Venom VS Crona (Marvel VS Soul Eater) | DEATH BATTLE!

These two take teamwork (and sentient black goop) to a new level!
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  • Can we have a moment of silence of how unfair this fight would be in venoms current state in the comics

  • Venom vs Crona: Symbiote Psychopaths. Hothead The Burning Hell Riot (MUC) vs Gaourgyn (MUC): SCP 202818 vs SCP 719714

  • venom is multiversal wth

  • Venom: So are you a man or a woman? Crona: I am a nihilist. Venom: What gender are you? Crona: Depressed. Venom: Yeah, but what's in your pants? Crona: Gloom!

  • Is it just me because it’s weird how venom and carnage both died to messed up pink hair anime people

  • You can’t really fight a stand user

  • Man you need to do more grounded fights this one was just wayyy too unfair

  • 3:31 it was a good life whole it lasted

  • my dumbass confused venom over with carnage

  • *The moon laughing*

  • Benon estaba en desventsja

  • So Venom lost to a living pink haired speaker

    • @Jasxon Evans What other fight do you think was bad

    • @Myself I totally agree.

    • @Jasxon Evans Yeah they usually do it when people don't think the fight came out right or it was good so they wanted a second this was just one of those dumb fights

    • @Myself Idk why either but if death battle was going rematch which I doubt they'll do since it's basically a stomp.

    • @Jasxon Evans Yeah he's really strong I just also don't know why they would put venom against her it's his kryptonite

  • A really cool twist ending could have been if she had transformed into venom at the end cuz he dropped a bit of him self early on in the fight and had some how crawled onto her when she was focusing on the fight a little like how carnage was formed from a drop of venom

  • Crona is so powerful

    • The King in Black Venom stomps her.

  • DEATH BATTLE: Lie Ren VS Death the Kid (RWBY VS Soul Eater)

  • Luckily for Crona, it was Venom and not Carnage.

  • Venom’s always losing against anime kids lol

  • Fun fact : Venom sung a sentence from the legendary song 'Nightmare before Christmas' but it's not just that.. There's a video called 'Soul eater, nightmare before Christmas AMV', a fan based video, in which video when the sentence venom sung, is being sung, it shows Crona and Ragnarok!!! Thats the whole reference!

  • Bro they weren’t even using the strongest version of venom

  • 12:20 Wait just a moment- I don't remember Crona ever fighting Eibon I-

  • 13:50 I don't think I can handle the start of this fight

  • 13:25 I didn’t know Venow was also Darkwing duck........ I am the terror that FLAPS IN THE NIGHT!!!

  • anyone know the music used at 9:23?

  • Part of the death battle venom was referencing the song this is Halloween by marlyn Manson

  • perfect work this time, really :)

  • So this is carnage vs lucy fight but part 2 ok and of course crona won this she powerful well mostly every soul eater character is powerful but the weird thing is that all the people in soul eater they weapons are people and they talk

    • @Halofan125 Alright is he no longer has a weakness to lound sounfs

    • @oof King Venom King in Black issue.

    • @Halofan125 What is that upgrade

    • @oof Since Venom got a new upgrade, is this fight outdated?

    • Expect Carnage vs Lucy was Wrong

  • Crona lines are so sad and funny at the same time

  • I know that this is a spoiler only absorbed the Kishin for a while, until the Kishin absorbed it back. Noob

  • Nobody. My mom waking me up: 16:04

  • if i had a nickel for every pink haired anime character that beat a spiderman villain on death battle i'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice

  • I already knew crona was gona win

  • I wonder if Venom can take over Thor is that mean he can use his hammer without take over him (that sound scary)

  • “Corna got abused by her mum Medusa” Me: MEDUSA! DON’T LOOK!

  • I wanna see the green ranger and scorpion in a death battle because super power beat down got it wrong because via Power ranger fan service

  • This was a dumb match up.

  • Venom’s main weakness is sound... which is kind of her thing... let’s see who wins, guys!!!

  • Venom: So your Mom treated you like trash. Crona: Yah “sigh” Venom: That’s rough buddy.

  • Who here knew the outcome before it even started? 😔

  • While I am glad my comfort character won, they did my boy Venom dirty by matching him with one of his few weakness.

  • Of course the Jojo wannabe would win guys I mean Corona has a stand after all

  • "Anime Uma Thurman" PLS-

  • Awesome job crona and raganark.

  • this is like putting someone who's allergic to peanuts vs someone who was a gun that shoots reeses peanut butter cups

  • Me: *hears that Soul Eater weapons are sentient* Hey, you stole that from Bleach! Or is that Persona?

  • Me: *sees Deadpool near a pile of pancakes, chuckles*

  • “My blood is black”... Jesus kid, wtf happened to, oh, right, a lot

  • Corona?! 😐 Coronavirus?!, 😐 WHAT THE HELL 🤯 Virus VS Parasaite Talk about wired 😐

  • Crona:my blood is black Me:he said it

  • Seeing a bit of misinformation so here's something to hopefully makes things more clear: As of King in Black #5, Venom is the new King in Black, meaning he has the same abilities as Knull, an eldritch god of the Marvel universe, which makes him an OP Cosmic being. The thing is, the outcome of this DB was doomed to be outdated from the start, as Venom slowly was getting more and more powers and the writers were teasing that Venom's status quo would "never be the same", not sure why they decided to release a Death Battle when the Donny Cates's Venom run was still going on, with Venom 200# being the finale. Venom, as of King in Black (keep in mind, that version is 100% canon, the form that people mistake it with is Meat Gardener Venom from Venom: The end, which is set in a different universe), would win this death battle for sure. Even if you argue that they're talking about "Normal" Venom in Death Battle (Again, I'm assuming they mean Venom pre-Donny Cates, since the Venom in Donny Cates is the "Normal" Venom from the 616 lol), that would still be wrong, since they clearly are basing themselves on the Cates run, with Knull and the Venom (2018) mentioned in their research. TLDR; The Venom from main continuity (Earth 616), which is the one used in this Death Battle, became OP and would easily win against Crona.

  • They are so dumb sometimes Venom destroys her

    • Crona wrecks this version of Venom.

    • @Aaron Thang Stupidity at its finest.

    • And if u guys also say that he's weak to fire he survive Darkseid fire power that burnt Silver Surffer and Superman

    • And if u guys say "oh venom is weak to sound" he LEGIT SURVIVED A DAM SOUND WAVE SO STRONG IT BROKE PLANETS!!!!

  • Crona is lucky that venom didnt posses the power of captain universe at the time

  • I’m unsubbing now.

  • I just need a big speaker and i can defeat Venom.

  • I thought venom doesn't have a soul

  • I really miss the part when the battle is about to being they say fight! Like what happened to that

  • What is she a leviathan

  • They needed god venom

  • 15:30 was that a nightmare before Christmas reference

  • Cronas little eep when he got webbed XD

  • Venom would have a better chance thanks to his new upgrade

    • @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU The Venom used in this death battle is following the Storyline from Donny Cates books, hence the Wings you see and the mention of Knull, a character created in that storyline. The series of books continues in King in Black. So no, King Dragon is right. In King in Black (The version of Venom used in this DB), he gets significant upgrades that would obliterate Crona in this scenario. The "Normal" Venom has changed, and if you want to use the argument of "that's not what Death Battle used in this fight", that is also wrong, since again they mention Knull, Venom's wings and used pages from Donny Cates's book, so they are 100% following that storyline.

    • @Local Slayer This is normal Venom bud.

    • He will literally obliterate Crona now that he can control all Knull's symbiotes, have a giant battle axe, and fused with the Enigma Force

  • The sound thing is true but venom would have been launched off of edey and pop her like a balloon

  • Venom can only die from a other simbeot or fire

  • I’m so happy that you used they/them pronouns for crona🥰

  • "Venom needs to stop picking fights with Anime Characters" Me: "You're the ones who put him there"

  • 9 times out of 10, the big monster guy loses against the cute anime girl. You don't even need to know the strengths and weaknesses.

  • It’s funny how both death battles venom has been in they’ve both been stomps both ways

  • And people think Ruby can beat maka smh

  • I want a rematch. This time Venom have bigger wings and a gigantic battle axe made out from Thor's Mjolnir and Silver Surfer's board. In other words, the God-King of Symbiotes Venom

    • @Marvel Forever this fight is already unfair bro, at least for Venom. His ability here is still not powerful compared to a godlike character like Crona that can absorb your soul, drive you to madness by just touching you, and screams at you to oblivion. Now that Venom is literally a god (and it seems like he's already immune to the normal symbiotes' sound weakness), he can now par or surpass Crona's power

    • That won’t be fair to Crona though

  • So I think DB's approximate age for Crona comes from comparing her to other Soul Eater characters who average around the same age.

  • How about king in black venom?

    • @Local Slayer for sure 😂😂 easy clap

    • God-King Venom stomps

    • Luckily for crona venom didnt posses the powers of captain universe at the time

  • Is no one gonna comment on the moon, seriously, that thing was freaky.

  • Reminder that Venom and Eddie actually love and care for one another and are canonically dating. Theresy literally a scene in the comics with Venom and Eddie dying and Venom confesses hus love for him. I love them so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!!!

  • Venom could've defeated crona had they just waited a little longer

  • If only I have seen Crona did some of those feats in the anime than just the manga. He also sacrificed himself to save Maka from Medusa's arrow.

  • right...their screech moves...kinda forgot about those also they were really on point on the Gender neutral pronouns. i know i suck at those

    • gender neutral pronouns are something you get better at over time, all that matters is that you're trying!

  • Before I watch let me guess.. venom won Crona better win bro YESSS LETSs goooooooo

    • ​@KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU ...Knull killed Celestials with little effort. He conquered the entire Earth of Marvel with only the enigma force Venom stopping him. He's an Eldritch God. Now I know you're either trolling or just don't know what you're talking about lol

    • @NintenYo That wasn’t even a good feat and Knull isn’t that powerful.

    • @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU This "normal" version of Venom still follows the Donny Cates storyline (as seen by the usages of Wings, mention of Knull and literally using the books as a reference as seen in 6:16 and just generally in the video). So no, "normal" Venom used in this video still now has acquired Cosmic Powers by becoming the King in Black and would 100% win.

    • @KAHANU ERMEYAS-TULU Tbh at the same time Venom and taken on Thanos, Hulk and Thor

    • @Nathan0973 You do know this is normal Venom and not GOD VENOM right? Crona beats normal but loses to the overpowered version.

  • Let’s put a character that’s biggest weakness is fire and sound and let’s make it Fight someone who specializes in those 2 things .... yup seems fair

  • There are many reasons why I won't watch Soul Eater, and this video just highlighted every single one of them

  • Zoro vs Samurai Jack

  • Then the King in Black story buffed Venom to universal level

    • @Elder God Demonbane yeah to bad they didn't give this battle like a year to cook lol

    • Venom God of light>>>Knull>>>Thor herald of Thunder>>>Black Winter(universal level)>>>Galactus God of hunger Venom ez wins

  • Based Catholic Venom

  • Holy sh*t is that a JoJo reference?

  • Holy sh*t is that a JoJo reference?

  • when crona bleeds the fight begins


  • Straight up could tell this was going to be one of those

  • Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto

  • What kind of a matchup is this!? This matchup makes no sense. And you missed an obvious opportunity. It should have been Venom vs Parasyte (from the anime Parasyte). Since they're almost the same thing. Don't you NORMALLY match up SIMILAR entities after all?

    • Er, I guess the name was Migi, not Parasyte, Parasyte was the name of the anime.

  • Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto

  • Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto

  • If this video was made after king in black finale, venom would have won.

    • Not before we learn who the god of light is. The enigma force, captain universe. It bonds with Eddie and he become capitan venomverse

    • @Lamari Piazza Venom got cosmic power and kills knull and becomes the new god of sympiots

    • What happend in there?

  • Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

  • “We are the ones hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red!” *His eyes are white though*

  • 15:15 is this a jojo reference

  • Tylie from avatar vs Hinata hyuga from Naruto.

  • lois griffin vs marge simpson

  • I'm woo hooing for crona

  • That seemed a bit one sided lol

  • i said blue. chew. dot. cooooom. go getchu sommmme

  • 15:25 Nightmare before Christmas reference.