Trump on if he's considering a 2024 presidential run | 'Hannity' exclusive

Birt 19 apr 2021
Former President Donald Trump talks to Sean Hannity about his political plans for the future. #FoxNews #Hannity #Trump
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  • Boycott Israeli products, write to your representative notifying them of raising this issue in your national Parliament. This is the least a person can do.

  • god help america, they have no good leaders, can someone please ask him why if someone gets a cold they have to file for bankruptcy over there?

  • Lol “He’s more popular than anyone can understand.” -Trump

  • “Almost everyone I endorse wins”. Except me.. and the GA candidates who ended up costing the GOP the White House and the Senate respectively 😅

    • Stop the count.

  • Trump destroyed this country in many ways and Biden no better We need new leaders or just maybe we need independent political parties cause Republicans and democrats are both sorry both parties suck azz including Biden and Trump kiss my azz if you don't agree but it's facts and the ugly truth that's on my heart beat

  • Mr 47th!!!!!!

  • Please do so Sir,former USA President..Please do..You are the only one and the only person in the World can deal with North Korea and Russia President's and the Middle East,,so for America and American's to get out a Man like Donald Trump,that was a big Mistake 🤧🤧😬😬. Why do people love Trump?, Because Donald Trump speak what so ever is on is Mind and he is open, Everybody else is and are Hypocrites and back biter and especially Popets on a string and it is so Obvious,Now That is so hurtful to other-world-Leader.. Give the World bk Donald. And we who is asking are African's so Right there you see that it is Authentic not a fake..Uncorporating Leader's who really don't wants to do Business with the USA again or Anymore,,Donald Trump's use to be there to address them in His terms on His none Typical politician style that He has and the World love's it.. The World needs Him bak and America this is not a Joke 😀😁😂🤑🤑🕰🕰🕰🕰🕰🕰🕰🕰🕰. You have time to think 🤔

  • So glad we don’t have to listen or look at this lying dirt ball every day.

    • You listen to another lying rotten corpse now China Joe

  • What a moron!

  • just here to remind everyone fox news' like/dislike ratio trumps other media outlets

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣joke right

  • GO TRUMP!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Social media is insane. We gave the biggest economic in the world to a person that has 6 bankruptcy. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ All six of Donald Trump’s bankruptcy filings were prior to him becoming our current U.S. President. 1991: Trump’s Taj Mahal 1992: First of two Atlantic City casinos owned by Donald Trump. 1992: Second of two Atlantic City casinos owned by Donald Trump. 1992: Trump’s Plaza Hotel in New York City. 2004: Trump’s Hotels and Casinos Resorts 2009: Trump’s Entertainment Resorts

  • Great

  • Donald Trump went to hell from day one they never gave him a chance the Democrats wanted him out on day one everything that Donald Trump went through he still had the balls to do what he had to do for this country no other president has ever stood up for the American people like Donald Trump he wanted to make the border safe so that no illegal immigrant could come to this country and cause havoc but our new administration doesn't do any of that that's why Joe Biden is a p**** it would be good for Donald Trump to run again but I don't know if he would win or not and I wish he would win a second time if he doesn't run I think his son Donald Jr should

  • He'll try anything to stay out of prison

    • He's not going to jail 😂 keep dreaming

    • you’re an idiot. If he would’ve tried then he would’ve stayed as president lol

  • I did not vote for Trump either time i did not vote in 2016 but the 3rd time is the charm and i even told Trump on twitter that i did not vote for him i told him that i voted for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen for president and i voted for Libertarian Danny Malouf for the senate here in IL and Trump surprised me when i tweeted him about the national defense authorization act after i told him i did not vote for him and he repealed the NDAA anyways that surprised me it really did i was not expecting that.

  • Please come back and save us.

  • Mr D.T , the terminator wants in again, perhaps the second time around, he'll finish his work 🔥🔥🔥

  • Why is he talking over trump like that I bet if trump was president he wouldn’t be talking to him like this

  • as much as i dony like trump. i bet biden doesnt know whos running where

  • This dude is delusional and completely full of himself. His ego is bigger then his wall that's being torn down right now, good riddance!

  • Get the stupid cannons ready for his come cache parade

  • Let’s not forget he didn’t act fast enough on covid . Now we paying for it!

  • Jeez this comment section is retarted 😂😂😂😂

  • The best economy in the history of the world 💀💀💀💀

  • I liked Trump as president, he seemed to know what he was doing and hearing him speak is like hearing a very smart man speak freely about what he thinks and not mostly reading from a teleprompter what someone else wrote for him like Joe Biden does.

    • Biden doesn't even know what he's doing or where he is more than half of the time. He won't be in office long.

  • Lawrence trump canada

  • How are you today

  • Trump will never be president ever again😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Lord Bless Donald Trump! The people miss the true president. Joe Biden and his cronies obviously rigged the election

  • Trump looks worn down and has a blankness in his eyes. Space force for the spaced out!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Trump 2024 🇺🇸

  • I've been a Trump supporter from the beginning.. but I'm really upset how he handled the covid outbreak.. all the stimulus packages, shutting down our economy.. and still I ask how the heck in America can a election be stolen? why didn't Trump use the insurection act if indeed he believed the election was stolen ?

    • Imagine being a china Joe Biden supporter

  • TRUMP 2024!!

  • MAGA 2024!


  • I love President Trump! I hope when he wins in 2024 that he gets the respect that he deserves!!! I want to see him treated fairly by all means!!!!!

  • Trump truly loves America and thats why he ran the first time. Love or hate him, he's shown the theres Republicans not doing their honest job for the country and Democrats not doing their job and will go to all hell to manipulate people to keep it that way

  • Hell yeah! This is what the United States really wants!!!

  • the best of the best TRUMP 2024

  • Trump 2024

  • Ron Johnson's going to lose Wisconsin he has been wrong about everything since he's been in office and everyone in Wisconsin knows that.

  • Sean Hannity is such a joke how can anybody listen to this idiot. It's no wonder 30% of the country doesn't know what's going on because they watch this moron.

  • Yaa Yes Mr. Trump Please go back in the house,. You have my vote,. Right now, I don't care who competes.

  • Good man! the vast majority of ordinary people in Russia love Trump. Russians can see through you, they know what’s up

  • WOW. The country does NOT want him for president. Trump is such a disgusting insurrectionist and a cowardly liar that a Congresswoman (he knows who) is ripping “his party” apart. He falsely thinks that he has won the last elections, and is lying to his "loyal" and sweaty followers. Trump will be prosecuted and possibly jailed, dragging his cronies along with him. And he had better pay his lawyer bills now, especially Juliani!

  • .ဝင်းနိ်

  • ကျွန်း​ေတာ်တို္

  • lost the presidency, the house, the congress and popular vote.... why would the republican establishment wants him back?

  • And Joe Bibibibibiden is better than this guy?

  • 😁😁😁. True Man. Trump can't promise the citizens withiout doing it. I hope he missed to be a Merciful President of U.S.. i don't see the reason to hate him. He didn't act the lies of presidential image. He spoke all from his heart

  • Hannity needs to speak less

  • China Joe won't be in office long

  • trump - traitor to the Constitution, pathological liar, bully, disloyal "friend," coward, conspiracist, science illiterate. From traitor trump's double-wide rear end flows the sewage of hate, racism, white supremacy, immorality, and greed. traitor trump - no ethics, amoral. traitor trump - false god of the GutlessOldParty, evangelical right, enablers.

    • @Unknown person Evidence-based data, the Constitution, the voters say Biden is POTUS. - legitimately. The idiot and traitor that is trump continues to perpetuate the lie he won the vote, an attempt to side-step the Constitution. trump = traitor. You nave no legitimate evidence Biden is a traitor. You a graduate of trump university? Or is traitor trump your god?

    • Traitor Biden

    • Wow 😲 that is a lot. Too bad soo many people are stupid enough to vote for someone like him

  • At least Former president Trump is a political outsider, Not a Traditional [rug] Politician or TRAPO meaning in Filipino word.

  • TRUMP. OWENS. 2024


    • Put biden in a nursing home

    • Your comment is a lie and treasonous.

  • You were a great president

  • This Nicca about to have a nervous breakdown!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • he "Helps people..." over 500,000 American's died under his watch from a virus that ALL the experts PREDICTED. Trump said it would "magically go away..."

    • @Unknown person he's already doing much better with the vaccines better than trump could ever do

    • @al ways China Joe won't do anything either.

    • @Unknown person he tried and failed. And didn't do nothing about it

    • You can't blame trump on the china virus lol Trump tried to close the borders before the virus came.

  • Trump looks INSANE to me...

  • best president ever...long live Trump!

  • God we miss him.

  • We love you Trump you didn't loose the race, your no balls having house and senate members who let the Demonrats go behind everyone during lock down changing laws illegally. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP

  • It's like he never stopped being president Trump 2024

  • yeah... but Trump will be in jail by then. what's the GOP smokin'?

  • Loser!!!!! LOSER!!!!! Thank You Trump!!!!! For Putting the Democrats Back on TOP... I know you won't understand, what I just said... Keep Up the Good Work... You Got all the Republicans and FOX news Fooled...

  • When he says he has the greatest numbers. He does know he never cracked the 50% approval rate - right?

  • How high can Hannity stack poop before it topples under its own weight? Fake news. It's what is left after your food digests.

  • The whole world will be able to relieve themselves with a big sigh of relief when this cv thing just disappears as fast as it came. Trump or Q could possibly be the one to enlighten a sleeping population of the truth in of who our world leaders really were. I hope truth is revealed to the masses I pray that humanity stays safe and alive while the changes are taking place. I pray for the liberation of humanity I pray for Peace to Reign over all the skies, lands, seas and everywhere else! I pray that Compassion replaces violence I pray propaganda and manipulation as a way of controlling humanity to be outlawed I pray we are allowed to evolve without evil preying upon us in every conceivable fashion I pray people learn sooner than later that we are all spirit beings having a human experience G-d Bless All Loving Compassionate beings G-d Bless Trump

  • I love you, President Trump!! I have your campaign sticker on my purse and carry it everyday!! You need to come back!!! I love you so much!! The people love you!! Not only Americans, but people from other countries miss you. Trump, if you run again, I will campaign for you!! GOD BLESS you and us all!!

  • what a sore loser

  • Jeswi fatigi avik amikan par lepreblim diteu sahara gelmim layeun UN ...... jidemendi orepiyan

  • Stay out of the White House Donald Trump you are a disgrace to this country. You belong in prison. You are a delusional racist. America hates you. You are not welcome at any future Presidential inauguration.

  • The best president ever .... c soon trump we love you ....

  • yeah yeah yeah hahahahaha they are all good until they turn on this clown hahahahah

  • Nah he not getting another election run because he is a total dictator especially what he cause back in January so not a chance.

  • President Donald John "The Beloved" Trump was already REELECTED 3 November 2021 and he will INAUGURATED IN 2021. ALMIGHTY GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. The devil never gets to keep what he has stolen. The LIAR, the devil will repay 7 fold, 120% Recompense. The guilty Walking Dead Talking Heads will not be acquitted.

  • Keep drinking those cokes and having hamburgers!!

  • Trump your still the commander we salute you


  • obama is a failure and so are the clintons the bushes they lost because they are thieves that are and were steeling from the people they are hitlers in different skin

  • Look at how President Trump can get things done. Biden is a disgrace.

  • Trump the Russian asset. I guess he can go back to money laundering for the Russian mafia. Narcissistic Traitor.

  • He is soooo lying anbout russia..... 🤨

    • The whole intelligence community agreed and still agrees that russia directly influenced the election in favor of trump. You should read the book: "House of Trump, House of Putin", Trump had many contacts to russia, some directly to the KGB.

  • President Trump they are planning on stealing this election from you in Chicago my church pretend to be for you Liberty Paula white came there my pastor pretend to be with you but they are really for the democratic party they saying you are the dirty one I for you voted for you in the general election because you said you wanted to put God law's in place and bring prayer back my church love Obama but they don't care for you they say you are the bad one I saw you do things that no other president did give everyone money stimulus check I filed with the IRS but I never got the money this Asian women gave me the application never got a check this is not my name on this phone I bought the phone but didn't put my name because people are cutting in on my conversation they have put a Chip in me without my permission they are tracking me everywhere I go intruding my privacy I trusted my pastor and they sold me and my family as slaves apostle Turner lathon I don't care what happened to me anymore Chicago are preparing to steal this election I want out of chicago I have no money or protection I'm good as dead

  • The problem was not that he tariffed China, the problem was that he bragged about it on every possible occasion. That's why we got Covid.

  • Just don't get him started on his achievements, because he will not stop listing them.

    • true. uhh ummm well let me tell you .. uhhh if i had any achievements i uhh. hmm. i dont think i could even remember them. it took me uhhhh umm huhhh uhhh 45 minutes to type this

  • Hate him or love him, you gotta admit Trump did get along with many world leaders during his presidency

    • Now i know why i never liked you adam

    • @j E Kim Jong un as well😂

    • World leaders laughed at him, and easily manipulated him, they just pandered to his ego

    • Are you referring to Duarte or bolsonaro? Which dictator idiot are you referring to? Let me guess Putin is someone you would say he got along well with!

    • Facts, I agree, but the Question is, what ways he could've been helping them for his benefits that can and could've cause a threat to our country? This goes for any President

  • Trump we need you

  • as a poc i don’t necessarily like trump but biden doing more bad then good.

  • He's a con, a racist and a criminal. He needs to be in jail. LOCK HIM UP.

  • Trump will be in jail soon for inciting an insurrection. Already banned for life on twitter and facebook. And rightly so.

    • Keep dreaming Trump isn't going to jail. 😂

  • There’s no way the Democrats ran a honest election any body that kills unborn babies has no morals and can’t be trusted

  • Dam hope so

  • old racist yells at democrats

  • get these holy land fanatics out of here

  • Forgot how much makeup this guy wears...