VFX Secrets Behind Marvel Studios' The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Birt 7 maí 2021
Lorraine Cink talks with Eric Leven, VFX Supervisor of Marvel Studios' the Falcon and The Winter Soldier, about some of the VFX magic behind the scenes that helped bring some of Sam Wilson's high-flying action scenes to life. Watch all episodes of Marvel Studios' The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, all episodes now streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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  • haha interesting

  • We are waiting for season 2

  • I was actually laughing when I saw them use squirrel inspired suits to escape "The Falcon". They didn't think that too much.

  • very interesting, thanks for share. i liked this show

  • Even marvel tv has better CGI than dc huh

  • 2:54 you can’t tell what’s real and what’s... real.

  • Garbage

  • Yes the vfx are very greate I am speechless when saw the opening scene in first episode

  • She just looks like she's trying to hard to be interested in this. It doesn't even look like a real interview.

  • Cool video

  • Rtx 3090????

  • Girl looks like Miley Cyrus 😍

  • sam needs a nano tech glasses like Star Lord.

  • Wandavison was so much better

  • This hostess ! She looks very ugly cartoon type face 🤢🤮🤮 with all that fake ugly make up and plastic surgery all over her face !

    • 4:12 she is extremely cringe and ugly ! Get a better hostess marvel ! 🤨

  • All these effects and they couldn't hide the stunt double in the training scenes. It was so obvious I wanted to cry.

  • Give us hulk solo movie

  • Christianity!

  • Huge shout out to all the VFX teams who worked on the F&WS project. Beer's on me

  • And the guy with the dumbo ears takes all the credit and awards home? LOL poor vfx artists.

  • It was a great show but I'd wish that thay hadn't finish it like an Adam Sandler movie.

    • I literally waited for the slow clapping guy at the end.

  • the only stupid thing here is that the truck would smash him against the wings

  • Some of the shots even fooled me completely. The digital people are getting better and better. That used to be a dead giveaway. A lot of shots I just thought were on wire harnesses but some were 100% digital. Set extensions have been mastered though, you have no idea what part of a set is real/fake any more.

  • Sam has the rare jet-powered elytra we've all wanted, but irl

  • Hello mam I need a job on your channel

  • She looks like miley cyrus 😍🤗

  • Watch My Concept Trailers For All Upcoming Marvel Movies 🔥

  • after this movie, I think video is no long a legit legal proof on court

  • Marvel movies aren't cinema,they are a comic book movie,ans thats why they are Awesome,enjoy a comic book with your friend is awesome

  • There's CGI on Captain America Falcon's version??? My life is full of lies

  • “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By This Company”- Gina Carano

  • I just love marvel. Hey, marvel if you see this.... huge fan right here!!!

  • “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  • “Ironically, when Disney fired Gina for her opinions it inadvertently proved her point.” - Forbes

  • “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

    • She was literally a transphobe what is confusing you?

  • Wow hi

  • Marvel how captain america's large wings fit into a small compartment on the back?😄

  • Falcon America 🔥

  • this guy looks like a hobbit

  • The winter soldier jump landing from the building was very badly done!

  • Miley Cyrus is back working with Disney again?🤣

  • Ever since seeing 2012 Cap in Endgame, I’ve been saying they need to make it part of their pipeline to use CGI for his skin-tight helmet. Then, low and behold, in Sam’s suit, they do. 👍

  • *sigh...* if it weren't for the pandemic, this great show could have been even better, possibly even longer...

  • When you realise that these Marvel shows has much more vfx budget than most movies

  • Those rockets the helicopter launched at Falcon in the 1st episode were Hydra rockets, they are Unguided! Not tracking smh,

  • MARVELous... (chimefrancistv)

  • Is this lady blind? In no way is the CGI the best in the MCU films.

  • Live marvel hueg fan I'm from india I saw all movies of u specially my fav. Avengers

  • Your use VFX app

  • Love how he looks into the cockpit like an idiot


  • Marvel studios products more than 70% have VFX work.

  • Corridor Crew where you at?

  • After All these years,...These VFX artists don't get much credits and recognitions like movie actors...But actually they are the real Superheroes who make these superhero movies look cool and awesome!!.. Great Work VFX buddies!!! Infinite Love from India❤️

  • Love you bro last match cleen sweep ❤❤❤

  • Love you bro last match cleen sweep ❤❤❤

  • cries even the best captain america...

  • Asto asto

  • Scarlett Witch gained some weight.

  • It's a way to make people fool and stupid.

  • Marvel with a VFX breakdown show like the corridor crew?🌝

  • Corridor crew ... Get over here !!

  • Salute MCU! As always!

  • I thought he was Cap now... what’s all this falcon talk?

  • I'm sorry comments.

  • Nice woman big fate.

  • You should really go to corridor crew.

  • I sure did miss the suit VFX. Super clean job. Question: How was Sam able to lift the truck with his muscles despite having the power from the jetpack?

  • VFX are great no doubt but villain and story are worst.

  • can't wait for loki, shang shi, and spider-man no way home

  • Team Doctor Strange Team Black Panther Team Captain Marvel Team Ant-Man Team Spider-Man Team Iron Man Team Captain America Team Thor Team Hulk Team War Machine Team Scarlet Witch Team Wolverine Team Deadpool Team Venom Team Ghost Rider Team Thanos Team Ultron Team Loki

  • The host is trying to be Miley Cyrus!! While in the show falcon trying to be captain America!! 🤣🤣

  • 3:06 GTA San Andreas falcon MOD 🤣🔥

  • Everyone missed the Mephisto cameo (he was one of the hostages!) Nice one marvel VFX team!

  • The amount of time and effort lut into these shows and movies is just incredible on everyone’s part it’s just so amazing to see that everyone works together to create something so amazing 🤩 Thanks Marvel We love you 3000

  • They don't get enough credit, really. They are the actual heart of the MCU, we wouldn't have what we have without them. The actors bring the characters to life sure, but the world they are immersed in and their heroics wouldn't hit the same without these guys. And its not easy, I took some classes in this stuff just in high school and it was hard as hell, I barely passed. I can't imagine what it like in uni and beyond, let alone the MCU.

  • Marvel literally has some of the coolest, and hardest working people in the industry.

  • Marvel literally has some of the coolest and hardest working people in the industry.

  • This is wild.

  • 😍😍👍👍

  • Why does it feel like the interviewer is acting?

  • So detailed, Amazing!

  • Please give shoutout to Rimba Racer please if this comment is visible to you Marvel sir please I know you all are good persons please give shoutout to it it's very good animation series and they haven't been uploading further episodes please if this comment is visible to you then please give shoutout to them so that they can get more subscribers and they continue making it please accept this small request of a fan please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • "I'm a black man carrying the Stars and Stripes. What don't I understand" Captain America

  • Is loki in multiverse of madness

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  • Very nice.

  • Return iron man plz😭😭

  • make spider glen movie

  • What are the requirements to work as a techinical staff in marvel movies?

  • This show is too good

  • We can't deny the fact that stunt doubles and vfx artists work harder than the actors !

  • Guys we gotta admit that falcon is the coolest flying character

  • Very Good

  • At this point I don't know what's real and what's VFX

  • अमृतं गमय

  • It was so good, it actually ruined the latter action scenes for me.

  • Alright marvel....we want the bloopers of the therapy scene and rolling scene.. at least give us one *cut* *the* *check*

  • Well Done, Y’all don’t get enough credit VFX dudes