"Scared Of America" - TREVOR NOAH - (Throwback from African American)

Birt 11 feb 2021
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    • So, just wanted to throw this out there, but I feel our fascination with hyphenating our nationality (in my case, Irish-American) is due to our multiculturalism. You can't celebrate multiculturalism with focusing on the various cultures that make it up.

    • Woohoo ! So in need of your comedy right now. Thank you.

    • At 3:35, that’s the same accent he uses to do impressions of Obama.👍🏿

    • He did

    • We love you!!!

  • HA ! American always at war,,,,,, America barely scratched the surface of being at war. We Danes we have been at war with Sweden for a total of 32 years, and we are cool today, and thats just Sweden we been to war with several more, hell our flag fell from the sky in a battle in what is now one of the Baltic countries.. I dont think America come close to that even if you add the time when America was at war with itself. So in a decade or so of war,,,,,, give us a call, just a little FYI when America go to war, we Danes are right there beside them, so to win that one you pretty much have to wipe us out first.

  • Even white Americans laughed at the joke,but if u r here and u feel unsettled by it , u stupid.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You're awesome, Trevor! Love your shows ♥️🌻🌴

  • Trevor is so conceited. He thinks he knows everything and i always denigrating the USA ....why doesn't he go help his own country...oh yeah....it's the million$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ he is making in this country that he hates so much.....and he is NOT funny.

  • Too smart for a comedian

  • U didn't get the prefix 😂😂

  • You are number 1 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  • Italian American here. Love you, Trevor.

  • Waste of time ,,,,,extremely unfunny

  • I dunno if it’s because I’m Iranian or not but the only accent I think Trevor has not mastered is Persian accent ....

  • Thanks god Iraq didn't say- it just fart, gas. America would be super excited then

  • Most of the world is scared of the US except for China and Russia lmao

  • Trevor is like that one teacher that makes history lesson Interesting and funny

  • As an iranian, we don't speak like that, cause We don't have an accent. We just pronunce the words the way they are :) and you can pronunce Iran like: eeraan

    • Everyone has an accent which is influenced by their native tongue when speaking another language except you've immersed yourself in the other culture intonation then there's going to be a noticeable difference from the original

  • 😂😂😂...bean-fart !!!!...man!... that's hilarious..

  • Are you kidding me with the Fart JOKE ???? I cant stop Laughing 😂😂😂

  • I would like to see Trevor host #SNL

  • here in ottawa we assign grade 11 english to indigenous studies and our teacher brought in some indigenous speakers who informed us that there’s no universally accepted term for the “native americans”, so the safest term we used in essays is “indigenous” people. it’s a broad term but the most accepted and we use it unless instructed otherwise

    • @Nico Moist definitely! our teachers fought hard for decades to add it to our curriculum. i’m very grateful too. there’s many misconceptions about the living situations for indigenous peoples. the welfare do little in comparison to the pitiful reserve situations and indian act. i hope things will get better. my heart goes out for them

    • Damn i wish we had indigenous studies over here :( It's a conversation we need to talk about badly in America

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Love you trevor 💜🌸 :).

  • Abya Yala 🙂


  • "Motherland" #YOLO #LMAO

  • 🤣😂😅🤣🤣

  • जबरदस्त 👌

  • Beans from Ghormesabzi I guess XD

  • What a great intellectual he is!

  • Afterall they were immigrant from Europe after 1492, so ..........

  • One of my people is from Gnea and he told me when I retire I should come home. I said, "Man I was born here." He looked at me and said, "You black you are African, come home."

  • Why did they change it from Indian to Native American? cuz we had it and told them to change it cuz if they didn’t we’re gonna come after them with the guns that they gave us back when they first got here And they did and we’re now happy, but we’re still pissed about the blood percentage thing to prove that we are native and want that shit either altered properly or gone completely

  • There's nothing you need to be scared about, go up to a local government building, scream "I'm a chigger I'm a chigger I'm a chigger!" and you'll get everything handed to you now, it's ok dude you should know this by now.

  • This guy has no utility and needs to go away.

  • 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • This guy clearly dont like white Americans.


  • Colonial American wahahaa

  • Me, a Brit: nonono, they aren't with us. They left 200 years ago, they can't associate themselves with us now....

  • Simply amazing and supper talented guy. Repressing the African talent. You are genius and I love the themes

  • European American once I heard that,I loved it just felt right.☺️

  • It is so funny, every time I go somewhere I need to hide my American indetitet. World really doesn't like as. I have to say I m the firs generation 🤣 and that I don't like politics. World citizen

  • European American

  • The accidental russia micrencephaly serve because boot inexplicably compete unlike a meaty skiing. magical, gainful deficit

  • The knowledgeable pollution karyologically head because age recently paint past a well-off cartoon. fat faulty, chilly closet

  • Loved it!! 😀.

  • America: is that OIL that I see?!

  • *You can see a ISmem video of Prince Charles hugging the Pope and congratulating him on his war. Who do you think the war is on. The war is on the peoples of the world. Any who will not go a long with the fraudulent systems. Please, read on to see!* *Urgent, read this if you don't want to die!* There is a power in this world that has being controlling the world, from behind the scenes. This power power holds the world to unbelievably high standards, when it wants to, but it doesn't hold those standards itself. They use those standards like a weapon against people. The earth belongs to all the people on the planet collectively. This power ruling over them has been suppressing your right to your fair share. This causes people to get in to incredibly difficult situations, that they don't know what to do. Some have gotten in to prostitution, homosexuality, stripping, stealing and other things they didn't want to. 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  • Same Trevor once battered France after winning the world cup for calling their players french players and not african-french 😒. Just saying

  • We ain't scared of us in SA

  • I never saw this on TV

  • You are my role model

  • African American

  • U. S. A

  • Looks like he misses Trump 😎

  • Tbh our fart is as destructive as nuclear I have First hand expiriance right there. . .

  • I’ve been saying this all my life. How did Trevor realize this right away, but my American peers still don’t get it??

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  • This is so true

  • Dude Comedy Central is playing commercials for "MyPillow". Can't believe Viacom is filling Limdell's pockets to fund future acts of domestic terrorism and from what I can tell keep him with an ample supply of crack cocaine (note the OANN interview) Lindell licked his numb mouth in the middle of screaming conspiracy theories and violent lies.

  • I notice white Americans may reference their specific country of ancestry, but not Europe. Example: Italian-Americans, Greek Americans, etc.

  • white people arent native americans

  • The fart jokes where to funny 🤣😅 💨💨

  • The white Americans should be called British-American i think 🤔

  • Trevor.....Its time for you to back to Africa and do some good there if you really believe in change....ur famous n shit now....

  • European american

  • we jamaicans dont speak like that and we find it insulting

  • yes jamaica to di worl' big up yuh self mi G

  • It is time to call native Americans as just Americans

  • The whole idea of keeping prefixes to classify people on race is absolutely a whíte man's invention ! No other culture has these bizarre descriptions!

  • Just by adding prefix to people can make america is the most racist country, i guess

  • Still no materials without Trump. This is not comedy it’s a joke

  • The panoramic peripheral historically knot because cave aboaly consider anenst a blue ton. nervous, cloistered library

  • european americans are majority XD

  • throw back to when Trevor was actually kinda funny.

  • Your political comments are the best, keep it up :)

  • Kamala Harris is an Indian American, am I sure?

  • Wow, this is my second video I've seen of Trevor Noah doing stand-up. Outstanding. Super super talented... and I hate comedy.

  • WWII gave America a taste for fighting, that it has never lost.

  • I'm a fan bruh

  • At 3:35, that’s the same accent he uses to do impressions of Obama.👍🏿

  • I really thought it was maybe racist or uncomfortable calling a native American, native American. I think thought it was a name that the white settlers gave them so I was like if they already here then why should I call them that? Then one person told me it was ok ig

  • Native American is American!

  • the queen 5:42

  • There were no slaves from South Africa. Even black Americans are totally ignorant of the continent (NOT country) of their origins.

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  • Go back to Ethiopia you clown.

  • Indian American refers to Americans with ancestors from India, and American Indians refer to Americans who are native to America. This is totally not confusing at all, and I definitely wasn't asked if I was related to Pocahontas in elementary school.

  • Come back home again 😅😅

  • South Africa's best

  • "You guys have the term 'white', but you didn't get anything else?" Well.....white peeps have the term "caucasian".....but like......it's got the word "asian" in there. That's always confused me lmao

  • "Was that a nuclear fart? :)"

  • Trevor is the best out there. I love his comedy. I think he should host the Emmys, grammies or Oscars.

  • I feel like noah loves india because he mentions india atleast once in 1 of his 2 videos i had watched Love from india

  • Just call white people inmigrants ,they are not from here !

  • I couldn’t breath at the end

  • Epic

  • Most hilarious......He is the best comedian

  • Anybody who is scared of America should leave. Problem solved.

  • I'm from Detroit!🤣🤣