The Future Of Reasoning

Birt 28 apr 2021
This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
my twitter: tweetsauce
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The extended mind thesis:
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
Molecule animations from
"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
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  • I don't know, lottocracy would mean some anti vaxxer could end up making a decision

  • No, thank you Vsauce! Thank you for sharing. Very inspirational and mind opening.

  • Earth is a realm, not a planet We are under the dome

    • @Aditya Khan Planet is ill-defined, based on hearsay and not on observable phenomena In fact planet means a wandering star. I highly doubt we live on that That the Earth is a closed system poses some real questions about climate and how we pollute this system

    • Im afraid science says that it is aplanet, and since the earth is round there cant possibly be a dome.

  • I feel like he took a lot of drugs and is enlightened

  • What is this a 30min pop-science-culture video? yuck

  • I know the pieces fit cuz I watched them tumble down No fault, none to blame it doesn't mean I don't desire to Point the finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over. To bring the pieces back together, rediscover communication

  • We all know not to trust billionaires, but I trust that Michael was able to work around Gates's influence, valuing purity of fact over money... However, Michael did still plug a Gates book, furthering Gates's wealth indirectly, some of which will inevitably go into well-poisoning other foundational framework-building media pieces. It's hard for a billionaire to lose.

  • 14:16 - Some people do. Sociopaths.

  • Wow, that was deep. Thanks for that dive!

  • Sorry, this is a 30 minute babbling of faux logic. Waste of time by vague generalization and pointless wandering topics. Disappointed.

  • People who get this in their recommended in 6 years, have a nice day if we still exist that is.

  • One can only wish that they put Chinese subtitles on this vid so they can stop messing with our environment xd

  • Notice how power/wealth is missing from the analysis.


  • Is it just me or did you see the title too and be like this better actually be Michael

  • subjectivity is a spectrum absed on objective definitions.,. this is basic plato... you can get an awesomeometer!!! you are defining something as awesome not saying it is awesome to you... you literally had a video on "what is creepy"

  • ‘Going down’ music gave so much nostalgia

  • Halfway through the video, my mind stops making sense of what Michael is saying 😂

  • the nature of the brain is about connections. we use the brain, other people use the brain. and people use people; people connect to people.

  • What are you talking about? People in this crazy timeline has lost all reasoning faculties and common sense!

  • Michael’s sold his soul to Satan and that’s a fact

  • Logic is transcendental. Reason is not! Science is a universal achievement of humanity. On the other hand, values are depending on every individual. Science is based on reason. Values are not! Τherefore, one must not mix values (or opinions) with reason - which is the today's society problem in question.

  • Bill Gates is a Hyperobject.

  • Confirmation bias leads to cognitive dissonance leads to mass psychosis which gets caught by the great filter. Since we can't evolve intellectually in time before the imminent filter, we will have to rely on a super computer to calculate navigation around it till such time. Otherwise its, curtains.

  • Well had me kind of interested until Bill Gates was mentioned.

  • you know a few years ago I was really depressed and caught a condition which could be described as a 'hyper-empathy' and I nearly almost lost my mind. was in a psych ward for two weeks. the amount of pain and suffering we cause and the byproducts that exist already is unbearable by one mind. we are long past the point of no return. there is no amount of mental resilience that can protect a man from consciously feeling those emotions 24/7 non-stop.

  • I love how he uses the black cutoffs with the words as a cut in between his takes

  • Your voice still haven’t changed...

  • Vsauce is like the 'Nolan of ISmem '.

  • "the future of ideology and "the future of reasoning, releasing on youtube the same day... Interesting

  • I missed the 'or is it?'

  • I find you eligible to make a video on topic why people don't follow the path they know is best for them.what causes them to deviate From best suited way.when can we become interstellar civilization if everyone on earth give their best, means that if someone has hacked their brain to make them act in a particular way

  • Please bring back mind blown. It used to be my favorite thing to watch

  • 19:17 I never knew "behoove" was a bad word.

  • I wish vsauce has an interview with Sadhguru. I can guarantee you that 99 percent of your doubts about this universe will get cleared by Sadhguru.... You might even become his desciple....he is so wise if your are watching please checkout Sadhguru on youtube

  • The future of reasoning of no where in this place as long as they are frying us all with microwave and 5ghz because that shit is being used on us and it's definitely killing us with radiation alone not to mention it makes people fly off the handle and get violent for less than nothing and that was one of the sure effects from being fried with radiation treatment to the frontal lobe ! Please look into 5ghz

  • People are so easily controlled by mass media that has few owners that a lottocracy much like "democracy" would just be an oligarchy. Lottocracy is beautiful in theory in a world without the hyper socialization and propaganda that we have now, but its just not that simple. Also people are so tribal that everyone would not be voting based on the acquisition of new information but just on racial lines a they always do.

  • Amazing video, and as always, thanks for making it.

  • Direct democracy my peeps

  • As long as the people in charge of the lottery don't also have a monopoly on violence, I'm down.

  • With a lottery system there will always be a time when chance messes up humanity by 100 imbeciles get chosen and have to make the a major decision about education etc. People don’t always take or understand expertise.

  • 1:50 who else waited for the “or is it?” 😂

  • How can you prevent them from being packed or gerrymandered? I feel like the system would still eventually become corrupted somehow.

  • In summary - reasoning, logic, the preferred forms of each, the structure of arguments, have only been around for less than 1% of the entire time we existed as homo sapiens. The first sign of earliest cooking, use of fire and tools are "reasoned" dating back more than 500,000 years ago. While it has proven technological, scientific, medicinal, societal advantages, it could have a huge drawback, not just the results of our reasoning but also our "reason" fundamentally. The flaw in our reasoning which effects hasn't been fully realized, could be a problem stemming from evolution itself - it doesn't get rid of mistakes that aren't fatal. And also flawed perhaps due to selection shadow, the flaw of our reason and logic will continue to survive without being culled by evolution as its effects are only made known in the future generations . At such rates of change in environment, standard of living, way of life, our biological evolution can never aid us the way it did, and whatever is left from past evolution might bring more harm than benefits. We perhaps, in order to survive as a civilization, would have to evolve cognitively …. or abandon it ....

  • Where is my mindddddd

  • Ya I get it. You would be this way if no one told you what was going on. This world would be less complex if there was an explanation. It is called respect for life.

  • I'm digging Michaels DMT-Sauce lately


  • You want a real mind blow? This guy made clickbait gaming news videos. On this channel. Yes, they’re still up.

  • This reasoning brain of mine is incredible, it must be the product of a non-reasoning, non purposeful force I shall call evolution....

  • You can joke in the comments but this is genuinely important shit for the future of our species.

  • The mind is our word for the aspects of our cognition and emotions that are emergent from the interaction of neurons... in our brains.

  • Xrp to the moon

  • 0:05 Don't have one

  • Wait, you said we only see in 2D but our minds make it 3D? That makes no sense. Your video is in 2D and it stays in 2D no matter how hard i think its 3D

    • @Hazsch ok then what about stereograms? Its a papee that looks and feels like a 3D environment

    • That’s because you’re watching it on a flat screen. But you understand the depth within the video - the wall is behind him, the table in front of him, etc.

  • Intellectuals are going to let the Power Grid Fry. I get it, if it’s not hard enough to get everyone fed and hydrated with clean water without power then how about Human Bio-Waste? Intellectuals would make a pessimistic point involving betrayal of trust to imply humans are generally oblivious. Does this mean you don’t have a nominee for SWAG? (SpaceWeatherAdvisoryGroup)

  • Although I haven’t read Bill Gates’ book I am reluctant to accept his ideas because of the things I’ve heard he’s done and the attitude some elites have towards the masses.

    • I feel like that’s a valid point but it’s genuinely good stuff. Climate change is serious shit.

  • Is Michael’s uploading schedule a psychological trick to get the most views or does he just randomly upload every few months? We may never know

  • you are rambling bro

  • This is why I love Vsause.

  • I've had enough envirobitching.

    • ok ian barber

    • ok ian barber

  • $SQBG come crush the Vulture funds

  • I've been a loner, a lone resoner, everything stated in this video is subject to the receiver believing it and overall societal group believes not to mention paranoias. This is not as a simple as it sounds but the duality of existence dictates that a good reason is only as such because there is a bad reason. Both need eachother to be valid.

  • does anyone know where I can find the picture from the thumbnail? I'd love to use it as my background lol

    • try looking up the video on google and going to images

  • fav vid as of yet

  • You pronounced “Eratosthenes” differently than I’ve heard before. Carl Sagan’s way in Cosmos seemed much more pleasant to the ears...but which is correct?

  • Then why is the average global temperature decreasing and antartica increasing in mass.

    • it’s not lol

  • Michael - I love your explanations and insights, but I can't watch more than half of a segment with that annoying and distracting background music. Please ditch it.

  • That's assuming your using rational people to begin with. :( (This is a joke)

  • I watch at 2x but still need a tldr. Well here's what I got: 1. He refers the external peices of knowledge and the hive mind of community as our mind 2. Reason for hyperobjects (things that effect people way far away and in different situations and places) needs to be done collectively with bunch of people having different contextual knowledge. 3. Politicians are not being leaders who reason on a topic with all of the different perspectives, they work hard to come up with fake logic so that they can defend few peoples point of view. 4. Lottocracy ... ( I don't think that would work, why would a random person like to put immense effort in understanding different perspectives and finding the optimal solution). I think building policies are most fuzziest way of solving problems and best solutions are from engineering side, but till the engineers/scientist find solution let's just muse ourselves with trying to build political solutions. LOL 😁😁

  • Mind over matter

  • the suggestion at the end would be best implemented with communism

  • Stunning in every aspect.

  • Wow, Bill Gates... They got our guy bros. Is there anyone cool left not working for the NWO...

    • He got Verisatium too

  • Just realized his video has the option of 4k.....

  • This video is so clearly the output of your long years of working in spreading knowledge everywhere. It is brilliant. Also motivating AF. Your curious mind and your hard work have led me (and many others) into countless hours and days of analytic and creative thought. Good work brother. Hope to meet and talk some day.

  • "They'll look back at our time and say hey, let's bring them all back to life". If this does turn out to happen, then it has therefore already happened, and the god's we are worshiping today are actually our children

  • It's sad to see that Vsause pulled a Bill Nye

    • how do you mean?

  • 24:33 Those in charge? Scientists and Billionaires? Usurpers to democracy, to democratically elected Government, with dire consequences - making extant sustainability problems exponentially worse by blind reason. There are many types of science - have you ever encountered ecology? It's the life force of the planet and it's in charge above all else, and it's also a science. Why ignore it?

  • I had, on the occasion of an election day some years ago, what I thought was an original and brilliant idea. I believe that service in the Congress of the United States should be compulsory and randomly chosen, rather like jury duty. I imagined some regular, run of the mill working guy opening his mail and saying "OH CRAP! I GOT CONGRESS!" I see now it is not an original idea, but I feel validated that it might still be brilliant.

  • Hmm yes, quite.

  • Bill Gates' book is a monologue of confirmation bias

  • If reasoning exists, how can someone write a book like that? It's written as a template for how to destroy the planet. It is so devoid of reason that it's like a guy with a hammer hitting everything with his hammer thinking it's a nail. The most dangerous people are stupid people who think they are clever. And the most dangerous person on the planet is a stupid person who thinks he's clever, with an inexhaustible bank account.

  • What’s crazy is that this has been the topic of conversation for the past year or so with my friends who are willing to think deeply and debate with me. I spout this same logic.

  • ʷʰᵉʳᵉ ⁱˢ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵐⁱⁿᵈ? Damn that's really hard to answer

  • Michael cmon really ? X/

  • I am from future

  • Evolution is a theory worse than gravity. In my observation, we are just as stupid and easily influenced and manipulated by authority figures than we were 1500 years ago

  • 🌏”Consultation bestoweth greater awareness and transmuteth conjecture into certitude. It is a shining light which, in a dark world, leadeth the way and guideth. For everything there is and will continue to be a station of perfection and maturity. The maturity of the gift of understanding is made manifest through consultation.” “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.” -Writings from the Baha’i Faith:)

  • *The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.*

  • " So crucify the ego, before it's far too late And leave behind this place so negative and blind and cynical And you will come to find that we are all one mind Capable of all that's imagined and all conceivable So let the light touch you so that the words spill through And let the past break through, bringing out our hope and *reason* " by Tool from Reflection

  • Well, I guess it's time to binge watch more Vsauce videos again!

  • stayed until you revealed Bill Gates

  • You're building your conclusion on the premise that groups give you better reasoning, but this isn't right. Groups don't give you better reasoning, groups give you more average reasoning. Average is not necessarily better. If you want something average, get a large group. If you want something better than average, you need above-average individuals. Yes, this is more risky, but at least your chance of beating "average" becomes non-zero.

  • Melinda was Bill’s hyper object.

  • I think democracy must be upgraded and expanded. People should be educated well to make important decisions together.

  • “We will all someday be the ancients” yes, as long as we cut down on those emissions you were talking about. If not, we might not be ancient to that many people.

  • As soon as you said bill gates helped you make this video I quit watching

  • Nope. down voted.

  • I LOVE YOU :)

    • ahuh ok