Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron

Birt 27 apr 2021
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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer
Maria Alexandria - Special Effects/Makeup
Charlotte Jafari - Production Assistant


  • For how inconsistent Jon uploads I forget about his channel, then he comes back. His next video probably wont be for a month or longer lol

  • 16:50 The feel the fear but they do it anyway. Bongos intensifies.

  • Oh... my... god... he... finally... posted!!!!!!!

  • Damn ... am I the only one who doesn't get this fat guy

  • Fastest aging population sounds like something a child would say to me.

  • to really work!” I replied “Grams, satan lives in that and I don’t need that it my home.” 🤣

  • 9:41 I see the spikes and my brain goes "Torture device!" I'm glad they clarified they're "contact points" and not "skinning blades".

  • Bro the canefu shit killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • So this “Rudy”, can it’s arms pick things up for the elderly in question? Well, no, the arms don’t actually move. I see, and does the head have some kind of function? Is there some sort of powerful computer in it? Well, no, the head is for aesthetic purposes. So, if one were to remove all superfluous parts from this machine, it would essentially be, what, a motorized end table with an iPad attached?

  • Lol you still exist


  • I remember him being in game grumps he was just a boyyyyy look at the MAN he’s become he even has a crew im so happy to see his success

  • I never known that JonTron is one of the Kardashians

  • Watch Infinity Train stans buy that mask

  • Jon you left your hoodie at my house, not answering my calls or texts, I'm giving it to the cat if you dont come get it. Update: the cat already owns it, sorry.

  • Jontron strikes back Flex tape 3 Revenge of the myth Phill swift

  • Jon... *You're as beautiful as the day I lost you*

  • 8:17 this has got to be my favorite skit of all time.

  • 16:50 jontron has no dexterity

  • I love when the guy obviously needs help getting up a the robot is like "hey bruh take your meds"

  • "Just slap an ACOG scope on that bad boy' *Tactical nail clippers unlocked*

  • what happened to the intro?

  • Oh man Jon dude love y’a but... this vid made me feels bad. Like, about the elderly. Ima go visit grandma now

  • He's Back😆🤘

  • See you in another 9 months

  • Daz Games and Jontron have extremely similar content

  • holy shit my daily entertainment lmfao

  • Can't wait for jontrons yearly hiatus

  • Thank you John I really needed to laugh....😞

  • W

  • W

  • Great video man

  • "As we all know, Korea is one of the fastest aging nations." ...WTF!? How the hell is Korea aging faster than everybody else? THAT'S NOT HOW TIME WORKS!

  • Jon please review the tester🙏🙏

  • so like... what's your day job these days? have you just been waiting on savings for the pandemic to end?

  • JonTron never fails to make me cry laughing. the comfort wipe bit was hilarious 😂

  • Yo, Johntron was in a warpath ad, that’s pretty cringe but I loved the appearance tho

  • 12:42 the Houston Astros in a nutshell

  • This gives me old school jontron vibes. Not old old but pre starcade vibes which is the best type of jontron. Freaking hilarious! ❤ more of this please!! 🤞👍😊

  • I love the 2-4 videos a year concept, each of them are 15-25 minutes and they are almost perfect quality over quantity

  • Exercise. For fuck's sake, you're getting legit obese.

  • I can't wait for your next video in 2023.

  • I’m going to be honest. It’s a little surreal to see people in North Korea speaking perfect English. Not that no one can. It’s just...you know when someone learns a language you don’t always get the accent down. Or if you have a strong accent it interferes with how your words sound. None of that. Not here

  • 11:35 I'm rejecting my humanity Jojo

  • The toilet paper fucking got me 😂

  • Jon ate his bird due to pandemic food scarcity. Damned Jon!

  • Whenever John Tron makes a new video The return of the king

  • Thank goodness. For a second I thought they were using wires to heat the back. Thank goodness it's just a solenoid.

  • Its really weird in the first part because you can tell and it definitely feels like a foreign news channel, but they're speaking fluent English without an accent.

  • Oh no the onmoan overheated, now бабушка is on fire!

  • Welcome to the new JonTron waiting room. *It gets longer every time.*

  • “We’re going to be looking at old people. And their pain” 0:00

  • They speak b3tter english then me in Korea...cool

  • Jon tron in a nutshell he just likes to take year or so long breaks

  • How old is this commercial? Composite TVs are next to impossible to find today.

  • Honestly machines would probably take better care of the elderly then actual people. Nursing home staff at least in this state have been known to leave the elderly in their filth, rob them when they're not in the room and just be complete asshats to the elderly. Sadly enough.


  • 6:46

  • Thicc jonTron

  • Ppl make memes about you...

  • Cane Fu Man sounds EXACTLY like Nicolas Cage.

  • Man the last couple skits had me laughing so hard, love your work dude!

  • he went a hiatus cause he was being tracked down by steven seagal and had to go on the run untimely ending in a battle to the death which jon clearly won

  • Itwouldn'tbenefitmetoputuraniuminthetubedude!

  • HE’ BACK

  • "HELP ME, I'VE FALLEN AND I HAVE A COMPOUND FRACTURE!" "Do you need help?" "YES!" "Don't forget to take your medication, Anthony :)"

  • Jontron was getting some Red alert 2 Brainwashing

  • do a video on air fryer sales men (power xl) 🔥🔥

  • Robot: "What would you like me to do?" "Execute Order 66."

  • How can I triple thumb this up?

  • Wish he waited 1 more day so he was away 269 days

  • Jon you never disappoint lmao especially the comfort wipe scene

  • heh

    • What!! WTF!!

  • How low effort can you go lol, well done!

  • Omg he back


  • Korean chicks are unethical but hawt so I´m conflicted.

  • You son of a b**ch!! Why can I never stop loving you?!

  • say what what the fuck

  • I love how they use Pat Boone as a spokesman. It makes it even more obvious who the product is for.

  • Great video, see you guys next year when the next video comes out.

  • Dude Sally Face was popular even back in the day. incredible.

  • The lord is back

  • Jontron almost comes around more often each year than my own father! Thanks papa Jon!

  • Imagine forgetting this guy existed, totally not relatable

  • What WTF

  • What!! WTF!!

  • Se yall in I really don't know when the next vid will be but let's hope it's less than 2 months


  • 11:34 "I reject my humanity!"

  • "5:47" i lost myself.

  • 9 fucking months

  • JonTron is like a Ray Kump who knows how to edit videos, and is able to annunciate.

  • John tron dosnt need to be relevant, he’s created so many memes he is the dictionary definition of relevant

  • Old People

  • So time to go to sleep for a year until Jontron comes back.

  • I'm a toilet paper scruncher come at me lmfao

  • 18:49 Beware the Cane

  • America really need to be introduced to bidet