Weekend Update: Ted Cruz Goes to Cancun - SNL

Birt 20 feb 2021
Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plans to legalize marijuana.
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  • I can rem when weekend update was funny.

  • Past year was hard on his girls Me: virtual college classes, lost job at school, working from home with new part time. Cruz doesn't know the word NO

  • 2:10 Pesci: the eyes Pacino: the Nose and De Niro: face and neck length NOT TRYING TO MEAN. THAT IS HOW I SEE IT.

  • Why do Ted Cruz still have a job?

  • "If you shot Ted Cruz in the senate, and the trial was in the senate, no one would vote to convict" -Lindsey Graham 2016

  • Prison 😇⚔️✍🏾♊️🕯🙏🏾🌊🌊😤😤😤🌊👍🏾😤🌊🌊🕯🕯🌊🌊⚔️⚔️

  • Thanks SNL for continuing to make a mockery of everything; to you, nothing is sacred; my Bible reads: “Be ye not deceived, for God is not Mocked;, whatever a man sows (including women) so shall ye reap” (KJV)

  • Make fun of the boarder crisis

  • Fuck it if you have money why not

  • SNL should do skit on the border crisis that Joe and Kamala caused! I think that would be hilarious to report on as well. #SoooComedic

  • Ted Cruz is 10x smarter than anyone associated with NBC.

  • First

  • The crazy part was he ran away and she helped HIS state???!!!😳

  • Like he is responsible for this..SNL is so lame...

  • anyone would get the fuck out if that happens i mean he does have children.

  • Ted is visiting the border to complain. He believes that all border problems are President Biden's fault due to his policies. Maybe there will other things Ted might try. The current group (some not approved by the Senate) could be responsible for everything that has happened since the election.

  • I reckon Ted Cruz should be deported to Mexico 🇲🇽 and Texas should be returned to Mexico 🇲🇽 has a compensation. Problem solved.

  • I am not watching this just want to make comment ...No one makes fun of Biden and Kamala?! What is wrong with SNL?!!!

  • Cancun!!!

  • He should've stayed there

  • Soooo snl will cover this but not the sexual harassment charges on governor cuomo?

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  • Liberal Bias.

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  • SNL has always been trash, now political?

  • There is active genocide going on in Ethiopia, Tigray region. Please search #Ethiopia and #TigrayGenocide to look at what is going on in Ethiopia

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  • You mean Americans supporting the Mexican economy by vacationing in Mexico? I thought liberals wanted Mexicans to have better lives. Cmon liberals. Mexican Lives Matter.

  • Is Cruz pregnant?

  • Ted Cruz was born in Canada from Cuban decent, he believes he is white man, he doesn't believe to be a Latino. Ted Cruz is a Canadian man living in Texas. He is supposedly representing Latino interest in Texas. Texas has 38% latino population, about 35% of them of Mexican decent. He was ready for a coup d'etat in the United States, just like his fellow county man and childhood idol Fidel Castro. He also heavyly supported to build a wall to the neighbor Mexico. Ted Cruz needs to be flipped in the next election. Texas doesn't need a gusano in a land that used to be Mexican. Texans-Mexican let's flip this Canadian for a Texas born from Mexican decent. Let s go Texas!

  • I screamed when Michael said feeling guilty 🤣😂

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  • ted ´´cucaracha´´ cruz

  • Loved the coming from Mexico joke. lol

  • Big deal', Cruz goes to Cancun, while the Democrat's sit and watch cities being burned and looted with a smile on their face.

  • Newsom sent Cuomo thank you card

  • Cruz United the country. When the democrat found out he was in Mexico they started chanting “build the wall”.

  • Cruz is a coward and needs to go.

  • Watch George Carlin on germs an the immune system, it might save your Life!

  • Ted Cruz has become the Pillsbury dough böy

  • 2:04 It's even worse; he came in from Canada. :D

  • Sleepy Joe hands you more ammunition then anyone EVER has but you just can't bring your little sjw selves to make fun of the worst president we've ever had! Libtard comedians... NLF No Longer Funny.

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  • The full weekend update should be all in one video on ISmem

  • This Cruz guy is vile

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  • The Cuomo jab tho

  • The nursing home stuff. What is he talking about?

  • And cuomo murdered old people on purpose.... which is worse again?

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  • 1.3K Republicans disliked this video 😂

  • More Cuomo bashing please ... People died and Cuomo lied!

  • Yesssss, he was supposed to stop by everyhouse and hold people by their hand to help em get through it, help electricians pull wires, etc., I get it...

  • White supremist Cruz belongs in Russia, not America (Texas).

  • Please for the love of Humanity bring back Kevin Nealon or Dennis Miller

  • Spending a lot of time on this, but not on Cuomo killing grandma, threatening Ron Kim, and sexually assaulting his staffer. You dont care about covid, power abuses, or sexual assault.

  • So SNL, your place as a tool for the left is well seated. Maybe some day you'll be funny again

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  • At least everyone in Cancun was spared the sight of Cruz in a bathing suit.

    • Oh the image....😳 It burns😲😵 EWww🤢🤢🤮

    • One can only hope

    • Unless it a picture of your mother🤪🤔🤮

    • @Don Quixote I mean that's fucking terrible, but what funny jokes can be made about sexual assault and COVID grandmas? Ted Cruz has been easy to make fun of for his entire life.

    • the what now

  • "Andrew Cuomo, who looks like all three Goodfellas at once" LOL who, exactly, wrote that? Bravo 😂😂

    • He does though,doesn't he? LOL (and as a goombah, I can say that)

  • Trump 2024!

  • TC is such a liar, pure garbage demagogue and hypocrite

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  • Nevermind the politics. Bring back mr bill! Snl goes out of their way not to be funny!

  • Now that was 😆😆😆

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  • Foreign born Cruz can never be president, same as a Saudi Prince or the dictator of Russia. Our Founding Fathers knew some idiot would come along from who knows where, get citizenship and claim they could be president. But in their wisdom they made it unconstitutional.

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  • I recall my reaction when I first heard that Cruz went to Mexico while I was so cold I felt numb and going to the bathroom in a bucket, a string of curse words followed by “can we make Mexico keep the bastard??.”

  • Ted Cruz is representing Texans. Texans must be assholes.

  • he looks disgraceful with that big stomack of his

  • They killed it 🤣🤣🤣

  • SNL used to be a great show. Now it is just a political hack show that praise liberals and knock Republicans. If they stop running it would be the best thing for everyone. They have no real talents like John Candy, Chevy Chase, John Belushi,etc.

    • John Belushi was ANTIFA - "I hate Illinois Nazis"..Chevy Chase is an environmentalist green new deal Democrat. .

  • Wonderful, now do Cuomo sending thousands of old folks to their deaths in the nursing homes!

  • 😂

  • I blame it on libtards.

  • I'd have taken my family n left too!!

  • yeah blame Ted Cruz for all of this instead of the windmills freezing over. epic media. I guess his entire political career is in shambles because he decided to go on vacation. jesus christ

    • @zivkovicable renewable energy sources cover 1/5 of Texas' energy

    • . You swallowed the lies then. Only around 4% of Texas energy is provided by wind power.

  • Looking forward to seeing them report on Andrew Cuomo forcing himself on that lady....

    • The can't wait to see him gone too.....but why are you changing the subject?

  • All 3 goodfellows at once

  • Man, Che's got a lot of coke jokes... I'm starting to think he snorts massive amounts of blow

  • When are y’all gonna do a skit one on Cuomo or Newsom? There’s some material there

  • In an age where we supposedly decry bullying it is somehow ok to bulky Ted Cruz. He may not be the world’s greatest guy this is still unacceptable. The modern media loves to do this crap. It shouldn’t matter what your politics are when it comes to bullying.

  • Love how Che gave shit to Jost about his privilege.

  • So much for global warming I guess

  • First of all New Yorkers nobody in Texas gives a fuck what you think. We have enough guns and ammo to take on every fucking blue state in the country.. And if last year the governor asked for millions of dollars to protect us from freezing storms you people would have laughed at him and said because of global warming Texas will never have snow again.

  • Did the SNL crew write these comments? No, seriously .

  • Just show the whole fucking segment

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  • SNL has always been funny, still is funny, and will always be funny.

    • @trick49 I love SNL. Your opinion is always welcomed in a Country that has free speech. Don't watch it if you don't like it.

    • @Randy Millhouse laughter for who? one side of the aisle? it's only funny for 50% of Americans. their "humour" is just bashing republicans 24/7. They need to be honest in what they are now, Left Populists Saturday Night Live

    • @trick49 I never found laughter dangerous.

    • theyre always polarizing on every single topic. that isn't funny, it's dangerous.

  • Whos care where he went.

    • You are right...that doesn't matter. What does is that he left the state he represents when he should have been there.

  • Snl is no longer relevant.

  • AOC can put her boyfriend on payroll but Ted Cruz can't take a vacation.

  • Biden dropping N bombs but who cares bc Ted Cruz took a vacation.