The Bird Tier List

Birt 3 jún 2021
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Pigeon Fights Off Crow:

Sandhill Crane VS Black Bear:
Tawny Owl Caught in Rainstorm:
Great Horned Owl Defends Nest from Raccoon:
Swan Attacks Seagull:
Falcon Chases Homing Pigeon:
Falcon VS Goose:
Swans Bullying Random People In Park:


  • Sorry for such a long delay between uploads! Hopefully this video being about triple the length of my average videos makes up for it!

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    • Just never stop (until you care to do so)

    • What is the game call?

    • @Benjami Torres-Hatch ok Australian.

  • I want​ Salamander tier list that be pretty cool

  • Ravens OP

  • Where does Wandering Albatross fit in the tier list?

  • too bad cassowary and shrikes aren't included those birds are giga chad

  • Now that I think about it, I would a video of the Abandoned City meta. Tokyo Jungle, specifically. How would pets, zoo animals and extinct fauna fair against each other in the abandoned city streets of Tokyo?

  • I love your videos.


  • Interesting video. Good call keeping those demonic shrikes out for the ISmem gods. For curiosity's sake, where would you have placed the lammergeier?

  • You can tell woodpecker players are salty from 1 bug camping and made their entire build around countering them

  • 14:09 Falcon... PUNCH!

  • Flamingoes are the low-tier toxic build that all the mouthbreathers gravitate towards

  • ducks got cut out of the video, I am sad.

  • 12:06 What OST is this?

  • birbs

  • What about emus? Those bitches won a war against humans.

  • They should make a real game like this I would most def buy

  • I have a big problem with your video I would like to know more about the species that I can play but I have to play as a Humain for understanding more about the game Worst than that, after the game over I'll forgot every thing that my character learn about all the Tier List you've done (Sorry for my bad English, I Begin the game as a French because of the Baguette and revolution ideologie culture Bonus)

  • Damn i feel bad for the player that chosed me

  • 12:35-peace was never a optio-

  • What is the outro music?

  • Teir zoo what would be the top predator in the world if the top three builds humans felines and canine all quit?

  • These are good pvp builds but what about the PVE builds?


  • This is seriously gonna be SO helpful to me as I am making a video game made of anthropomorphic animals! 😀

  • I have a video idea: what would a max stat creature look like?

  • owls were robbed

  • Eagle is definitely S tier

  • i love owl

  • I couldnt stop watching

  • Too violent for ISmem must be the Emu.

  • is a thorny devil a good animal build?

  • When that horse kicked that goose I was dying😂

  • this great tier list


  • I fed a mute swan once

  • I had a parrot🦜

  • thank you sir, this is hilarious

  • ❤💝


  • Emus literally went to war with humanity and WON and they get disrespected like that? Shameful.

  • This was AMAZING.

  • The black ops 2 music makes this 100x better

  • What about seagulls bro!? And ducks!?

  • I liked the video, but swans breaking bones actually a myth.

  • you forgot ducks I think they would be with chickens

  • He has done this really cool

  • Can you please make a monsters from the king kong universe tierlist?

  • Do you think you could make a video about the outer space servers?

  • endangered species tier list?

  • Greeat Videos! Do a tier list for social beings =D

  • Corvid or Covid

  • lmfao this shit cracks me up!! are there any food buffs available or are we waiting for the next patch still?

  • pigeons should not be D-Tier under chickens and you know that.

  • I wonder will he ever do specific tier lists? Like dog breed tier lists, cat breed etc

  • What’s the song that plays during the owl part?

  • shoebill?

  • The black ops 2 lobby music crowns this

  • explaining sshit w game terms, this is great. i absolutely love it.

  • i'm curious where the seagull might fit

  • what’s up with those two crossing the street with a bounce like no one has ever seen?

  • This video made me happy :)

  • The ruthless freon simultaneously heap because jaguar chronically mug until a curved interviewer. acrid, special cocktail

  • TierZoo you really gotta diversify your music. It’s all smash bros all the time

  • can there be a pt 2 for the birds missed like the giant petrel, cassowary, gulls, etc

  • I don’t know about the chicken. Our dog tried to eat one of them and that chicken gave our german shepherd a good peck that sent him running

  • What's the theme that plays at 4:18 ?

  • monke tier list

  • Just a note to everyone, when he says magpies are top tier he isn't talking about australian magpies. Those things are stupid as all hell, not even from the magpie family. Literally just got the name because they are black and white.

  • can u do Neanderthal build

  • Hi Mr tier so I am going to ask you if you could make a video. the video is if the dreadsauruian from total war Warhammer existed in the Mesozoic era also if the dreadsauruian had none of it's extra armor and no lizard men on its back just the creature it's self

  • The Brazilian QUERO-QUERO (in English SOUTHERN LAPWING - ) nests on the ground and must therefore defend them very fiercely with their attacking flights, the use of wing-spurs and their shrieking cries.

  • condor?

  • have you done foxes or bats? please done one of them

  • I hear that donkey Kong country return music 👌

  • Stop

  • 5:42 Birb: _yeet_ Bee: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  • I have a research suggestion for you: Wild Kratts. There is more learning in the animated part, but to learn everything an episode teaches, you should watch the whole thing. Pigeons are much more powerful than you think. Snakes are not low tier, a burrowing owl mimics the sound of a Rattlesnake to trick predators and it works. "The Milk Snake mimics the colours of the North American Coral Snake, because the Coral Snake is poisonous, and predators know to avoid it."

  • Most birds mains are just cowards. I used to main the owl until it got boring waiting for night to attack anything. It seems like a bad idea but I lately have been casually using Dasypletis build of snakes and it’s been working relatively good.

  • Hey, can you do a parasite tier list, I feel like some of the builds are really under appreciated cause the slow chip damage may seem bad, but if they can’t get you off, which happens most of the time, it can be fatal.

  • Man been a human main my whole life and now with the new nerfs things kinda suck

  • Can we get a beetle tier list? I know its unconventional but beetle players are fast becoming my companions in this human playthrough and I'd love to see them properly represented

  • kangaroos

  • Insect tier list please

    • Insect tier list please like I did my own why don't you do it I think our opinions will be different

  • i would legit play this game.

  • Is factory farming technically spawn camping 🤔

  • Best thing i watched today

  • He’s using the bo2 music I love it

  • What about the Osprey and their amazing water territory control as well as being like a hawk/falcon hybrid? They should be A tier.

  • So i have a hawks in our summer home area (i live in mongolia in the round home) and we all love the hawks but i saw one just dead lying on the ground as if it was squished i wonder what hapened and we have a nearby forest but it stays in a tree thats next to our home we feed them they five birth they never attack us or any of our pets and they're amazing

  • where is the shoebill stork

  • Dude where’s the next update? They’re taking so long

  • I love these rankings but cassowaries are def just reskinned dinosaurs.

  • What game is this

  • I cant tell if he's talking about real life or a game....

  • Itachi would be proud

  • The day elden ring glitched earth.

  • I wonder what the original names the devs gave us. Stupid humans changing everything

  • you should do exotic pet tier list

  • Wrong tittle: Birds explanation gaming edition