Second Impeachment Trial Cold Open - SNL

Birt 13 feb 2021
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Alex Moffat) interviews senators Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon), Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) and Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett) on former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial.
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  • You know what Tucker rhymes with ? 🤣🧠🤷🏼‍♂️

  • That tucker carlson impression is impeccable! I swear I thought tucker was actually talking when I looked away from the screen

  • I would like to know what type of human, would inherently watch Tucker? I mean freely, not tied down & have your eyes held open like in the movie, A Clockwork Orange?

  • Oh my god!!!!😲😲😲

  • I am here after the real DJT called the real Mitch a sob

  • They need to do a skit on Hunter Biden next. Maybe one of him carpet surfing and smoking parmesan cheese bc he thought it was crack. Maybe one where he forgot about his laptop. Some skits about Joe would be great too.

  • that one guy scream laughing is really annoying

  • Someone laughing in the audience sounds just like Jimmy Carr when he laughs..

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  • Alex has Tucker’s voice inflections down!!!

  • How Brave of the 'ACTORS" at SNL to Blatantly "Make Fun of Ramadan"! Ha Ha Ha That took some serious "Courage" Keep it up Guys!! ha ha ha ha ha

  • Pennsyldelphia?..

  • “I think he’s guilty as hell, and the worst person I ever met, and I hope every state, city, and county locks his ass up!” I’m sure a lot of Republicans actually feel that way

  • 🤦

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  • AOC hiding in your house might not be a bad idea. Be honest, you know you'd smash.

  • Holy crap he sounds EXACTLY like Tucker Carlson, the human turd.

  • Kates fake chin is craxy

  • They just wont give up on locking up hillary

  • He nailed Tucker Carlson. Excellent impersonation. Mitch Mcconnell was also well done.

  • "Sorry, honey, you busted!" Lol

  • Jar Jar making a cameo in 2021 is the only thing keeping me going.

  • Not funny. SNL’s OBVIOUS bias, directed by their lords above, against Republicans is shameful. FU SNL!

  • Not gonna lie, that was a pretty GOD DAMN, good Tucker Carlson. HOLY JESUS NUTSACK.

  • SNL has yet to do a sketch on Biden probably because Biden is doing one in real life.

    • bland and unedible. Just like SNL for the past number of years. Was the show ever funny? Maybe in the first five years with the classic, original cast. Then flash forward to the

  • He got the voice, mannerisms and overall look perfectly. If one squinted a bit, or watched the video with sunglasses, one would think this was Tucker Carlson

  • they should’ve given van der veen to someone else, this content was too good

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    • Kamala is only on tape saying her own name correctly once......

  • he sounds exactly like tucker carlson omggg lmao

  • Ted Cruz saying stimulus check would go to illegal immigrants

  • That mitch mcconnel is spot fucking on

  • Just because these people were yelling “fight for Trump“ does not mean Trump is culpable. Not real smart are you?

  • He looked so much like McConnell. SHE looked so much like Cruz. Y'all made me stop working

  • Heidi Cruz is making a killing $$$$$ on the hike in electrical bills. Scandalous.

  • All of the people they are making fun of are terrible people. Disgusting people. Imagine how funny it would have been if this sketch was actually funny.

  • The sketch is amazing but I can’t stop hearing the guy laughing in the audience

  • 😂🤣

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  • I can't stand that one guy laughing

  • I know we all appreciate the mild, complimentary Comments made here Granted, we also know that most of them are written by SNL interns as part of their daily tasks. Still, you have to admire them for their innocuous and polite tone, right? This opener is about as funny as a bowl of oatmeal left out on the kitchen table overnight. And that ain't funny. It's bland and unedible. Just like SNL for the past number of years. Was the show ever funny? Maybe in the first five years with the classic, original cast. Then flash forward to the really dark humor of the show in the '90s. Pretty wild stuff. Since then? This opener looks and sounds like something a bunch of high schoolers put together for the annual talent show. Enough already, huh? Damn.

  • This was 0.0% funny.....

  • Kamala is only on tape saying her own name correctly once......

  • I think snl forgot that they aren’t a news show

  • Remember back in the day when snl was funny? Those were the days. Now it’s just state ran propaganda

  • SNL hates Trump. We get it. 🙄

  • 5:27 "Well said jar-jar. Me-sa-rest my case" 🤣🤣 lmao

  • Did anyone see the "So virile they had to give him a girls name" at 0:53

  • Tucker's voice is spot on. 😂😂. That is brilliant

  • If Graham & Cruz fought who'd win? I am just seeing lots of hair pulling 😂

  • Tucker impersonation is spot on. 😂

  • The Mitch MConnell impersonation was perfect and hilarious! Tucker Carlson was great too.

  • A really good Tucker impression.

  • Pete did great he didn’t even break

  • Where's the Biden jokes? Y'all should have plenty of material 🤣😂

  • The actresses playing Graham and Cruz are more "masculine" than the originals!!

  • Having seen snl in years, since when did it become so one sided politically? Really surprised.

  • Tucker is spot on!

  • SNL just seems to be meh at best now. When so much stuff is there. 1. Re-act of the female senator being afraid when she was not at the White House. 2. President Biden getting lost after town hall meeting. He went the wrong way and walk back and someone told him him the right way. He smiled said oh right pointed. I assume they nodded to him. 3. Then the democrats trying to take the power from president Biden the football aka nuke power. Trump is old news he isn’t even in office. Impeachment a president that’s not president is retarded. I am sure better jokes are out there please hit them all or give me back someone that’s not afraid to make fun of everyone. Look someone named Joanna Gaines. Is getting a tattoo for her husband when he dies. He isn’t dead or ill. Hmmmmm I sure some come up with a joke there. Or Crazy trump supporters think he will be president again in March. Or Racist highway. Where do I get this stuff cnn and fox watching the town hall meetings. So much news to report cnn has top story about lady gaga dogs????? Wtf. I believe IRL news is funnier than SNL Fun fact it was long ago but Joe and Jill started dating March 1975 but she divorced may 1975. Hmmm it’s not a big deal but I am sure it could be funny. They denied that they did but it’s post on White House website. Trumps gold statue???? Nothing Nothing against any of the ppl just make stuff funny. Specially when it’s staring you right in the face.

    • snl is sht now an,unfunny joke ,, 0 talent.

  • The actresses playing Graham and Cruz are more "masculine" than the originals!!

  • The irony! Lol Politicians have a better sense of humor then the "experts". Does SOL I mean SNL still pay their audience?

  • Why did y'all stop at just the opening why not make fun of all of it. You know like how the lefties got there butts kicked nonstoped the next two days.

  • Not very funny

  • Omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Unrecognizable since it’s radical left make over .

  • Alex Moffat did a great job playing that dummy. Were there two different Lindsey Grahams? LOL

  • Kate mckinnon is so good at that character but that “free Britney” line came from Kate

  • Imho this is lazy writing.

  • Tucker Carlson was a good impersonation.....they flunk at the rest of politics.....really bad acting.....want to laugh, they try too hard to act out their own biased opinions of the people they are trying to act....that is the key....trying.....

  • Omg his Tucker Carlson impression is so good!

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  • I salute you. Great satire. God bless the mocked so they shall not recome. :) ;) And big hug to all you mocked idiots. We don't hate you, we love you. I love you all. You are fine people. We just think that you are twisted out your minds.

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  • Not gonna lie, that was a pretty GOD DAMN, good Tucker Carlson. HOLY JESUS NUTSACK.

  • You don't have to try to make Biden sound funny he's already lost it

  • This show hasn't been worth watching since John Belushi and the gang.


  • Not nearly fat enough to play Tucker Carlson, he does sorta sound like him though

    • ahhhhh hello "man of the penis"

  • Holy hell, that sucked. SNL has turned into an a steaming pile of cringe with diarhea sauce. You should have quit while you were ahead, Lorn. 🤮

  • They seriously need to pull some MVP talent to play more of these "members of congress" and crucify these seditious, GOP ass clowns

  • The Tucker Carlson imitation is really good.

  • Wait. This ain't the real Tucker Carlson? Too good

  • Nailed it!!!! Amazing

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  • How much do they pay the audience to laugh? Can I get in on that?

    • poke fun at politicians in both parties in both a smart and funny way. The guy playing Tucker did ok, but wasn’t funny. Pete helped carry this sketch. Mitch McConnell was dece

  • this video brought tears of joy! Than you thank you Ben! this ugly upside down world needs you!!! 🇺🇸

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  • What's even more funny is that snl won't go after Biden...

  • Just because the "riot" was let in my capitol police opening doors, removing barricades and taking selfies with the grandma "rioters" is not a riot. But it was fatal...3 heart attacks, 1 person crushed by crowds and 1 unarmed woman murdered by police vs mostly peaceful protests with building burning in background, police and drivers lured into ambushes....and they all went home the next day, not staking out for days and burning DC churches. and again...remember when SNL was funny?

  • Tucker Hannity and Ingrahm are as bad as Satan or Hitler

  • ahhhhh hello "man of the penis"

  • ahhhhh hello "man of the penis"

  • yeeaaaaah totally crushed it

  • Yeah ok Lizzy, Trump is sooooo great yeah NO!

  • Sad for what it is and funny for what they make of it. Got to find comfort somewhere...

  • 😂😂

  • Damn, Aidy and Kate are better at being these men than these men are at being themselves.

    • very true. This is the only character aidy played well

  • NBC news and Michael Che spread conspiracy theories.

  • 00:40 weird laughter 😂