Rich Jail vs Broke Jail/ 17 Funny Situations

Birt 30 apr 2021
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The Biggest Miser in the World/ 23 Funny Situations:
Even prisons have their own laws and conditions of stay. Watch in our new video funny situations in a rich and broke jail.
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  • If he is that rich he could just pay to get out of jail

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  • How can do you get robbed in jail

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  • Lol the police is storger than the gold

  • I like brooke guy best couse his been a lot more creative

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  • For me its sad that rich having a good times in prison while the poor is suffering

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  • I like the broke jail

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  • why would there be a criminal inside another criminal's cell

  • ive never seen someone so happy to be in jail like "SHUT THE DOOR,THANKS!😁" like what the heck

    • Bukalapak: Endita Shop


  • Bro if i was rich with a girl cop i will tell her to give me an iPhone

  • But why even rich guy has to like do whatever he wants and poor guy just cant do what he want

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  • To be fair rich jail means more advanced security system and haired one of the good and best cops and makes more good food in the jail not making things up... make some more logic

    • To be fair though. Before the Cali cartel are one of the most richest cartel members, and once they've been into prison they lived comfortably. Which ended since the DEA exposed that the president was supporting them in which the president exiled them to America to maintain his presidency. You're pretty much right about some Jails being costy, having better secure and control, but the video is talking about the rich prisoners bribing the guards not the actual prison itself. And the prison in this video is just cheap which means the control will be bad giving the rich guy having the power to bribe the guard.