn't that what youtube kids is for. So kids can have a safe space to watch youtube. #FreePewdiepie

  • So AOC can do Ted Cruz's job from New York but Cruz can't do it from Cancun?

  • Ive been staying away from the show since the state of the world is kinda a bummer, but THIS EPISODE had me laughing my ass off first thing on my monday morning commute. Ty for Philling me in

  • Rogan is right, crus has people under him doing what they need. Yes it is bad optics, but nothing wrong. AOC is just optics, I questioned what procentedge of the money goes directly to people hu need it.

  • These idiots got caught in 4k lmao

  • I like how Philip is pissed that Joe Rogan is making way more sense than him.

    • @Sebastian Zevallos Oh I rarely watch Phil, he literally brings up AOC as a good example when she literally wants to bankrupt Texas

    • And how Phil completely ignores the public service Ted did LMAO this is why I stopped watching him I just came back to see how Phil would spin the Cruz thing

  • Act like you’re being recorded at all times - that’s good wisdom Phil.

  • Woke lefty huh

  • Do people not think snow melts? Or do they think fire is colder than the melting point?

  • Lol love how this video started off 😂

  • Big tech and the twitter mob that they serve can go fuck themselves. :-)

  • You can always tell who Philip “betterhelp” Defranco is acquainted with by employing a simple hack of observing who is in news and who Defranco easily criticizes and who he refuses to even address, in other words, if someone is in the news and Defranco criticizes that person =Defranco isn’t acquainted with that person. Person in the news and Defranco utterly ignores it =Defranco knows that person.. objective “journalism” at its finest.

  • God I need to get out of the south. These people are crazy.

  • how is it essentially all news outlets are just.....entertainment?

  • What a great way for the left to dehumanize who they disagree with. What is this 1940s Germany?

  • Phil: i act like im being recorded at all times Also phil: lets talk about that PP

  • Loved your Ted Cruz take

  • I used to watch regularly but the left bias is now too strong...tapping out using AOC as an example of what to do , really? in the words of who your entire team clearly voted come on man!!!

  • By Phil’s own logic that is a dumb critique do you need to be in America to start a fundraiser? So, if Ted could do what AOC could do while out of the country, then that completely negates Phil’s critique. JUST TRASH LOGIC THERE. Second, the real reason people are upset is valid. Ted represents Texas. He is a Texan. However, because of his position, he is not suffering the harm other Texans are suffering. It makes him look like he is above the situation because he isn’t taking part in the communal suffering. Joe’s critique is basically what could he do here that he can’t do in Mexico from a laptop. That’s valid.

  • I can’t believe you didn’t mention that Jojo siwa is taller and bigger than da baby cause that’s what all the memes were about lol

  • The school board members got caught in 4k 😭

  • How bored are Democrats to continue to make false claims and attacks on Trump. WE STILL HAVE A COUNTRY, can democrats continue to simply fail at running that? Without going out of your way to fail at extra things like attacking a fellow citizen as an excuse?

  • the clapping scared me

  • It’s miserable and disheartening (worrying) witnessing the depth of some of our fellow countrymen’s stupidity, and their penchant for deep diving into ridiculous conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and aliens...

  • If ignorance is bliss, then why are so many conservatives such vile, hateful creatures?

  • ISmem is a bitch

  • As a parent to toddlers and preschoolers... Burn them down pewds, burn them *down*

  • What about everyone else in congress? You think their taxes are on the up and up? Oh yeah...it's only bad if you're a republican...cool.