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Birt 22 apr 2021
The final episode of Marvel Studios' @FalconAndWinterSoldier arrives tomorrow on Disney+.

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  • Falcon is sucks bro tom is cool

  • Best series with my favourite characters honoring the shield of my most favourite character, this series is a blast and also the zemo dance meme was the best thing i've seen

  • I watch this series super 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘falcon winter soldier💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Hey Marvel, have you ever considered keeping a comic book creative team on standby in the events of studio interference into a project that runs off the rails? Example: you want a new scene. Instead of conveying it verbally which can be misconstrued, have a staff quickly storyboard exactly what the change is so there are no questions about context. They could quickly do this with illustrations over set photos.

  • I know Sam is awesome and all, but wouldn't a helmet be kind of a good idea for an genetically normal human Superhero who main thing is flight?

    • @Tobias Rieper I am aware that Sam has never worn a helmet. What I am saying is, wouldn't it be prudent if he did wear a helmet. Now he has Wakandan technology, I'm sure it could include a helmet that manifests itself when he flies and packs away when not necessary. It could protect against blows to the head in hand to hand combat as well. If I were a super villain, I would see Sam's unprotected head as a opportunity.

    • The neck brace protects against whiplash, but Sam has never worn a helmet

  • They should’ve ended it with an “on your left”

  • Shıb ınu coin buyy

  • I like this movie

  • MARVEL please distroy DC!!! :) Please!!!

  • “Ironically, when Disney fired Gina for her opinions it inadvertently proved her point.” - Forbes

  • Make bucky Captain America

  • “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes

  • “I’m Not The Only One That’s Ever Been Bullied By Disney Company”- Gina Carano

  • “Don’t try to ruin my life with lies, when yours can be ruined with the truth”- Gina Carano

  • hope they could make a series for Iron man's legacy too.. its way bigger than legacy of captain

  • I didn’t see the winter soldier he’s birthday 107

  • Elaine Benes @ marvel universe...uhmmm....🤔

  • Can we get the Snyder cut of the show, one that doesn't include that cringy speech at the end, that leaves people feeling tired and annoyed, thinking the MCU going forwards going to be terrible?

  • ***Captain America and the Winter Solider

  • I love the Avengers ❤️

  • "stop calling them terrorists" "your troops to keep the peace have WEAPONS that keep many people in settlements around the world right?" "These labels 'terrorist' 'refugee' 'thief' are often used to avoid questioning." "Finally, there are all the people who have begged ... and I speak for YEARS, begging you to understand how hard your daily lives are ... now you know. Did you like feeling that helplessness? If you could remember how it feels that impotence and face a force so powerful that it can erase half the planet ... they would understand that they are nowhere to cause that same impact "Sam you deserve to be the new Captain America 💯

  • excellent the decision that "On And On" by Curtis Harding for the final scene of episode 6 is fantastic 👏👏👏🙌💯👌🤩🥳😲💙

  • This show is beyond EPIC.

  • Disgusting that marvel and mcu turned to this race-baiting propaganda BS. Destroyed an otherwise decent series. Cancel Hollywood at this point.

  • Wow😍😍😍😍The ending of the season was Awesome..most of all Bucky's ending was so heart touching and beautiful yet strong ❤️

  • They should just have kept the name falcon, bucky was just wasted as a sidekick.

  • Not satisfied 🙄

  • I need iPhone 12 Pro Max the best phone in the world and Blonde Wife 💛😍👍

  • I need iPhone 12 Pro Max the best phone in the world and Blonde Wife 💛😍👍

  • only on disney+ lol I use torrent

  • wts nxt series

  • Watched it all ready for the next. 100% awesome. Not 88% or 50% but 100% good. Anthony Mackey and Sebastian are great actors. Welcome new soposed to be Captain America great Job.

  • NEW CAP: Senator,I am Captain America Senator:Not anymore😜

  • Captain WOKE

  • It's a very mediocre show, Wanda wasn't very good either but at least more original.

  • first marvel turned hulk into a wuss now captain america is a wuss, and i hear thor GOD OF THUNDER is going to be a girl, only marvel could do that

  • When the next season release

  • Next up: pappa america vs jeff kaplan :-D

  • I was so excited about this series and It was great up until episode 5 and 6. It became another political stunt for the Lefties agenda. I wish they would have stuck just to entertainment and kept all the political bs out , I'm done!

  • I didn't like The Falcon new dress.

  • Woke bs. Watch disney ruin marvel just like they did star wars. Sam and bucky are both ruined ......good job guys

  • En el episodio 5 John en vez de enfrentar las consecuencias de sus hechos, pudo haber actuado como un cobarde y convertirse en un prófugo de la justicia... pero no lo hizo, en el fondo tiene buenas intenciones 🙂

  • Brillante y cómica la sesión de terapia del 1er episodio, por ej. cuando la psicóloga le dice a Bucky "tienes que crear lazos de amistad, soy la única persona que llamaste en toooda la semana" ☝️😁

  • "dejen de llamarlos terroristas" "sus tropas para mantener la paz tienen ARMAS que mantienen a muchas personas en asentamientos en todo el mundo verdad?" "Éstas etiquetas 'terroristas' 'refugiado' 'ladrón' se usan con frecuencia para evitar cuestionamientos." "Por fin, ha todas las personas que han suplicado...y hablo de AÑOS, suplicando que ustedes comprendan los duras que son sus vidas diarias... ahora ya lo saben. Les gustó sentir ésa impotencia? Si pudieran recordar cómo se siente ésa impotencia y enfrentar una fuerza tan poderosa que puede borrar a la mitad del planeta...entenderían que están a nada de ocasionar ése mismo impacto" Sam mereces ser el nuevo Capitán América 💯

  • Karli a Sam antes de morir: "Perdóname". La dolorosa muerte de una niña confundida 😭

  • La escena de pelea de Sharon Carter en el episodio 3 está muy bien!!! ,👏👏👏

  • The finale felt like the disney executives grabbed the pen and wrote it for them... 🤣🤣 And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... I think they killed off gsp.. Wtf

  • It was AMAZING!!!!

  • Still unanswered about what happened to Steve. Is he alive or not??😞

  • What is next on falcon and the winter soldier

  • Plz release wanda vision in Hindi language also

  • Hope after the final episode Russell gets the respect that he deserves. What a remarkable work he did! Looking forward to U.S. Agent.

  • I tried. I really did. But halfway into episode 6 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier I stopped. Soooo political. Just stop please.

  • We want Steve Rogers

  • Zemo killed the doctor no sooner did sharon enter inside so that they(sam ant bucky)don't get to know who is power broke

  • @marvel why zeno and power broker (sharon) are working together on same side?? Zemo knew earlier who is power broker

  • I will never watch Marvel show again. No one can ever replace Chris Evans and Tony Stark in this generation. Goodbye marvel this show was the final nail to the coffin.. I don't what has became of marvel. Too many agendas. Thank you for the phase 1 but for me Marvel Studios is over.

  • I still cannot believe that Sebastian Stan cutt of his arm for Marvel. What a method actor!

  • Marvel is so clever. They knew most people won't like Falcon as new Cap So, they made us emotional by giving message of racial discrimination. Sooooo Clever of Marvel!

  • Karli...I loved her so much...💔

  • I was being cheated by iron man

  • One of the best thing about Marvel that people love is their Continuity (Sequels)....I love it😘😘

  • The post credit scene of the final episode gives a hint for a new Agent Carter series :Agent Carter Rogue Edition.

  • Nobody else can ever become a captain..

  • Nasama poochu

  • Steve : way to go buddy! Sam : on your left old man!

  • would it be a SPOILER if i said that Peggy is spinning in her grave for certain reasons?

  • Will season 2 will come

  • One world = one people One night = many fight


  • This show abs it’s last episode was sooooo Game of Thrones final season!!!!!

  • I have to say this was an absolutely amazing series. Caught the final episode just now and it was brilliant. Well done Marvel Studios and thank you Disney+

  • Falcon is falcon I like his new outfit Just like spider man

  • It's good to have new Captain America...but what about the next IRON MAN and please make an appropriate IRON MAN...AVENGERS specially MARVEL is incomplete without IRON MAN...RDJ sir was the best...he has set a level of that IRON MAN that saying please make an appropriate IRON MAN...LOVE from INDIA ❤🙏

  • Love the show, but that New Cap suit ain't it. Please make Sam a better looking suit.

  • Who else wishes that when Sam was training, Bucky ran past him and said "on your left" ????

  • Personally, I'm calling him Falcon America. I just like the way it rolls off the tongue. Also, shouldn't Bucky get a new title now too? He's no longer the Winter Soldier. How about, for Season Two, we call it Falcon America and The Really Old Man. Or, Falcon America and Sidebuck. Or, Falcon America and The One Armed Man.

  • well, this episode was the shittiest of all of them

  • What a stinker of an episode - first five episodes were great though

  • Just watched the episode 6. Fantastic acting did by Sir Anthony Mackie.

  • This show is part of the ABC network which is owned by Disney which bullies and targets conservatives while praising autocratic countries like China which have camps with slaves. Calling on all ethical people to boycott Disney. “Disney’s firing of Gina Carano is confusing and hypocritical, lacking sound management.” - Forbes - @firekathleenkennedy Time to cancel the cancel culture.


  • The best episode of the series

  • Wow they really killed the read head girl carly I think that was name

  • People are going to lose interest in you marvel when you forcefully promote black people everywhere. Not all white are bad and not every black is good. Stop showing just one side of the coin.

  • I love the final episode, but my one note would be, couldn’t you make Captain’s suit more Wakanda style? They made it.

  • powerbroker reveal was a YAAAAWN!

  • Will there be season2

  • The Falcon and the Winter Soldier story is great! It's sad because it has 6 episode only and the villain Karli the Super Soldier died. I hope there's gonna be a season 2 or Karli will brought back alive?.

  • How much episodes ?

  • I'm so happy we got a happy ending, Bucky and Sam deserve the best.

  • Plz upload all the episode fast

    • They are all uploaded

  • Captain falcon costume is not good.

  • We want a Second Season!

  • It's fckn Captain SAMerica

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  • Finale episode was really boring! Cause there was no walker! Or very less screen time. Juice up captain falcon America or let walker steal the show.

    • [w:h:a-tsa:p ➕1〰️6〰️0〰️7〰️6〰️0〰️8〰️8〰️8〰️9〰️9

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  • John walker’s character arc was very interesting, hopefully he’ll be in the thunderbolts 💙

    • [w:h:a-tsa:p ➕1〰️6〰️0〰️7〰️6〰️0〰️8〰️8〰️8〰️9〰️9

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  • I can't believe that it's the last episode 😔

    • [w:h:a-tsa:p ➕1〰️6〰️0〰️7〰️6〰️0〰️8〰️8〰️8〰️9〰️9

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  • Great job with Sam. But Bucky got completely sidelined in the final episode.

    • [w:h:a-tsa:p ➕1〰️6〰️0〰️7〰️6〰️0〰️8〰️8〰️8〰️9〰️9

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