We Paid Animators $10,000 for THIS?

Birt 31 maí 2021
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Rendering and Compositing: Nadir Heric nadirheric.com/
3D Modeling: Haris Hrbat, Sohan Nanda, Anton Fathoni
Rigging: Gaurav Garg, Mrinal Soni
Animation, Character design and Storyboard: Anaid Mekic vimeo.com/anaidmekic
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  • Scott: if so can u do pinned comment with this link : bit.ly/coolones GET 10% off our epic swag clothing!!!!! CODE COLDONES!! COOLSHIRTZ!!! Chad: No.... I don't think I will

    • Broooo you should have said egg character with glasses

    • Shrek aids one should be remade in gmod

    • You got a Instagram?

    • More long sweaters in big chungus sizes

    • Yo how can I access your guys discord server?

  • the low paid animations are always funnier

  • 17:32 im crying

  • holy sheet the plasticine one was *crazy good*

  • something something peak capitalism 😂

  • I think this might be one of your best videos gents! It's certainly up there.


  • this is probably your best video yet

  • I want a feature length film of the lego Mr Beast video as a scuffed Lego Movie

  • i love your videos so much !?

  • The only a spoonful podcast episode

  • Most of those artists are seriously full of themselves.

    • the $900 shrek one was overpriced

    • That Smash Intro was incredible.

  • I love the fact that the guy who animated the scooby doo bit animated the background noise of the glass being put down

  • Honestly man. Just start paying meat canyon to animate shit. He’d do these brilliant ideas justice

  • 22:00 I'm dying at this LMAO. it seems as if Ramsey is hallucinating and losing his mind

  • What are they drinking?

  • This episode bussin boys

  • This is a masterpiece

  • I have aids

  • Oh Fuck Me Shit Busin - Gordon Ramsay 2021

  • This is my favorite video rn

  • Chad's Markiplier is so damn good LOL

  • I will never download rise of kingdoms !!never!!🥸

  • Honestly man. Just start paying meat canyon to animate shit. He’d do these brilliant ideas justice

  • BahahhaHhHHHHvzhajahaj

    • We just gonna ignore how good Chad and Max are at impressions?

  • That Scooby Doo animation is the funniest thing I've seen in months, Jesus Christ

  • That Smash Intro was incredible.

  • I have AIDS...

  • Those jay and silent bob cosplays are looking lit

  • Did just coff and laugh and fart at the same time hahaha

  • Please do more of this

  • I was not ready for that Markiplier impression

  • ThAt ShIt BuSsIn

  • This made me laugh the hardest I've laughed in a very long time

  • This is funny as fuck

  • Holy shit this is hilarious

  • Damn what were they doing shots of?

    • Its gin watch the other vid where they drink various strong alcohol its in there

  • Chad was so fucking good as a Donkey! That *In the morning. I'm making WAFFLES!* Perfect!

  • Dear GAAWWDD i sh***ited meself when shaggy turned out to be scooby XD F**KING MINERALS ARE BUSSIN RN 🍻🐔

  • 5:45 Holy shit, with Chad's voice you wouldn't expect a spot on Eddie Murphy in a million years, but he nailed it! Kudos

  • We just gonna ignore how good Chad and Max are at impressions?

    • Pay meat canyon to animate one

  • What are they drinking?? It looks like hes taking shot of paint thinner or turpentine 😂

  • The claymation was a fucking steal for the price

  • This video was so fucking hilarious

  • Shit is good

  • That Lego one was awesome

  • Donkeh eyf goht ohgrr Aijdz

  • Omfg ily

  • I started watching markiplier again because of this video

  • The last one was perfection

  • I’m a fan of the staches, chad should shave his beard so they have matching mustaches

  • this shit bustin

  • The Scooby one was the best one. The animation and the dialogue. The animator did a fantastic job

  • The last one was the fucking greatest thing I've ever seen.

  • Do a video with bunker branding get a military shirt

  • I thought the scooby doo one was meatcanyon

  • Pay meat canyon to animate one

  • 9:02 *SAY THIS SHIT BUSSIN'* I love Scott so much

  • Ruhroh Raggy rax raud

  • You should get meat canyon on the podcast

  • I've watched this whole video about 5+ times and cry laughing every time

  • Minecraft Steve didn’t fight in Korea for this shit

  • This shit bussin

  • 5:42

  • really hope that claymation intro becomes the real intro


  • Honestly man. Just start paying meat canyon to animate shit. He’d do these brilliant ideas justice


  • Why does his markiplier impersonation sound like that celebrity brad garret

  • At work recently I heard a guy with a girl attempting to explain this video to his date. Her face as he struggled to express how funny "i have ogre aids" was is something I will never forget.

  • that lego anim was so goode

  • I keep coming back to this video everyday... i got an issue rn

    • Sameee I do it every video they put out

  • I have no idea who these guys are, but I like them

  • What alcohol is that? It looks like a paint thinner container.

  • Himself.

  • Holy fuck the Scooby-Doo doo one got me soo good hahahah

  • The claymation needs to be an intro at some point for sure

    • Should have paid meatcanyon 10k for a episode

  • This shit bussin

  • Get zuckles back on .... even if its just to get wasted... dude was the best!

  • I'm on Fiverr, need me some of that dough, guys!

  • why are they drinking paint thinner

    • 😭😭😭PAINT THINNER🤦🏾‍♀️

  • I need to see George join you guys, PLEASE

  • That last one was absolutely hilarious 😂😂😂😂 couldn’t breathe for 2 minutes

  • You guys should use that intro, it's bussin

  • KARL

  • these boys need to get jarrad wright on the show asap

  • This shit bussin

  • Honestly haven't laughed this hard in a while, so fucking good

  • Pretty sure I heard a mention of baus somewhere in there

  • God damn i love you guys yall #1

  • I could watch a cold ones video 100000 times and still laugh at every fucking “I have aids” joke there is

  • Should have paid meatcanyon 10k for a episode

  • My name deez

  • the discord link doesn't work:///

  • it really doesnt get better than this

  • Boys i need your help for my school. im in year 12 and need people to speak to the youth. please im desperate

  • I thought I was having a stroke at the beginning of the video lmao

  • Please Pay Meat Canyon for an Animation🥺

  • This is the first “Cold Ones” video I have watched and to be honest I thought it was like a second channel to “Hot Ones” but like beer and regular food.

  • I miss the talk show