Vladimir Putin issued 'stark warning' to US, NATO

Birt 21 apr 2021
Top US military commanders 'seriously worried' over new threats of nuclear weapons from adversaries; FOX News' Jennifer Griffin reports on 'Special Report.' #FoxNews #Breaking
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  • Half of Ukraine including its entire Black Sea coastline, all of Belarus, and the northern third of Kazakhstan have ethnic Russian speaking majorities. Russia needs a leader who will do what needs to be done. Putin is too cautious. Crimea is not enough. Putin is a Cold War relic. It is time for him to retire to one of his mansions and let a more vigorous young man assume power in the Kremlin.

  • Sooooo rumors of wars? Repent my brothers and sisters!

  • That guy's a coward and he's all talk if I was President I would have destroyed them

  • We'll build another America on his land

  • They need to stop listening to Biden before he gets us all killed

  • I think the us needs to back off

  • So Fox is now an extension of Russian News. Sort of an RT West thing. The folk at Fox are going to pay an exceedingly high price for carrying Russias water. Looking forward to it.

  • Imagine US troops moving inside USA

  • She doesn't like her TRILLION $ p a y go bye bye

  • Nobody is gonna launch a nuke, one nuke ruins the entire world.

  • Putin would have never threatened the US under Trump. Biden needs to remember we both have nuclear bombs.

  • Send prayer

  • Prayer

  • Prayer 🙏 ❤️

  • Need LORD meracle weapon LORD

  • Back ap 🇵🇭 phillipines

  • Help one another if you are honest fight the truth who are evil leaders

  • I need USSR. Not usa bjp.

  • Real Super Pewer USSR.

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  • YouAMERICANS coming to US not WE to AMERICA

  • We need war please🤕🤕🤕😞😞😞👼👼👼👼

  • DONT WORRY?? it will be all over in 20minutes, its amazening america has too cross an ocean put missles in other countrys on russian boarders the has the odassity too call russia aggressiors.

  • World cant and its imposible to be in peace every century has a war soo yeah we are scrued

  • Maybe he will shoot a Nuke this way and relieve my suffering !

  • USA needs to stay out of this or they will taste salt

  • Forget war,what about they meet in the ring??

  • They should just have a fight club , no need for nuclear bombs

  • "the dog cares but Caravan continues moving"


  • I've never seen a people want nuclear war more than FOX smh why are trying to fan this fire?!?!? Putin said CLEARLY that Russia will NEVER use nukes first!

  • Maybe it's the perfect time for one last dance 💃 🤔

  • long live the east 💪

  • U.S likes war. Imaging these nation says they dont want war . But every country that are not allied they have bases around them. How stupid these U.S.

  • Hope everyone listens to international rights and pays attention to New Stealth Ships on horizon. I saw one and reported to DC who had? Been assaulted with flyovers hover craft ever since and Abu Gray Assaults in my house. Setup JFK WPB Mental and VA mental while Gov sits back Investigating...

  • US just stay back, you guys are pussies now... Just step back.

    • @financial aid even Your CIA going WOKE now. What are you going to do....?

    • im afraid 4th grader

  • Y

  • At this point I really don’t even care 😭🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m not defending no country I’m not gonna fight I’m not gonna go to war id rather die to be honest. I’m not violent and I’m not gonna fight for a group of irresponsible men with nuclear Arsenal

  • Oh yea and they also have these new hyper sonic warheads that can travel 27 times the speed of sound

  • Why the concern? We have Biden in office! (Sarcasm intended.)

  • Well I’ll see everyone in hell

  • I am on your side, Vladimir!

  • America is the only country that will use nuclear again

  • We Need Mr. Trump Back. Biden should not be president. We can't send a boy, to do a man's job.

    • Are we sure that Biden is really running the country.

  • dont worry biden will lead this country into a war


  • Why don't countries just keep the country they have and be satisfied with that. Stop trying to invade and capture more countries.

  • She said U.S. adversary. Lol

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  • In Soviet Union car drives you..

  • I wouldn't worry about Russia or China, the US is at least 50 years ahead of both countries militarywise. The US doesn't need Nuclear weapons, it has the most modern military that the world has ever seen. Putin is just saying those things to have a political edge for himself, he's not stupid or ignorant enough to mess with the US seriously, nor is China. Trust me they are well aware that if they start a war with the US they will lose, they know their limits and boundaries, but they always try to push them to see what reaction they get from the US to see how far they can push us.

  • Hey Vlad we could use your help over here. Nudge nudge wink wink.

  • nuke russia and china now, empty our tubes leave no human alive...

  • Fox news is fake news turn it off people for good, it's brainwashing you into a false agenda!

  • well done Russia

  • Jets lined up in eastern europe but it's a threat to the US

  • For China and Russia the bar has officially open. I don’t think the Biden administration want anything to do with challenging the aforementioned.

  • Just wondering when humanity go extinct.

  • @Edwin Meyer *Trump and Biden have more in common than not. To hear the nit wits and read their simplistic but inciteful postings you'd think the two parties don't collude incestuously on issues and policy domestic and foreign, and cut deals we never hear about, nor who benefits, likely not you or me. Trump was Monstrous and Biden is Monstrous-lite.*

  • Try

  • Give me a favour.. whatever put this government in… send them to retirement… 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️☮️

  • Mr. Putin, why are you always backing up nations that are troublesome and against countries that tries to put peace and harmony to the world. Russia will never win against Germany in WW2 if German forces were focused entirely on Russia and not fighting most everywhere.

  • The democrats will disarm the US and then China or Russia will probably end up running things. Lol

  • western propaganda

  • lol... Trumps four years in office and he deescalated North Korea and actually shook Kim Jung-Un’s hand and four months in office and the Democratic Party is already teetering on the brink of WW3..... wow

  • Stop american agression on the other side of the planet ! And stop them neo-nazy neo-ukrainian serfs ! Also - are americans understand what is it Global Nuclear War ? Or are they mad ? Russia is not a Libya...

  • there is no such thing as nuclear weapons ..... wake up

  • Between Trump & Biden in a little over three months.. Republicans & Democrats alike have taken more then 8 trillion dollars from the American people, placed 9 million families at risk of homelessness, while 12 million children went to bed hungry.. do you honestly believe Putin is the 'real-threat' to America.?

  • Russia is seriously asking for trouble despite being handicapped in every aspect.

  • How about limited nuclear war? We all know that democrats who have access to underground chrisis bunkers support the concept. The rest os us....just political fodder.

  • I say 🔒 these rich “leaders” in a room with Saw style. Why we got to waste great American lives for your dumba**??

  • Old men send young men to war. Anybody get this?

  • Not no time to talk about money if russia and china are threatening us we need to be ready at any time

  • Cool start of the end of the world

  • Well...it's been real fellas. The end is nigh. Deuces ✌️

  • I’m not surprised if someone gets nuked during these days...

  • War is near thanks to You USA And u are going to take the whole World with u. THX u for that and god bless américa

  • Ok she won’t be talking about spending money to protect our country if she’s hit by one from another country

  • All these people that hate China so much, why so silent about Russia? Both of those governments are hostile and threatening to America.

  • Ofcourse the democommies dont like the price tag....Thats money that could be well spent on IMPORTANT THINGS like gender studies and defeating white privilege.....To boot why would they spend money to defend us against communism when they can't wait to get us there themselves !


  • issue warning to Putin. His time is short and Nalvany will succeed Putin as President of Russia.

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  • Whatever. As pissed off as We the People are right now. EVERYBODY better BACK OFF. The beast is awakening...

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  • We don't back down from anyone or anything

  • deterring china and russia? really? deter? neither of those two countries want war but US is what keeps trying to push into their boundaries with military presence. this even wouldn't be happening if the US just fking minds its own business like really how hard is it to just focus on making the lives of your own citizens better? iraq was not gonna send nukes, russia will not send nukes, china will not send nukes, and neither of these countries can send military all the way over to the US. meanwhile US has military bases at the doorsteps of both countries. stop being stupid, US, you are the aggressor here.

  • I wanna see these immigrants put there lives on the line for the country there steel and trying to take over.

  • Looks like I’ll be playing Diamond City Radio on my pip-boy very soon

  • A stark warning,is he doing deals with iron man

  • Biden is in a mess. I never was a Biden fan really. Bernie would have done better.

  • Nothing going to happen, bunch of propaganda.

  • and whats the current administration doing? lol oh that's right being too woke.

  • United States Military needs to go into the White House and take these lying America destroying democrats out of office and put them in prison for treason. Yes they did steal the election. These people are criminals so why don't somebody do something about them?

  • Off to buy my hazmat suit!

  • Blah blah, nuclear war WILL NOT HAPPEN. Ever.

  • If it comes to Nuclear War then so be it. Putin and his loved one's will eat a Radiation sandwich afterwards just like everyone else. Do not threaten what you are unwilling to eat yourself!

  • What a joke our military is