Taking A Bath At McDonald's

Birt 5 maí 2021
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  • Why is my food taking so long? Meanwhile in the kitchen:

  • Beatboxer: *has parrot* Parrot: dud u ge mee fore a weson?

  • *the cockatoo dancing* Me: It rio!!,

  • I loved the beat boxer and the 🕊🕊🕊🕊🤣♥️🤗🤗🤗

  • The duck was just lagging

  • That shit is so unsanitary

  • the duck tho


  • If you have to do that water balloon celebration imagine doing it with 110 balloons 🤯

  • Boss: YOU ARE LATE! him: sorry boss... Boss: and you stink, did you take a bath? Him: no sir... I will take a bath here anyways.

  • 1:40 Mother duck: Come on kids, is everyone here- Baby duck: Look Momma! Timmy is spinning! Hey Timmy, come… Timmy: 🔄 Baby duck: Never mind, let’s leave him, momma.

  • That bird was HELLA vibin tho

  • i can guarantee you, if you work nightside at mcdonalds, you're gonna have fun like this most shifts

  • Great Video

  • I stopped eating at McDonald's two years ago and don't miss it.

  • I dont want to go to McDonalds anymore :/

  • grochówa typiara dała mojemu koledze uwage za wiązanie butów na lekcji

  • Are we not going to talk about how 1:37 the mom has thumbs

  • i mean at 0:40

  • Why tf would anyone do that

  • where is the boss?


  • This makes me not want McDonalds-


  • Mcndonals vs kfc who will win iam kfcc

  • Ducking.exe stopped working it needs to restart

  • Mmmmmm i want to walk on walls and Ceiling and talk in tongue s of unknown languages....

  • The location of gold-bearing streams and rivers is not kept secret. Its just not worth the time and effort for most people to bother panning it.

  • the bath was funny

  • I miss seeing the Milky Way. Darn you, city lights!

  • HAHAHA The Bird.

  • 0:10 was he fired?

  • The things kids of today do for "likes" baffles me

  • Man: beatbox cockatoo head:⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↔️↘️↙️

  • 3:00 oh god they study 7am to 4pm I can understand the load

  • i mean the sheep lkes it look at the sheep's face at least both of them are happy

  • As the legend goes.... the cop still parties today Jk jk- But man - that cop was an absolute legend though-.

  • eat poop

  • 2:37 "Officer down! Where is our backup? "They are in a party, sir" "You said WhAt?!?!?!??"

  • 1:52 That glitch is fixed in the lastest Earth 69

  • Duckling 1: It's not possible! Duckling 2: No, It's necessary!! Hans Zimmer intensifies.

  • Cockatoo!

  • Teacher: ok I know I'm not a good artist Also teacher: 2:49

  • Cool

  • 1:23 bruh that was just mean

  • Mc bafin

  • Duck.exe has stoped

  • He copied Mr Unstable...

  • That cat looks like cupcake

  • *duckling.exe has stopped working,please reboot*

  • 1:40 duckling .exe has stopped working normally

  • Is she teacher or artist

  • Hhh

  • Whenever I go to McDonald to get water it always… ohhhhh this explains everything

  • i gave like for that cop 😆

  • 0:35 when my sister sings and tells me to dance.

  • Hi

  • Good day

  • The first video kinda reminds me of that one vine: “can I please get a waffle.. can I PLEASE just get a waffle!” ✋💀

  • Parrots in Minecraft be like

  • Burger King foot lettuce X and mcdonalds employee

  • *duckling is loading*

  • That’s why I had to wait for 30 minutes in McDonalds

  • sooo, this is what is going on behind the counter at McDonald's

  • What I like about this channel is that the Thumbnail is the first video that they show, and the rest of the videos keep you interested.

  • 0:34

  • Wait I’m confused what’s wrong with takeling a bath at McDonald’s

  • 1:40 spinny spinny fun fun

  • Bruh 🤣🤣🤣 look at this 1:30

  • I Think Sheep Is getting a Massage from cat 😂😂😂😁😁😁😂😂😁😁😪

  • Well somebody just got fired lol

  • 2:54 The students(probably): And that gives you power over me?!

  • US school starts at 7am? Canada 9am

  • POV: that Bird could dance better than you.

  • The things that happen at McDonald's.

  • That bird vibin’ :) SHEEEEEEESHHH :) DAYUM U still here

  • No the duckling is vibing

  • I really wanna know that McDonald’s location just so I know that I’ll never go to that specific McDonalds.

  • The duck lagged out

  • 2020: people doing work from home 2021: home from work

  • That’s why food takes so long at McDonald’s

  • 1:40 NPC's when they show you a quest...

  • Is he still working there?

  • Customer: Why are you wet? Employee: No more questions just order

  • 1:58: excuse me while I purchase a pickaxe

  • Imagine watching dat shit unfold on the cameras


  • 2:47 As a kid had this cleaning lady who would draw in my sketch book ,didn't mind because she was very good one of the drawing I remember was Charlie Chaplin.

  • Why is my food taking so long? Meanwhile in the kitchen: 0:07

  • Very wholesome 0:26 0:42 1:31

  • The cop do be bussin doe

  • 2:32 that plane be saying "BYE FELISHA"


  • okay but that duck do be spinning

  • Duckling doing donuts

  • that cat tho

  • Cocktoo be vibin

  • Cop:There was a loud party going on that I wasn't informed about so I said "not on my watch" and then I joined them for everyone's safety.

  • Ugh why is it so loud the police:

  • This just gave me the idea that once I can (gonna save for it) gonna take a trip to a certain spot that I just looked up and try my hand at panning for gold and see how well I can do for each day and see if possibly it could be something I could do instead of my current job could be cool if it works out