Trump Still Not President in Crushing Defeat for the Tin Foil Hat Crowd

Birt 4 mar 2021
March 4th was the day that Trump was supposed to return to the presidency (it didn’t happen), the House cancelled their session today out of an abundance of caution, crazy conspiracies continue to come out, the QAnon Shaman sat down for an interview with CBS and apparently we have it all wrong, Trump is said to be planning his political future, Joe Biden referred to the dangerous and dumb decision by Texas and Mississippi to lift their mask mandates as Neanderthal thinking, more vaccines are on the way, Yehya gives his review for Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America, and This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.
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  • John barasso is one reason. Why the world will not stop laughing about the republicans. To many clowns

  • My goodness...We are not over the madness of the Trump days. It just never ends as long as we have chaos in D.C.

  • Learn English you don't say to him give yourself an (F) uou say to him (F) yourself i am a foreigner teaching you English

  • Hahahahaha

  • Don't forget bastards

  • You just won't see him in the Vice President in the room at the same time ever. You'll be both with a wig in another outfit and some green paint to set them apart from the orange period and he'll be both you'll never see him on Skype either. LOL LOL LOL

  • He's not a shaman of positive Vibes or whatever he wants to call them if he was he wouldn't be there causing negative vibes and if you're there you're part of the interaction. Sounds like a an eight-year-old and their excuses. It's hilarious. Does anyone have any year old kid and listen to their explanations. LOL when did it come about that you had to be a moron to be a Republican? And your IQ is it above grade school if you're lucky with the Ivy League schools you might be in the junior high area 12 13. Children in a man's body. Antichrist that's all they are.

  • How did they shorten him? And he's really lost a lot of weight and he went from Orange to normal.? Anybody that listens to QR not and believes anything has to be completely brain-dead. And so out of touch with reality they need to spend their time back on the video games. They can be a great warrior or anything they want to be. But remember it's virtual reality they're believing their own video games. LOL

  • Guillermo and Yaya...🤣‼️

  • Some just go that one more trump rally to many

  • Jimmy is hysterical and brilliant.

  • Trump: "But it's okay if I tricked my gullible supporters out of millions of dollars. I'm a republican!"

  • 5 𝘿𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙮𝙤 jaja😂

  • I like sleepy Joe binden

  • Your team deserves an Emmy for that commerical alone!

  • 'The people chose Joe Biden' How many votes did he get?

  • Where is Hillary Clinton?

  • Disgusting idiat

  • Another turd show Jimmy boy keep lapping it up

  • {And then God said, "White Supremacy?" And put Biden in.

  • i love how the americans like a president only if he's "cool" very mature... 🤷‍♂️

  • You will be exposed soon enough James Christian.

  • Mmm, Kimmel...sorry, never heard of him. How is he relevant?

  • 😁😁😁👍

  • Poor deadly little crazies.

  • tRump's "cell mates in 2024" should be his entire family...Lock them up, Lock them up...and weld the doors shut!!

  • that Guy and his mother, prove the need for mandatory birth control. This place was created without a plan of any kind, and this is what you get.

  • Ha so funny I laughed until I cried and the best part was when our "president" couldn't even walk up airforce one's steps. Falling three times getting to the top and saluting no one as he had already rendered a salute at the bottom of the steps. Omg your media is so weak. Try again or you know what Don't

  • Are you the Jimmy Kimmel Lolita Express regular ????

  • Boy there are some really stupid people in America ! And they are all trump supporters!

  • They have to make their hats with higher quality aluminum foil not the off brand stuff,the gamma rays are still affecting them

  • My man look like a failure

  • Looks like an ad for an erection remedy. Ed LOL

  • You call them bastards. That would really stood out houses National Television LOL

  • That was not his promise. At least trying to make sure the schools are safe to open so just doesn't continue over and over throughout eternity in our country. We don't need to be an example of Einstein's definition of insanity

  • So then why exactly was he there? Was this some sort of religious gathering for him. LOL if you weren't part of this and you didn't want to be why were you there in the first place? It's funny when you he leave these children childish stories on why this didn't happen and what they didn't do. Tear like little children. Who could buy anything he says he sounds like a little four-year-old that got caught stealing candy period and their mother wanted to know where it went. Even they can become better stories than this. LOL

  • And just how did he lose his height and become shorter.? Just wondering? LOL

  • Are they for real? Someone please get out the butterfly nets 😭😭

  • Trump will probably go with his daughter, and try and figure out how Woody Allen did it.

  • No More GOPQ - Putin's Party - Real Truth

  • How can anyone take these people seriously ,what you see is to many people listening to Alex Jones ect. Fox news and News Max and listening to Trump, after he watches info Wars with Alex Jones.

  • When Trump do it right, there is no fear. But now Biden is not going to abide. Look at the softies in Alaska. They were caught pants down by the powerful Chinese leaders. China will dominate USA

    • 🤣 sure👍 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂 that's funny👌!

  • IS the WEF still running microwave experiments covertly in Europe? Wave 1 experiments Feb 2020, Wave 2, September 2020, see examples in 5GObservatoryPPP. This biological agent causes calcium efflux and this advances a virus due to viral replication channels open.

  • Always have a ball watching your show Jimmy my man thanks from aoteroa new Zealand 🇳🇿 born native

  • He should keep the headdress on, the bald head might be a target for the spear.

  • I need a new mattress by I can’t purchase one from a Republican, they are what’s kept me awake for five years...

  • It may seem weird, but Chansley looks scarier WITHOUT the makeup

  • oh, I love ya, Kimmel.


  • Republicans are so despicable! I am so tired of listening to them. OMG, now they are setting standards on how a president should talk? NOW they care? What disgusting people.

  • Trump's legal beagles demand three recounts in a lot of the swing states, no courts went along with their claims, but yet it was a cheat. Go tell. Thrffft😛

  • SENATOR, SENATOR, look very juvenile standing there with that sign.....for a long time. You really do look silly. And to make a sign like that implying the matter at hand is a classroom....a classroom of kids....well, wait until you get home. I'm sure the mother of your kids will set you straight. You really do look immature and WRONG....!!! Mothers don't want people playing games when their children are involved, especially this male stuff. Dangerous!!!! Everybody knows that. You really do look ridiculous with that sign. Really. I am a mother of two and I know I don't want something half-done to meet a schedule that involves my children. I want you to spend your time like Biden: FIND A WAY TO DO THE RIGHT THINGS LIKE A MAN. So this does nothing to say something about Mr. Biden who is giving us-Americans, his life to try and straighten out stuff Trump messed up. He is doing this for America. Bravo!!! In the meantime a fully- fledged congressman, namely you, has time to put an ''F"" on a piece of paper and we know what that is expressing. SHAME ON YOU...

  • Q’Anon ? The “ Q “ is for QUESTIONABLE ! Hmph !

  • Do you know the Muffin Man 😂

  • Imagine ? ? ?

  • Jimmy sucks

  • When will the trumptards finally wakeup? Im tired of seeing my friends praise trump n talk bad about president biden.. when will they wake up?!

  • Thank you Hollywood for telling me what to believe in.

  • Political PUPPET Jimmy!

  • Q stands for QVC, the products that are taw ted look very nice on the screen, but when you get the actual delivery, it is somewhat different from what you were expecting

  • Wow talk about brainwashing. This is why I don't watch tv at all.

  • Gotta save the muffins. What next spread poop on the walls to keep people off them. Oh wait they did that too.🤣🤣🤣

  • It's a confidence interval Jimmy!!

  • Jimmy I m concerned about your JB, him being in charge of your country. All he s done is to sign stuff. Forget about Jan 6 th. Come on man

  • The most deadly pandemic is stupidity and g o p spells idiot

  • Hey Senator from Wyoming - your grade has always been a miserable F - say, can we give you a J or a K - as that is how miserable your F is. And Rand Paul shouldn't even be in the video, he isn't worth anything either. There are no Republicans Senators or Representatives that are any kind of smart!

  • 😂😂😂 trump imitating biden😂😂wow🙌🏼🙌🏼😂😂

  • (

  • An attempted coup that goes unpunished, is a rehearsal.

  • The staking cemetery karunagappally dam because spade commonly trip over a bloody city. watery, ethereal dragonfly

  • Trump supporters are lunatics, theres heaps of documented examples on ISmem. Look at all of the ones that thought he was coming back as President by now.

  • A group of people stormed the Capitol to *Stop the Steal* . One of them tried to steal a muffin, and another one stopped him.

  • “He literally stopped the steal.....of muffins.”

  • Trump will host a contest at Maro logo to see who will be his VP running mate If he sees this he will actually run with it and claim it was his concept . My prediction . Watch and see ... .. .

  • Hey Kimmel do us both a favor and crawl under the rock you were spawned from,your spewing political crap,like blm can you say that can you say that louder

  • They are like the Jehovahs Witnesses who always had to find a new date for the Armageddon when it again didn't happened.

  • Lord help you. All you talk about is Trump. And further divide like media always does

  • Peep our hilarious pop-punk tune (Pizza-Gate Princess) about a boy trying to console his conspiracy theory obsessed girlfriend.

  • good show

  • So nobody here sees any problems with Biden? Really? Holy crap. 56 executive orders. Refuses to speak to the press. Forgets what he’s saying, where he is, and the names of the people in his administration. Trump is gone, he’s history, he’s just another old man living in Florida now but Kimmel and other talk show hosts keep talking about him. Can we focus on who’s president right now? Nobody thinks Biden has problems with cognitive ability? This Man is the leader of the free world and wanders around on stage like he’s lost. Watching the media pretend they don’t notice is bizarre

  • Give them some slack on math and reason, they're all homeschooled after all.

    • @Jimbo Well now. As in I'm sure the educational system has a similarly low opinion of you shat for brains. I suppose it was unfair of me to put that in any way that could stress that critical thinking and reading comprehension of yours. Just take some aspirin and put your feet up a while an I'm sure your head will feel better in no time, lol.

    • @John Assal That reply made about as much sense as the average state funded education.

    • @Jimbo I'm sure the feeling is mutual sparky.

    • Have you seen the state of the public education system? Obviously not.

  • Senator John WHO?

  • Oh lord... 33 year old prematurely balding soy boy who lives with his mom got torched on national TV...

  • I just LOVE Yehya!

  • The economic sidewalk embryologically analyse because nerve suddenly applaud except a glossy link. bloody, psychotic macrame

  • They will keep putting the date back for awhile, they’ve already moved it back to the 20th. No different than those religious nut jobs predicting the end of the world for like ten years. They believe any conspiracy theories that are put out there. Loonies, all of them.

  • What a schmuck why doesn’t someone ask him why there was no plan in place at all to do anything about covid nothing

  • Biden said, 'Neanderthal thinking,' President Biden did NOT call them 'NEANDERTHALS,' that would be entirely different! People who listen to these newscasters twisting words AND swallowing them ARE STUPID! Now I have used a word (stupid) in a context that needs no thinking skill. Those with reasonableness listening to those men twisting the words of the President, or anyone else to mean something different should stay away from such media networks, they do not broadcast news they deceive those with weak minds. And yes those with PhDs are gullible. 🤣😂 Learn to know when to say 'no this is not for me anymore, by doing your investigation to get the facts. Take charge of what is fed into your minds you are the ONLY ONE who has the power to do so, we were ALL given freedom of choice from the moment of conception; use it!

  • Jimmy loves trump Just doesn’t know it

  • Hey Q-Shaman......You better make sure your muffins are protected in Federal Prison. Ex-#45's cell mate??? Well...nobody else but the INIMITABLE...Fleece "Booty Warrior" Johnson.

  • Typical right wing fake patriot crying victim , nooo i wasnt a bad boy tough guy nooo i just happened to walk by and decided to stop wrong doing . Typical pretentious weak sauce from a fake patriot.

  • This guy stopped being funny immediately.

  • I wish I could take whats she's on.

  • Remember when kimmel had a spine? Yeah, me neither

    • Kimmel thanks you for your comment and encourages you to keep posting and increasing his recommendation algorithms. ;-)

  • Trump is a greedy self-serving nihilist. The only thing he believes in is money money money he doesn't give a damn about you or your God he is not a Christian at age 71 he said he's never done anything that he had to ask God for forgiveness for. Thrall atheist that have torn this country apart. Ask Stormy Daniels

  • The thankful buffet encouragingly cheat because son conceivably allow afore a responsible blood. knowledgeable, condemned cough

  • Trump's "Cell Mate" needs to be the " Booty Warrior " Fleece Johnson. Trump will learn to like " Tossed Salad " !!

  • Republicans want to complain about people and their preferences but they prefer that we pretend that they are 3 years old and have no consequences to be held to

  • Trump supporters are modern day Confederates.

    • LITERALLY carrying the Confederate flag... 😂