Republicans Unleash A Tidal Wave Of Anti-Voting Legislation

Birt 3 mar 2021
The GOP appears to have decided that high voter turnout was responsible for their losses in the 2020 election, so Republican legislators are pushing 253 bills with provisions that restrict voting access in 43 states. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • Maybe Colbert should do some reading... Seems Georgia’s voting Bill is not as bad as many of the Blue States Voting laws. But can’t expect a man filled with hate and hypocrisy to read for himself..

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  • Republicans will do what ever it takes to do trump bid of more lies the voters rights so sad

  • God you need a decent haircut. Looking a bit rough ma'man

  • Why does it feel like the apocalypse started

  • Teacher! Not educator!!!

  • Sad...the mushrooms that continue to buy in to the Dems spin and corruption. Ironic, Dems are trying to destroy democracy...gotta have competition for democracy to exist! Remember, Socialism only lasts for a split-second...then you get your dictatorship. Good luck with that!

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  • They are just openly racist. But let it keep coming out. That way we can see our enemies.

  • Pffftt the whole fking world knew Trump won and Beijing Biden cheated.

  • Almost like combination KFC and Taco bell.

  • When i get my Vaccine i wanna get a selfie too xD

  • Biggest dick ever he doesn’t have a clue

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  • wow, white republicans are really into cheating.

  • Tom Hanks eats babies. Lol

  • "Those allegations are politically motivated!" Yeah, but you're not saying they're FALSE...

  • If the Repubs could reinstitute a poll tax and racial bars to voting, they would if they thought they could win.

  • That vaccine tune from Parton was so corny it went full circle to become adorable.

  • I live in Indiana... all those stories you just told about Dr. Jackson just made all my neighbors love him even more. Those behaviors are typical for these morons on most Friday nights lol.

  • Diplomats and soldiers stationed overseas have traditionally voted by mail. Republicans must know that all these people are traitors voting fraudulently.

  • What happened to the cat?

  • Love Dolly's song--but it would be a real miracle if Kenny could join her, Stephen. God bless y'all

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  • I don’t care who you are ... republican or democrat, if you are pro democracy, you have to be against this attempt of shutting down a corner stone of democracy ... the right to vote! Everyone eligible to vote, should be encouraged to do so. How can you be a true patriot of your republic, if you try to suppress those of opposing opinions?

  • I think Biden should give Dolly Parton a Congressional Medal of Freedom for this. :)

    • I'm sure he would like to be the one to pin it on her.

  • Poor republicans,they lost and still been sore losers.running out of lies.

  • Geez. What a complete failure Trump was on COVID!

  • The political talk is growing old....Got any more material?

    • Almost 2M views. Why change?

  • I always get the Concierge to hang my pants.

  • Sleazeball corporate sellout

  • The election must be secure or we will not have another election.

    • @Ron Carson You still dont get it. Both sides are evil. Your just on the slightly more evil side

    • @Bob Smith Intead of listing the military endeavors of Democrats, why don't you list the military actions under each administration, the reasons for it, and the portion of dems and the portion of rep's that supported it? Oh, right, because that would actually require you to do some research and become more informed, instead of just letting your favorite media source brainwash you and tell you what to think.

    • @Ron Carson Yes now shall we list the military endeavors of Democrats? Haiti, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Continuation of Iraq and Afganisan (by a man who voted against it) , Yemen and Pakistan. Once again, you are not good. You are not pure and not the good guy. You are in support of evil. Don't ever tell a Republican that you are morally superior to him because you may actually be worse. The truth is you dont care when your side does it. You only care to use it against Republicans when they do, like u just did. Not to mention those vote counts mean nothing. They know it will pass and they assign the rest of the votes to appease certain populations in certain districts. Just like they did with 15min, just like they did with single payer during Obama. They do it over and over and over and still, you haven't caught on. They are playing you.

    • @Bob Smith You claim that independents don't have any power? They have the power of their vote. How powerful is that? "On December 17, 2020, Gallup polling found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrats, 25% identified as Republican, and 41% as Independent.[3]"

    • @Bob Smith "U are to blame for the wars we get involved in". If by "U" you mean dem's, once again you prove that you are ignorant and uninformed. Here's the reality: support for Iraq war, Congress: 215 (96.4%) of 223 Republican Representatives voted for the resolution. 82 (39.2%) of 209 Democratic Representatives voted for the resolution. Senate: 29 (58%) of 50 Democratic senators voted for the resolution. 98% of Rep's voted for the resolution. (only 1 Rep senator voted against it.)

  • This man is an embarrassment

  • Dolly is the best!

  • Love dolly

  • Just stopping in to say voting is a farce. The state selects the politicians they want to win, we don’t elect them.

    • One of the many many voter suppression laws some rep states are trying to implement is a law to give state legislatures the power to overturn the vote in that state.

    • Biden got 7 million more votes. Get over it Cletus

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  • Only uninformed; gullible people can believe that trying to implement common sense voting rules that prevent the rigging of elections is voter suppression, this is the rhetoric the left is trying to push. Since when asking for proper identification and better monitoring the validity of an absentee ballot is voter suppression? On the contrary, Democrats are for not requiring ID, which is absurd, but why do they like this idea? Because it makes it easy to worked in 2020 so why not make it official, that would guarantee that they stay in power forever until the end of times, just like it has happened in Venezuela. The elections will be bogus. And yes, there was massive fraud, please investigate.

    • @N Z Yep. You cant prove it in a court of law. Or are you against the doctrine of innocent till PROVED guilty and ruled as guilty by law?

    • @N Z i refuted every point you made about fraud! Ya know.... by researching....something you NEVER have done other than hang about echo chambers. You can check the factual validity EVERYTHING i have said yourself. I did the same to you and debunked your key arguments. YOU DIDNT EVEN READ IT DID YOU? I CHALLNGE YOU TO USE CITED EVIDENCE TO REFURE MY POINTS TRUMPS LAWYER ADMITTED THAT HER CLAIMS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN SERIOULY BY ANY REASBNALKBE MINDED PERSON. LOOK IT UP!


    • @MR FLIBBLE The only thing I know is that I saw the results of the analysis at the Supreme Court website. The rigging of the voting machines is only one of the hundreds of ways they cheated. I mentioned it because I find the example compelling. Since many people me the proof, it is a actually not my job but every citizen's responsibility to investigate and find out the truth. It is like some people live in caves or remote islands since they have not noticed anything suspicious. It is unbelievable. I have done enough investigation to be convinced of anything different, it is so crystal clear. Look at Mr. Joe, who would even believe he got over 80 million votes, recently he spoke at Ohio State and only a handful of people showed up. No one should be excited about having a president that it is even suspected of having committed fraud. Do we want to change the destiny of America that drastically where elections will be rigged and meaningless ?

    • @N Z _if all the machines used across the country were obviously programmed the same way as the ones in Antrim county_ So you STILL didnt read my post addressing that EXACT thing. I explained exactly what happened in Antrim County. It was nothing to do with the way dominion machines were programmed. You cant just make the wild assumption of: Human Error happened in ONE county that misattributed a tiny number of votes, therefore 7 million votes all over the country were all fake. I showed you how utterly terrible several of the feeble arguments Trumps team used in court. Does it not start to make sense now as to why EVERY court rejected the cases due to LACK OF CREDIBLE EVIDNECE? Even Trump lawyers (if you actually read what i said) have publicly said that their claims in court of fraud were not factual. Is this not an indicator? Is this total joke of cases brought forward not an indicator that the court cases were a total sham? You can fact check everything i have said. And you should. You really dont seem to have delved deeper than a paragraph under a headline you took at face value. Also. Senate and house elections were on the same ticket as the presidential one. But we DIDNT see the same level of support fore the Dem party in the key states as there was for the presidential candidate. If there was mass fraud by the Dems then why would they vote bidden on the ticket but vote Republican on the senate or house part of the voting form? The Dems lost House seats and hardly had a huge blue wave for the senate. The case for Trump and his electoral fraud is nothing more than conjecture. He hasnt come close to making evidential standards of ANY of the courts. Your mass fraud idea relies on so may unproven things and assumptions that it is no surprise at all that everything they have tried in court failed. The electoral procedure cases they brought all failed too.

  • Good. Now educate enough people so that it matters and don't be a nazi and internate people who chose not to get it. I unironically recommend free public schooling.

  • Didn’t a lot of laws change just before the last election? Suppressing the vote you mean asking for an ID Or a simple signature confirmation. I don’t know the last election seem kind of crazy it went on for 45 days never in my entire life have I seen an election like that I don’t think it was a fair election

    • Oh for fucks sake, none of that happened. Stop letting tRump and Fox blow smoke up your ass.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Canceled!

  • Remember when this show was relevant? Me neither.

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  • #Arrest #Donald #Trump = #Hitler / #QANON #GOP #Trumnpers #Nazis #NeoFascists #Racists #Thugs!

  • Why worry about this alone? The Himalaya's glaciers are melting! Why? Pollution and climate change due to excess CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the air, as China CONTINUES to generate huge black clouds of coal smoke and CO2 helping to trap heat on the surface of our earth. As the GOP attacks the Dems, the planet is going to hell. NOW that melting of glaciers means the river sources of China will diminish, i.e. less water and food for China-- will they starve..or make war with India.... ? It's going to hit here too with floods of more refugees fighting to get into an increasingly polarized and impoverished USA. China has siphoned off the Mekong river water from Vietnam. Fruit trees are dying all along, as they starve Vietnam of water. China will restrict vital lithium and other strategic minerals. Hell they ALREADY are the largest company producing pork in USA. Did you know that? So... Why does the GOP keep shrinking its alleged moral ground bowing STILL- to their demi-God evil dictator of Mar-a-Lago, Why are they wasting time continuing to feed the monster? Why are Republicans- FORSAKING.... our Republic ?? !

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  • Well, you have the useful idiot market cornered.

  • You're welcome to hire men. You know where to reach me.

  • Have any of you forgotten why republicans are doing this? Think about it. Biden passed a executive order essentially freeing up borders and allowing just about anyone to cross over. Anyone is free to come to America and become a American through a process, but you wouldn't want a kiddy fiddler to enter a public school would you? This is why we have a process for entry into the United states. The people that have come here from the border are here to ensure that Bidden receives more votes when the time comes. You would certainly vote for someone that brought you to paradise wouldn't you? Sit down, and think about this for a second.

  • Thank you Dolly Parton!

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  • Isn't the sum of politics supposed to be responsible leadership?

  • Blow out your other orifice stevee

  • Personally, I don't think there should ever need to be an "excuse" to vote absentee. Just make it easy for people to check and cure their own ballots online. We already have checks in place to prevent people who are dead from voting...the only way to actually have widespread voter fraud would be to either discard ballots or alter ballots of valid voters. But if people can check and cure their ballots online after they submit an absentee, then people can take responsibility for ensuring that their own vote counts.

  • What f’ing moron.

  • “All lives matter” but all can’t does this work? This voter suppression is crazy 💩!

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  • Zero-sum thinking sounds like one of the big symptoms of our times. Check it out:

  • Wow according to this guy Joe is the best and will save the world. Democrats good, Republican bad. Glad you told us with your wisdom that the rest of us don’t have.

    • @Saladin Yohol Your comment contains so may falsities and misconceptions it's hard to know where to begin. 1. Dems do NOT want to take your guns away, so stop falling for that bullshit lie/scare tactic by rep's. Read their ACTUAL proposals, they are ones that the vast majority of Americans, both dem and rep, are in favor of. 2. NO ONE is proposing not using voter ID. All HR1 does is create a secure work-around for those that don't have the prescribed ID. 3. Comparing voter suppression and making it easier to vote is a false equivalency. One is antithetical to democracy, the other facilitates the largest possible voter participation - the bedrock of democracy. The voter suppression laws proposed by Reps' have nothing to do with election security. They are for the sole purpose of making it harder for the poor and ethnic minorities, who are most likely to vote dem, to vote at all.

    • @Ron Carson I have internet and watch more than one news network. Based on my life, my surroundings, people I talk to and my every day experiences Fox News as bias as it is tells more truth than CNN or MSDNC. Example: What is going on in Portland with the Antifa riots and federal court house getting burned. CNN and MSNBC make no mention of it as if everything is ok. Ask yourself why that is. It’s not journalism it’s propaganda to show you what they want you to see and it worked because they have an agenda. Where is the pressure on Biden from the mainstream media to get the “kids in cages” taken care of? They played you for the last 5 years. Enjoy the show.

    • @Ron Carson And you honestly think that an idea like that would be approved by anyone. Both sides do the exact same extremes just on the oppose ends. Democrats have been wanting to take gun right away forever but can’t because of balance of powers. As much as I love guns I’m not panicking so why are you about possible voter regulation. Do you think Voter ID is a bad idea? If so why?

    • You aren't aware of them? You must live in the Fox bubble. Just google "list of voter suppression laws proposed", eg: NBC News, "Republicans advance more than 100 bills that would restrict voting in the wake of Trump's defeat". eg; One rep state is trying to pass legislation giving the state legislature the power to overturn the vote in that state.

    • @Ron Carson Such as??

  • Stephen, I know you likely don't read your comments. But, I think you're the best at this format.

  • I just wish this all wasn't true ... and yet ...

  • Ain't nobody on the right cancelling or prohibiting anybody from voting.......*LEGALLY!! And on election DAY (not election month!). How the Democrats are continually trying underhanded, unethical tricks. And who is one of their favorite cheerleaders?? Stephen Colbert of course!!

  • I deny the allegations and denounce the alligators.


  • Jesus Christ this show is terrible. It hit my auto play while I was walking dishes. I had to stop and dry my hands to get away from it and I was willing to do so

    • So you rushed into to troll on this thread?

  • fake news

  • I downvoted this video. Thought about changing that vote, then noticed how negative Mr Colbert is. Figured, I'll just listen and watch his video, hoping that he will inspire me. Mr Colbert, you're not inspiring anymore. You are demoralizing. I love you Mr Colbert, and I agree with your general outlook, politically. I'm going back to sleep, but I expect you to do some bullshit that actually makes a difference. Mr Colbert, please do me a favor and help people become less woke and more awake.

  • I liked how he gave no credit to Trump and his Administration that brought this "Hope" and "Light at the end of the tunnel" and for those that say that Republican's wants to take your votes away well I hope you are ready because your vote will be removed by the Democrat's and replaced by illegal immigrants YES! you read correctly they will be allowed to vote with the new bill that is coming out, No ID required and No Identifications so your vote won't matter worth a shit at the end. Congratulations you played yourself.

  • Unbelievable, probably they are thinking about tax vote for black and minority ! KKK

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  • Where is Obama of African descent - where is Ilhan Omar, a Somali? The Houthis lit the Africans were burned with fire because they did not go to the battlefields, damn the Democrats.

  • GOP - Voter Suppression "R" Us

  • god colbert looks awful i guess selling your soul to the leftist devil soros takes a toll on your health

  • Dolly Parton is an absolute treasure and reminds us that humans don't have to be terrible.

  • I think Steven should be cautious of throwing around allegations of smoking crank with an air of certainty. My observations of Dr. Ronnie don't at all allow me to say with certainty that he smoked crank. He may have very well snorted it! I don't know.

  • Funny how they expect any of these bills to pass, when they can't even manage a majority xD

  • compulsory voter registration for all citizens, this responsibility to make sure everyone is registered is on the government. NO more gerrymanders (its undemocratic), and Stop the BULLSHIT, mandatory voting for all adults. Thus the vested interest groups gets swamped by the WISHES OF THE PEOPLE.

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  • Could it be that Ronnie Jackson and Brett Kavanaugh are good buddies? They're so much alike.

  • We need to vote out all the republicans for this shit.

  • So funny hearing any Democrats saying GOP cheated. Lmfao

  • America's lucky to have Dolly she reminds the world that we do have people with class.

  • Dolly is such a delight 🥺✨

  • You racists really believe black people can't get ID? Totally insane.

  • Single dose? CHINA has achieved it in February~

  • "We are coming neither as friends nor neutrals. We come as enemies! As the wolf attacks the sheep, so come we! You are not among your friends any longer! You will not enjoy having us among you!" ~ Joseph Goebbels, 1928 ~ Nazi Reich Propaganda ~ "Der Angriff. Aufsätze aus der Kampfzeit."

  • "The cleverest trick used in propaganda during the war was to accuse [our enemies] of what [we ourselves] were already doing." ~ Joseph Goebbels, 1934 ~ Nazi Reich Propaganda ~ "Der Kongress zur Nürnberg"

  • Lmfao love Dolly

  • Anti-fraud, not anti-voting. Of course, to leftists, voting is now synonymous with fraud. It's what you do.

    • No proof of fraud though. Never was. Never will be.

  • "The president just has incredible genes" is definitely code for Aryan superiority.

  • oh joy. corporations getting their own citites. because how could that possibly go wrong. unregulated corporatism? thats how it starts. they get their own cities and then they will buy all the rest. i truely hate what this country has become. nothing but greed and people forcing their beliefs on others everywhere.