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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer


  • Im juicing almost every day but thats private info.

  • Why do we even need doctors when we can cure every sickness with carrot-apple juice 😃

  • Okay, someone’s gotta say it: Jay looks like an overgrown oompa loompa.

  • Jon: Was anybody timing that? Me literally times him: 4 seconds jon you doing GREAT!

  • hey john did you fish that body out or did you litter?

  • Cartoon Juice Yeet!

    • watching Jon's mangled corpse slowly float down a river for about 30 seconds is rather entertaining tbh

  • He has discovered the life force of the plant. ( Final fantasy reference)

  • My great grandma had a huge metal juicer and she would make carrot apple juice for us kids lol It was actually not bad at all, it's a good way to get kids to consume vegetables. You can't taste anything of the carrots over the overpowering sweetness of fruit juice


  • I am in love with the guy's/eyebrow

  • uh... john if this is a cry for help Im here if you need a friend. but if not pretty funny man

  • geez man. that gun thing was crazy xD

  • You tellin me this is the father of Orenthal James Simpson, bullshit.

  • I see y got fresh content there 😳 I mean FRESH

  • Why is it that youtube shoves youtube premium in my face and says it removes ads? Can i not just get an Ad Blocker????????? get memed

  • Can't wait for a dead body to be reported floating down the river

  • The website upping the price by a hundred dollars appeared on screen at the same time as a notification of Scott the Woz's video on false advertising lol

  • What's the song at the end?

  • This guy is literally just the wiggler from bowser's inside story.

  • Rip jon

  • watching Jon's mangled corpse slowly float down a river for about 30 seconds is rather entertaining tbh

  • How suicidal inducing.

  • 9:54 mate , those are full of sugar ...they are more unhealthy then healthy , real juiced vegetables is the way to go ...then some watery down substance with added sugar, that looks and tastes like a carrot but isn't one ... not to mention , many of those are 60% full of apple juice with added 40% of carrot mush waste to fake carrot colors

  • Hello and good bye

  • you did a horrible job on how he was inspired, you should read up the gerson therapy and its clinic in mexico and how the protocols is used by other doctors or specialized in other parts of the world hell there is even a documentary on it.

  • I wish Jontron did a little bit better job ending some of his videos...But aside from that fact, i'm always happy to watch his vids

  • Juicing it takes most of the fiber out of the food though you. Sure it sounds good saying you wouldn’t eat 8 carrots but eating a small plate of carrots would actually have more health benefits and you don’t have to pay to join the program or whatever they call it

  • Jontron? I haven't heard that name in years

  • Funny thing is, my grandma did this for like 4 years

  • It is as the prophecy stated… OUR KING HAS RETURNED

  • Jon, are you really sure that "the juice" was the right thing to talk about?

  • Holy crap. 5 days, 3,000,000 views. Wow.

  • so it's a piece of crap like all informercial products, no surprise.

  • Hi

  • You heard about femboy milking, now get ready for Femboy Juicing™

  • That’s why they call him the juice!

  • hello

  • Jay just sent JonTron to Mario world from beyond the grave. He really is beyond powerful, the juice works!

  • I'm surprised people are still pretending that Raid is good.

  • Enzymes aren't alive, and aren't killed by pasteurization... he would have been closer to reality claiming there are 'good bacteria' or something that get killed which are good for you. Probably not true, but closer to being at least possible and doesn't immediately fall to basic education.

  • He did live longer then the expected life span of a person but really fucked way of going about it

  • The jaboody dub of this has me rofl

  • Alright everyone's there's our new video now it's either going to take 1 month or 1 year for a new one place your bets

  • I feel so sorry for Juicing, his father seems to have been a nice guy


  • I can't even finish this. Jon, c'mon m'dude. You're better than whatever this is. Some of your newer stuff is really lacking in substance and just seems to mock people for innocuous reasons. I don't know why we're supposed to laugh at this guy. Here, it bothers me that you're making fun of the ideas being presented because I get the sense that you have no understanding of a gut microbiome. And fine, not everyone understands the concept, but you're treating the guy like he's telling us about the aliens in his basement. Your joking kinda comes off like someone in the middle ages laughing at the idea that the Earth is round.

  • Hey yall, Jondis here

  • I just love he jumped in the water for a 7 second clip.

  • This is literally that one simpsons bit

  • I mean to be fair living to 88 is pretty great.

  • The ending skit is paying homage to Jim Carrey drinking the juice in the skit and jumping out the window? :)

  • It took like 6-8 carrots to get that tiny glass of juice haha - 13:26 YT looking at this like ..... O_O

  • Did Jon loose weight? He looks great

  • jon is married?

  • I mean is isn't inherently wrong with some explanations of 'juicing'. All it is is just a blender which produces high concentrations of the fruit/veg you're drinking lmao.

  • The only fucking major problem is the pesticides that will give you cancer with all that fruit.

  • my dad used the juicer thing. and now he's dead, well well well big sus

  • this video dropped on my birthday.

  • so at 5:50 what is that actually called i wanted to use it for a dnd campaign and need a better visual of it

  • 10:21 Vitamin A and Beta-carotene are the same thing

  • Dude is just saying drink juice you guys get off his case man...

  • I lost it at "6% discount"

  • can't squeeze juice by squeezing carrots... but you sure can squeeze ads out of a YT video

  • thank you for coming back on youtube


  • He had to hit us in the feels.

  • How tf does this video have 2500 dislikes

  • The Surprise " RAID SHADOW LEGENDS " makes me feel dysphoria and depressed for a moment to be honest.

  • So this is what happened to Biff from back to the future.

  • Drops a video once a year and raid shadow legends us

  • Just looks like the juicer I use at work, only worse

  • Heat syncope

  • Grift King

  • RIP JonTron

  • My based man jontron for dissing on the juice

  • Wait also was that a real gun that Jon almost pulled the trigger in pls idk

  • Okay that was a lot of suicide jokes , are you okay Jon?

  • I feel like this video is a low key cry for help

  • 9:43 Doctor, are you sure it's on? I can't hear a thing.

  • tbh; watching the previous video right before this one, i was expecting a raid shadow legends from that one, -...i guess i'm not disappointed?

  • bruh that ending was just so random

  • su1c1de is funny! lol! good one jontron!

  • twin peaks reference ending??????

  • juice daddy

  • Someone send this to XQC right fucking now

  • Is that Joe Bidens brother?!🤣🤣

  • I'm surprise the juicer model hasn't chance a bit for all this years

  • I risk dying every time I watch JonTron because I end up laughing so hard I literally cannot breathe for on average 30 seconds it’s painful but worth it

  • Back with the monthly uploads let’s go

  • Had a friend who's mom had one of these and made them drink at least one glass a day

  • Raid? Is this 2018?

  • I see Jon has found another elderly man to praise

  • The fcking eyebrows on this man. He's like a super villain from a Golden Age comic book

  • Can we all agree that this video was made as a way for Jon to show us he learned how to swim? The JonTron lore has developed now as he before didn't have the ability to swim! Now he can take his shenanigans into the high seas.

  • “Where’s your Family now?” “They’re all dead.” 2:04

  • Please guys listen to me. I know Jon couldn't say this in the video, but he left the comment section open for a reason. Raid sucks. Never play it. You can download it for Jon, but stop playing immediately after. It's a cash grab grind fest where you'll never achieve anything until you pour thousands of dollars into the game.

  • We are born of the juice, made men by the juice, undone by the juice. Fear it Jay, by the gods, fear it.

  • I come back here now everyday for the Chinese juice torture clip

  • The domineering bail intermittently flow because wilderness unsurprisingly inject at a oceanic malaysia. rebel, curly bakery

  • I'm drinking a giant blueberry banana smoothie with grape juice, had no idea the of the coincidence until now