The Phoenix Saga, Explained | Marvel's Long Story Short

Birt 13 apr 2021
We go over the events of the Phoenix Saga and definitely not the Dark Phoenix Saga.

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  • "All in one room." :o)

  • This is surprisingly accurate. Now do the history of Captain America's shield because the movie is incorrect.

  • Please do Avengers Empire Doom

  • Marvel please make a new animated x men series

  • You guys didn't know about Jean So she is a X-Men mutant And she's have telekinesis and telepathy And anybody can't defeat to her And dark phoenix is in marvel Your doubts are clear So that's it thank you 👍🏻

  • Prefer the animated version story... tad more detail then that...

  • Boa noite, uma bela obra prima. Adorei o vídeo.

  • you guys should play list this series

  • I bet this will be in your recommended after a certain of time when this becomes a show/movie

  • Soo marvel put things in this channel that are gonne be important in 10 months.... am i right?

  • Can you please make one explaining who is Stryfe.

  • 2:57 these credits were created by the X-Men and can you please show us the origin of Beast from X-Men?

  • Please better story and better costume and super hero entery style

  • Épico

  • “Opens a Stargate” Crossover confirmed!😜🤣

    • Forgot to mention one of them got auto deleted sorry if the other replys gave you confusion

    • Now you’re trying to be a comedian? LOL WOOOW

    • @KatieArtist 94 no problem, they don't call me time watcher for no reason

    • @KatieArtist 94 lmao

    • @Time Watcher And you know “crossover” doesn’t have to mean the two companies came to a deal to put characters/items/etc together in the same shot, right? People use the word all the time with memes, jokes, etc when they combine characters/items/etc. together. They said the word “Stargate” in this video, so that’s the joke I was making. Thanks for taking it way too seriously.

  • ネタバレバージン君参上!!

  • What happened to TLDR

  • You can't tell the Dark Phoenix Saga without telling the Phoenix saga first!

  • new marvel tl;dr(?)

  • 2:57 every X-Men movie

  • Go back to TL;DR

  • I had no idea that elements from New X-Men E for Extinction and X-Men Age of Apocalypse came into play! Whoa!

  • I miss TL;DR.

  • Please give us Jean Grey movie.

  • 👍👍💖💖😍😍😍😱😱😍😍😍😍💖💖💖👍👍🥉🏆🥇

  • These are fun, but I really miss Marvel TLDR


  • Love the style of Long Story Short

  • I like this official X-Men contents from Marvel that used to be close to nonexistent once.

  • Cool phoenix breakdown.

  • Why are these graphics so bad here?

  • If possible dub wandavision also in regional languages and relaunch it on disney+hotstar vip

  • All the upcoming shows of marvel cinematic universe should be also dubbed in regional languages of India as they are more enjoyed by people in those languages

  • Hey Kevin feige release shang chi or eternals trailer

  • Marvel, dont.

  • Great Story

  • So where is the "Jordan Peterson is Red Skull" vid? Been waiting for that

  • 👍🏼

  • Can we please have more TL;DR I love that show

  • Awesome story. Next video Cables origin story, deadpool's marriage, blade & Howling Commandos, and gwenpool

  • What happened to TLDR? Why where the other X-men? Storm? colossus? Banshee? Just some questions I have.

  • Was that Dee Bradley Baker narrating...?

  • I remember being a young teen when I saw all these songs. The minecraft intros and the youtuber intros in general

  • The dark Phoenix saga would be good if Marvel bought back the rights to produce the movie from Fox, this also applies to the fantastic four franchise

  • У меня есть отличная идея по созданию вселенной со своими существами на те тему славянской мифологии. У вас уже отняли идею BOOBLE comics, но я знаю как их уничтожить. Пишите, или о бращаюсь к другому издателю.

    • Куда отправить сценарий? Извините, я силен только в своем языке

  • One of my fave sagas is the Dark Phoenix Saga!

  • Weren't Phoenix & Jean separate people?

  • in the comic, when Wolverine wants to tell Jean he loves her at the hospital. There's this whole bit where he goes "I'm all wet behind the ears over a girl, the Wolverine takes what he wants... but Jean." That sums up over 45 year of this character we love.

  • Another Marvel animated short that's better than the whole two Fox movies combined. Can't wait to watch MCU's reboot of all these characters, especially Cyclops and Jean Grey.

    • @lightyearpig12 Marvel Studios: Tell me something I don't know.

    • If you failed at one of the X-Men's most famous storylines not once, but twice, then that's a sign you should let it rest for a couple years and maybe try something different.

  • Always great working for you guys 🙌

  • I love her voice, who voice-act her? Can someone please tell me?

    • @Stephanie Kerbis oh my God! Your voicing Jean Grey in this episode of Marvel's Long Story short. Wow! Yeeeeessssss!! Woooohooooo!!! Why all of the name Stephanie is so very super amazingly beautiful? Oh by the way, you're beautiful, I just saw your pictures.

    • It’s me 🙋‍♀️

  • This is what I really want to see in MCU when they are now going to be introducing the X-men. Oh I really loved and liked you Jean Grey aka The Phoenix. The most amazingly powerful and strongest Marvel as well as X-men character. 💪💪👏👏👏👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️

  • This was my childhood ☺️

  • Jean Grey as the Phoenix, those were good times.

  • Really good saga

  • Bring back Noah Sterling

  • Great job 👌👌👍

  • Does wolverine has the batman voice?

  • bowser?

  • Dark phoenix ThekinbergCut!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🎞🎥📽✅

  • PLSSS LET IT COME SOONER huhui want xmen in mcu already

  • Is this from the Tell It Animated guy?

  • They left out colossus & storm!

  • I really hope we can see the X-Men in the MCU some day soon. I want to see the Phoenix Saga done correctly.

    • Wdym someday, mutants were confirmed to come to mcu, so you don't gotta hope on that but hope it's around phase 5

  • Who says from which country

  • I’ve seen the animated series take and read the comic, I’m afraid to see the movie

  • I still laugh at how they failed to properly do the saga TWICE in movie form but the 90s cartoon did it perfectly 💀✋🏻

  • Good ol X-Men stuff, my father used to watch some of these stuff when he was younger. Hope to see an X-Men film in MCU phase 5 maybe

  • Maybe re-setting characters ~ Phoenix and 3x Stepford Cuckoos relationship by Phoenix power carrier

  • House of m scarlett witch and white crown of Phoenix are goddesses in marvel

  • I love x men but I hate the Phoenix storyline

  • Sad TL;DR noises

  • You should look for Comicbookgirl19 version

  • "If you're under 20 I wish you all the happiness you deserve in this world of negativity" 🖤🖤

    • That sound ageist

    • Sounds like Age discrimination cuz

    • Why ? everyone deserve happiness and you can't find happiness in this world if you don't believe in yourself and find the beautiful things around you to make you happy .

  • I know we're getting echo

  • Maybe next time do the video before Fox try to slaughter this story. Both times

  • Didn’t you guys already do this ????? No wait I see the difference

  • So when will you do falcon as captain america in marvel's long story short.

  • Bring back Noah Sterling

  • Use this as an I love The X-men button(if you want)

  • Jean the Queen! 👑

  • 😎😍😍😘😘😗

  • Her and Wanda need to be best friends

  • I love jean grey

  • Y’all got your daily dose of dogecoins?🚀

  • Nope still not getting it, maybe if they do a third movie since the other two did so well👎🏽👎🏽 seriously Jean Grey you’re better seen not heard!

  • Wow

  • It’s awkward they are trying to cover up Emma frost. Her white queen outfit shows less skin than wonder woman’s normal costume.

    • The thigh high boots and the cape may bring it to the same yardage total as WW but the french cut panties and about to burst bustier? Showing your nair line is way more awkward Emma.

    • @Time Watcher uh yea.. has nothing to do with skin color.. weirdo

    • @Poison Ivy uh thanks, but i was asking because back in the day being if you're a white woman and racist you'd get called white queen, that's why I'm asking why Emma's name was white queen, another reason i asked because he powers are based on white colors

    • @Time Watcher in the hellfire club there are always a white queen, a black queen, white king, and black king. Like chess pieces. Anyone can take the title if they are brought into the club. The king roles have been given to both men and women. Emma is the most known white queen but several characters have taken the title over the years. Monet st. Croix was also the white queen once. There’s a red queen role now to recently.

    • Why was she called white queen

  • Can you a wolverine mutant family tree, plz, marvel

  • Omg

  • Dark Phoenix vs. The Scarlet Witch Lets hear it comic readers, who wins?

  • I AM PHOENIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cutting it short like the movie

  • Caley I can do it for the only thing I have the

  • I still say Disney's Frozen is the best adaptation of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

  • Stan lee is death andt marvel is going to hell

  • All I have ever wanted is for X-men to be in the MCU and to get the same level of care and attention in highlighting why those characters and comics were so cool. I hope this is one tiny hint at priming people for their eventual arrival.

    • Me too

    • Sorry gen but I'd say no rebooted just recast everybody (depends if they/mcu pull a defenders) and make it so mutant were always apart of mcy

    • The villains are so badass: Age of..Apocalypse, Omega Red (imagine a live action or animated..)

    • Hell yeah, reboot Age of Apocalypse with time traveling Bishop and enter a grizzled yellow black and brown suit Wolverine, and the core X-Men team and reboot Phoenix Saga!

  • I feel like Jean’s telekinetic ability should have been more dominant than her telepathic ability. Charles is already a telepath, it would have set Jean more apart from the other X-Men.

    • @chelsea borg Magneto can control matter on the sub atomic level. Magneto can manipulate electrons as they have an electrical charge and the electromagnetic force holds atoms and molecules together. So in reality, Magneto can telekinetically manipulate anything because the electromagnetic force is present in all matter. So no, she wouldn't be better.

    • yeah i agree, that being said if she was just a really powerful telekinetic then she'd just be magneto, but better lmao

    • You Wrong jean Telepathy and Telekineses should be praise Iqualy because Both is her powers.

  • TLDR was better

  • Apart from Jean Grey, Which all Mutants do you think could take on the power of the Phoenix force?

    • Charles and Emma, or anyone with a strong telepathic ability.