Ted Cruz's Favorite President Could Face Jail Time For Tax Fraud

Birt 22 feb 2021
Today's ruling by the Supreme Court will allow state investigators access to the former president's tax returns, potentially setting up felony charges against the former leader and his family. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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  • Weak? Yes, I am. I embrace my weaknesses. Weaknesses are my oldest and dearest companions.

  • Damn right I look great in my jacket!

  • Yes, I Miss you everyday, even here abroad in Germany

  • .....looks like April's herd immunity has gone down the crapper.

  • Taxes are no big deal when ur being.led to the gas chambers Hitler styl by Dumbpt's hench men as he forms his new Facist Party in Florida...

    • While Dumbtd's spreadingFacism in Florida,we.'re worrying abt. Taxes?

  • I have always said that Trump 2020 stood for 20 years for financial fraud and 20 years for income tax evasion...

  • Ted Cruz (you meant the boot licker)

  • I won’t have to worry

  • Joke if it was true he'd been jailed already they found nothing wrong with his taxes get your facts right

  • Nickname for Donald Trump " JAIL BIRD 001 "

  • Hey Steven, as a huge former fan, how does it feel knowing you’ve sold your soul??? Just wondering. You know exactly what I’m talking about

  • 5:11 I really think this is a good-looking impression.

  • Lock them up

  • They will never put Trump in jail as much as the press loves to talk about it. Imagine, Mr President , here is your cell for the next twenty years.

  • Yeah right. When was the last time a politician went to jail?

  • Jail for tax evasion? Uuuum no.

  • #CancelColbert

  • This is like watching CNN and MSNBC. No longer a fan.

  • Ive been wanting him put away for ever lock him up he wont be missed to much

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  • Biden crime Family YLNEEDS Looked atYou R A cheese head TRUMP IS A LEADER AND STUD

  • If someone made 180 times their usual profits when the service they provide failed, they might see "fixing the system" to be engineering it to break down under a wider variety of conditions, right? Have you ever met anyone in a casino who wanted the machine fixed because they hit the jackpot? Good luck, Texans. P.S. Windmills can function in cold weather, duh.

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  • Lying Ted,

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  • We missed you Mr. Colbert 🙃😻

  • You're not still getting bad info from the Washington post and its staff out to win the Janet Cooke memorial journalism award are you, Steve ..? Cue it seems Clintons are dancing in the sand everywhere, i recall your vocation of fat jokes from the previous Prince ...and somehow and someway the Kelley girls' of empire are admitting their fraudulence as Bidey, like Niccolo said , show's his devotion by cascading down a flight of steps again...you know a local paper, not the trib has brought back ghosts of Monica and Bill again as they cleans their cvnts of Andy poo and his dead grandmothers...

  • 🤞🤞

  • P

  • “Tarred and Pubed”... That’s too damn funny...

  • Isn't that price gouging during an Act of God?

  • Folks it’s very very bad out there right now with the current lack of qualified leadership. It’s terrible to see the direction we are headed and dangerous to have someone so old and frail in charge with a president and VP that are too clumsy and indecisive, and too divisive to heal our nation and bring us back together like we were before.

  • 9:36 That clip always got me LMAO

  • Ted cruz should be held accountable for his actions on the sixth when he encourged violence directed at the Capital Building. I don't understand why the likes of this blowhard, who's participation and his little speach about the patriots of the war against England in the year 1776. Ted encourged violence and should be stripped of his standing in our government and held accountable from a prison cell.

  • Will trump bring his gold toilet with him to jail.

  • Cruz. New word for lying coc skr. How could he do this to his kids.

  • So Texas gets what they asked for,and are whining about it.

  • I want a compilation video of all of Stephen's Eric impressions. Whose with me?

  • Colbert's 'Eric' is gold.


  • I want a compilation video of all of Stephen's Eric impressions. Whose with me?

  • I nothing is funny about a grown man making faces.

  • Yes you can thank trump for getting the shot in 6 months instead of the 5 years that fauci and who said it would take, and how about 46 milkshake brain he forgot where the pentagon was last week. I hope he found it by now

  • At least Trumps new wardrobe will match his complexion....

    • shrug and go, 'what are we gonna do?'...Even some rich people hate Trump (like Steven)...but even that wouldn't be enough...the rich NEVER see consequences...

  • I was watching and HES INNOCENT

  • I can't get laid

  • I'm being held BACK

  • I can fix it




  • And I've told most of my great ideas


  • Yo

  • We miss you too Mr. STEPHEN, Hello there 👋 from Mexico 🇲🇽

  • These egits are everywhere, we had the top adviser to Boris Johnson take his wife and kids to stay with his family, a round trip of a few hundred miles, during the lockdown last year when pretty much no one was allowed to travel further than their front door. He got off prosecution because Boris said it was understandable that he was concerned for his children because his wife was showing symptoms of Covid. He also had a day out whilst with his family saying he drove the car to check his eyesight before driving back home.....give me strength!

    • That was a rather long time ago! The thing I've been impressed with though in the UK is the willingness to adapt and change strategy, and also that it hasn't become a party political issue, other than goading the Government which is what the opposition is there for.

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  • People don't pay attention to science. This is likely going to happen again. We have untold viruses trapped in the ice that is melting due to the planet heating. Who knows what of that is viable, who knows what of that will do to life as we know it. Masks were the norm in densely populated areas of Japan.. we have places almost as densely populated here in the US. Welcome to the normal, folks. Masks on or roll the dice. Pretend we're not all screwed and continue to suffer more and more.... or pull our heads out of our asses and begin to fix it. We'll still be too late. The rate of change is not drastic enough. However, NASA showed when we all stayed the hell home and stopped driving for a while? Yeaaahh... "2019 Ozone Hole is the Smallest on Record Since Its Discovery". They don't know what caused it to be so small? I do. Dorks. The earth is a spherical object. We landed on the moon. Every corporation you do business with is stealing from you. Our privacy means nothing but profit to companies. Money runs our government and therefore contours our laws against the people. Big business got tax breaks and many of them got big kickbacks by dodging taxes in the crazy tax code that somehow we still have (paid twice; once by the people, again at tax time from the people yet again). We have proof of vehicles capable of literally warping spacetime. Document trails proving they came from a camera onboard a fighter jet... from the US government. You can't just discount that. GIMBAL is as Bob Lazar described. It's time for *REAL* change.

  • Will NEVER happen! The only way rich people go to jail is if they threaten other rich people...like Jeff Epstein...and they killed that guy! We all know they killed him and yet, we just shrug and go, 'what are we gonna do?'...Even some rich people hate Trump (like Steven)...but even that wouldn't be enough...the rich NEVER see consequences...

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  • "Colbert" Tasteless.. Late night shows are not what they used to be

  • they both should go to jail or just run off together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lock Cruz out put him in jail with Trump. Be safe out there wear your mask.

  • Omg it was cringe/embarrassing watching him do those impersonations. I don't even want to admit I used to love this guy before he started viciously making fun of people every night just because he wants to make leftists happy. I hate politics and pick neither side.... I agree trump acted like a little kid, but move on and be funny again

  • Colbert used to be so awesome! Why does he have to focus all his attention on trump? We get it, ya dont like the idiot, get over it and try being funny again... You were once

  • Your wife laughing in the back is the best!

  • The Republicans are going to come to regret not impeaching T * * * *. Now we see him trying to hold the Republican party random with the use of his name in their fund raising.

  • If President Trump does not go to jail will you get this sad man off TV?

  • I disagree Steve, you are damn sexy.

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    • Why put incoherent bullcrap on here?????

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  • Stephen’s “please give generously” made me tear up a bit Wishing Texans the best

  • Wow April is definitely out of the question. Besides Florida. Spring break...we all know where this is going. But far as Christmas...okay. In 2022 that one i believe

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  • Donald Trump...... The Caligula(the Empowered Roman Nut who tried to make his most favorite horse a general)of all the Presidents that we've had throughout our nation's history.😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • When I thought your satiric delivery was lacking, I was wrong. Thank you, again for being you.

  • Nina has a question for Donald... ismem.info/for/v-deo/s3uWfK1rlKvWnW0.html

  • How about Navajo

  • That's America's favorite President to you Colbert! LMAO

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  • I'm hoping, praying that the tangerine toddler gets life in prison, that way we're assured that he cant run anymore and will be permanently outta politics FOREVER!

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  • his shit policies.

  • Trump will not go to jail over his taxes. He is cleared by the IRS every year. He pays a lot in quarterly income tax and gets some back each year. He has been cleared up to and including 2019. This is all for show. All of the buildings he owns or owns a part of are at the point of major depreciation which drastically lowers his tax burden. Nothing to see here!

  • Isn't that abusing an animal? This is how Cruze treats his dog. An animal that is loyal to him and his family. The family pet. I know not everyone really cares that much about their pets. But the pets my family and friends have are a part of their family. And are treated that way. There's no way I would leave my dog or cat in that situation. Alone and freezing in the middle of an arctic freeze without heat. The only food they could have left that wouldn't freeze solid is dry food. But any water left for him would have then he would be without that too. For several days.

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  • Everyone is missing why Looney Bin Cruz stopped criticizing Trump after Trump brought up that Cruz's father was part of the assassination of JFK. Why did Looney bin Cruz remain silent and started praising trump like he was never praised before?

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  • Don't be a fool! NEVER, EVER, things will be the same again. This intelligent, made in laboratory, virus is here to stay. Common sense: we are seeing, already, too many deadly mutations. Every new one deadliest than the one before; see the latest one from Brazil, is here in 2 states already and, the scientists confirmed already, THOSE VACCINES IN THE MARKET DON'T WORK AT ALL AGAINST THIS LATEST MUTATION. Be careful, think about it, check it out, don't be stupid, nobody really knows everything about this virus and, especially, MUTATIONS or VACCINES. Common sense, save your life and your family's life, listen to the epidemiologists and, stay safe. I'm a Doctor and keep a close eye on this intelligent virus. God bless us all.