Birt 2 maí 2021
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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  • Cringe af

  • I hate this guy face man

  • yikes 🌝

  • Knock out Austin for us

  • Bryce is not winnin

  • PLEASE don’t EVER DISRESPECT Bad Bunny by using his song in your videos. PLEASE.

  • Lmao dude thinks he can beat up people when he don't even get ready and still flexes

  • Fake beef

  • bro bryce is so cringy bye

  • I like how Bryce hall thinks he’s all that. I’ll laugh my ass off when he gets knocked out

  • Can’t wait till he get his shit rock

  • I’m both of u guys fan but 100000000000000% that Austin will knock ✊🏽 Bryce no cap 🧢 u will see and whoever like my comment it mean u one Austin side! Bryce keep talking shit Austin pssy? Come on bro don’t talk until u get in the ring! Austin is older than u

    • Fousey say Austin hit harder then bryce hall and Fousey test both of them

  • Can we call him Bruce small balls

  • I feel like this is kinda disrespectful cuz he dose have kids and a wife and I get it u want to be a bitch but don’t disrespect his family it’s not between y’all so don’t say anything about his kids

  • If your fighting for tiktok then stop posting on ISmem, it not that hard

  • austin family's channel can pay for ur whole lifetime on youtube

  • ur losing

  • "Austin McPussy"💀💀💀

  • This is too entertaining

  • Oops I thought I was on Austin's channel

  • “In this video I confronted an old clown” LMAO I LOVE BRYCE

  • Austin:meet me in the club to fight Also austin: *throws water bottles to prove shit* (btw ik they weren’t gonna fight in the water but Bryce said he can knock him out rn and if austin was so strong and ready he would’ve told Bryce to come close. And his family wasnt next to him so that ain’t an excuse)

  • Bryce is gonna fucking get his ass woop from Austin

  • I don’t like none of them but I really want Bryce to beat the shit out of Austin

  • I feel like Bryce loose his energy with the break up with Addison And he also not getting that kind of Goofy 😙

  • That foo Bryce ain’t finna do shiii😂 watch a 30 year old knock his ass out DISRESPCTFULLY‼️🥊

  • I literally never watch any of them and i find them both very immature. So I really don’t care who wins but I’m excited to watch

  • You ain't nothing you acting like Logan Paul and jack paul come on now sheeesh 🔥

  • Why is Austin’s dad always up his ass?

  • Isn't bryce also a ISmemt

  • I'm so exited

  • bro at the end when he said kids goint to watch you get knocked tf out puzzy that was a ratio and a half

  • I hate both youtubers and tiktokers

    • Get off ISmem and TikTok simple😐

  • y'all we rlly have to cancel the shit out of bryce

  • You are sinning

  • God does not like that

  • Stop swearing bro

  • Uhm time to put Laws in place Now , the whole ISmem thing with fighting pro's is out of hand until someone get really hurt or really dead

  • ok now kiss

  • I hope you loose the fight your to cocky

  • I so sorry for you are gonna get your ass beat😂

  • Y’all im just waiting for a video after the fight saying “Guys i f*cked up” LMAO

  • What a 🤡 to talk about the kids. Grow up kiddo

  • Bryce hall definitely losing with his drained ass not focus ass

  • Bryce just out cringed austin lmfaoo. So obvious hes a fake tough guy hahah

  • wtf did I see Mikey Tua behind Bryce... please tell me he's not fighting😭✋🏽

  • Bryce got this he gonna win 100%

  • Wait who’s the tik toker because you both have tiktok and ISmem

  • I wanna see jake Paul vs Bryce y’all

  • Bryce hall is the one starting the shit. Austin was fine on his boat until bryce wanna talk shit to austin and start a fight to look cool.

  • It fun how he said ace family fans are 5 years old and look at him he swear he the shit

  • Sheeeeesh ngl I’m having second thoughts you got the attitude hopefully you prove us wrong

  • Wish I fought him I’ll knock him out 🤣😂

  • I think bryce is stupid he should get cancelled again I ONLY NO HIM BECAUSE OF ADDISON

  • First of all Austin is better than you and Austin has more money and better at You than you will ever be and Austin is 28 years old so get your facts right and you are broke just like your momma Bryce hall bye bye

  • Austin tells him to come closer Bryce says nothing would happen After 10 minutes, Bryce asks Austin to come closer

  • Hi🙂

  • In my country (Cyprus) a 15 years old boy can beat Bryce ezz

  • Tf is this comedy show💀🤣cringe How cute he even got his makeup ready to meet him

  • Just be problematic its good for u and make ur life fun ✨

  • This guy is cocky it’s annoying

  • naw bryce is too cocky 😐

  • Austin is going to knockout Bryce hall

  • The saddest thing is Bryces kids are gonna have to grow up with a dad that ran his mouth just to be unconsious on the floor

  • I’m just worried for the children lol

  • Cringe

  • Bryce hall just do one favor for me please knock the hell out of Austin

  • Pls talkin' abt he's kids 🙄

  • Bruh Austin gonna won

  • 😶

  • They were walking toward each other like they shit their pants or sum😭🤣

  • Bryce getting his ass beat up

  • Austin is the best bruh👍

  • I never meet Austin or Bryce and both of them have there flaws. But from what I see Bryce has no class and he is making him self look like a douche. And I don’t know if he is saying all these things to put on a show but it doesn’t make you cool dude. And if he were to see this I know he wouldn’t care. But it’s just my opinion sooo yeah.

  • Your worthless Bryce. Notice that

  • Im dont wanna jinx anything but I truly wonder what bryce is gonna say if he loses, hes probably gonna look like a clown if he does so just please, be confident, but not TOO confident, too much confidence can get the best of you, trust me

  • Kids are off limits no matter what. And bryce is just coward acting strong when he knows hes weak. Cant wait for the fight.

  • I swear bro Bryce is gonna get knock the f out homie

  • Buddy ur gna get knocked the fuck out...CANT WAIT😎 Bryce small is wayyy toooooo confident

  • Jake Paul vibes 🤢

  • Stop dragging his kids in the situation? Dats not coo it's between u n Austin

  • U a lil boy not even a grown man u do mo action than talking trash abt him in yo vids n Austin didn't

  • I like how Bryce acts like he can’t beat tf out of everyone when we all know Austin will rock his shit

  • If austin can box even a little he's going to win the fight, Bryce hall is the dude that thinks muscles help you in fights, but seeing him spar that other kid i actually laughed, he just rushed and wrestled him the whole time but didn't land a thing

  • Not him trynna get a girlfriend after he cheated on addison

  • Imagine saying austin has little kids fans when you also have little kids that are fans of you

  • Talk about his kid is a bitch move

  • Great memory of this stadium is when barcelona faced real madrid in el clasico for the international cup, being there was amazing

  • Hes asking for ass kicking 💯 I hope you loss due you have no repcset for ace family !!!!


  • homie could barely handle stromedy in 1 round imagine against austin nigga gonna get knock the fuck out

  • Thumbs down on this video if you don't like how is to confident and a loseer

  • Other bloggers: hi guys WATSUP Bryce: dAm iTs hOtTeR tHaN sAtAnS aSshOle 😂😂😂👌

  • Ha it leest you have warm weather

  • You bet the hell awt of stromdy haha

  • Bryce is going to win 💯% knock the fuck out of him

  • White boy not playing 😈😈😈😈🔫😈🔫😈🔫🔫🔫🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🔫🔫

  • I thought they were gonna kiss for a second 😂

  • This is so cringe

  • Hi