NBC Nightly News leaves out key part of 911 call in fatal police shooting

Birt 22 apr 2021
Senior Editor for the Federalist Mollie Hemmingway and FOX News contributor analyze the media's influence in race-based issues on 'Fox News Primetime.' #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime
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  • people need to start going to jail for slander for these fake news stories, seriously this is outrageous!


  • I don't see how it made a difference. I thought that the police officer had to make a sudden decision. Now I see that he had plenty of time to react and could have used his taser instead of his gun. This video only proves that!

  • Thank you!!! This was Great Reporting!!! Please keep it up!!! America needs great reporters like you!!! 😊👏 👏 👏🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸❤❤❤

  • 💣💥💯

  • How is this race baiting? You can tell by the way it was quoted it's not the entire call. It was the last line before the call ends. Can someone tell me?

  • The first article I find on this story with comments open. May truth and justice prevail...... and I'm including the media in that hope.

  • You play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

  • The busiest room at LIBERAL MEDIA is EDITING ROOM, also known as PROPAGANDA ROOM

  • If someone in that neighborhood had a gun and shot that knife wielding girl ,instead of a cop having to do it , what would the consequences be?

  • Inhuman Lies!!! And from supposed News Media!! This is NOT PLAYTIME!!! This is For REAL!!!! It's Going to Come Back On You Lier's!!!

  • How is a street brawl a political thing? Are we supposed to believe that police and the right wing voters are on the same team and the rest are actually against law enforcement? I’m just curious.

  • First off, it was wrong what NBC did. However all this information that you guys, FOX, are saying applies to you as well. FOX is a contributor to this also. So it’s not just NBS, ABC, etc. but FOX as well. You all are not exempted for this problem, you are a part of the problem as well!!!

  • I honestly think the media just wants to cause drama to keep us divided. It's all about money 💰 for them.

  • How often do kids bring knifes to school and the teachers Couldn't deescalate it?!?!

  • I would be completely fine if cops decide not to respond when these bias media companies call for help when they're danger..

  • "Fermenting racist rage"..... Only those with low I.Q, are taking the bait. Unfortunately, there's ALOT of morons out there. Stay safe. Godspeed, everyone.

  • I agree with this, and so do 26,000 other people so remember that.

  • Thank you for this video!

  • Fake supremacy

  • The irony of a misleading MSM segment telling you that a another misleading MSM segment is misleading... 🤣

  • There is a difference between someone pulling a knife,a talking them down(maybe even getting between the two people)vs being at distance and someone pinning another person and swinging a knife at that person.

  • Yall do it too

  • Im curious to no who the male is kicking the girl over like that is he just breaking up a fight??? I just never heard about that part anyone plz???? TY

  • I'm not a fan of Donald Trump but he called out all the FAKE NEWS quite a while ago. Guess what people? He wasn't lying!!!

  • So they just don't use their tasers anymore why

  • Why do the police shoot right to the heart. This police could of shot her in the legs & she would of fallen down.. lt wasnt in need to shoot the 16 year old girl to the heart. So sad.🙏🙏

  • The FCC defines propaganda and is responsible for enforcement aganist media sources. Fine NBC for a few million dollars and jail time. Change will come.

  • Wish Fox News youtube would care about the viewers enough to quit shutting off comments in certain videos..

  • Doesn't sound like they want police defunded

  • For all police before doing anything involve with black peoples needs to call ChinaJames aka LeBron James. 🤣

  • NBC Nymphomaniacs Blowing Criminals

  • NBC Nitwits Broadcasting Crap

  • The Media is in bed with the Democratic party,sometimes the media advances a narrative, and the Democrats pick it up,sometimes the Democratic party advances a narrative,and the media picks it up,they pleasure each other daily.

  • yes, most ppl want to look/be innocent & aren't likely to self incriminate but--- this is beyond that, by far. video shows ma'khia's own DAD kicking some girl (woman?) who was lying on the ground but..... ALL THE TROUBLE was "SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT"? ummmmm, it occurs to me that ma'khia's upbringing/environment was greatly at fault & she paid for it with her LIFE! i think the parents should be charged, big time, for m,ore than one crime here. i just can't imagine i'm the only person who sees through their "defense". i don't think they have one. hope it gets to trial so they can at least get them there for perjury! ---- & the media--- ph man, they intensify the family lies bcz it just fits their agenda... so much to say on THAT....

  • NBC Nightly should be charged with inciting racial hatred and violence.

  • Listen here Maureen where's your proof how you know that they're lying how do you know that the media was only relaying what they was told

  • To David whitefield how many times did Trump lied to cover up his incompetent and because of his lies lives and the economy is paying the price my question is what did you say about the president when he did the same thing

    • hey baby!!!! you don't know you were gaslighted there, also... but, i won't excuse you bcz you sound at least old enough to do some independent RESEARCH!!! there are toooo many videos on here to back up trump! soo, just 2 words: SHUT UP! learn something before you jump into hot water!

  • Lets find a way to ban biased media.

  • You can STOP this media CRAP by going to their office with your cameras and ask them WHY ARE YOU ONLY GIVING YOUR followers FAKE NEWS or HALF truths!!! JUST DO IT, don't wait for another media center to do the job for you.

  • If I had my way, any news outlet caught broadcasting fake news would be fined up to 1 billion dollars and suspended up to 6 months with a portion of the money going to whomever they falsified news on and the other portion going to charity, These opinion based news shows need to be held accountable and put in check!

  • That was justified... But I'm sure they'll try to burn Columbus Ohio down and vandalize the town if the adults in the situation would have got the knife from that girl it wouldn't have happened. So somebody needs to ride by there and burn their house down instead of destroying innocent people's homes and businesses..

  • There were two other girls trying to stab Ma'Khia and her grandmother? Did not see them only saw Ma'Khia with a knife.

  • I have watched over and over again. I do not dispute his call but 4 shots is excessive. He could have even razed her. A racial war is going on and no this is not apart of it. Do I wish things were different yes. He made the right call but that 4 shots is the only thing I don’t agree with. I can also say she should had stayed in the house when she called for the police. It is so much that could have been avoided amongst the adults. However it was a knife he could have unarmed her in a second and razed the mess out of her. The choice was made and it wasn’t a bad choice but the 4 shots?? 1-2 yes but not 4 that was excessive.

  • Why would they want leave this out Hmmm ?

  • They are absolutely disgusting and criminals. And the reporters should have been fired.

  • He should have popped the punk coward who hit and kicked the down girl in the face!!!

  • And first of all they need to stop bringing races in this situation here this girl had a knife to stab another girl with the ain't no telling when she hit her with that knife what what she hit her with the knife she probably would have kept stabbing her you don't know so the police reacted in a way to save someone is no way I'm going to run up on someone with a knife me myself I am scared of a butcher knife because I don't seem people get stabbed with a knife it's no joke that girl could have killed her once she here with the knife cutting a hug throat anywhere we don't know

  • NBC loves racial mayhem! And produce fake news with dishonest reporting!

  • Why isn't NBC being held legally responsible for intentionally engaging in direct manipulation of the situation .

  • shame on NBC I will not watch you anymore

  • The video with the neighbor has the comments turned off. I wonder why. This is ridiculous. Those where women Ma’Khia was fighting and that girl that called the police was her sister. That’s what the news in general keep leaving out. The girl in pink is a 22 year old adult and the other is 20. They used to live at that foster house and often picked fights with Ma’Khia. The one in pink initiated the argument in the house and grabbed a knife and so did Ma’Khia. This whole situation is horrible and unfortunate.but the news are only spinning the narrative two ways( racial uproar/ teens in knife fights) just like nbc, fox need to take accountability for leaving out keep parts as well.

  • Can this guy put you to sleep, like he does with me.....they need to get someone with more life in him or replace......geezzz

  • Another reason why you don't get involved when the police arrive.

  • Was that a man trying to kick a woman that fell as the officer approached.

  • Wow Fox News does the exact same thing, and Fox is the biggest contributor to fake news

  • Justice was served yet inappropriately misplaced. #1 dispatch call= knife #2 knife/red flag=backup #3 one shot would've stopped her.. but 2 more

  • NBC once again showing that they are not a news organization, they are liars and promoters of propaganda. FAKE NEWS AND FLAT OUT LIARS.

  • Listen David whitefield you have my apologies apparently I didn't explain myself I agreed with what you said I think if they had shared the whole conversation then I dont think it would have went down like that but none of it would have happen if they had used better judgment and just went inside and waited for the police they let their anger cloud their judgment and some of the adult could have acted like adult and handle the situation better

  • Who is the slow dispatcher that can't hear the girl clearly said someone is trying to stab them and the dispatcher keep s saying are there any weapons are there any weapons.

  • it should be illegal for a news station to lie on national television because its causing unneeded tensions and getting more and more people hurt or killed

  • Ya.....toss them in prison & THROW AWAY THE KEY....... FOR TREASON!!!!!!

  • The Police officers did his job this wasnt racial at all. Stop pulling the racist card people. What about if it was your daughters getting stabbed you woul of appreciat the police

  • What's sad is that even tho we see it this way.. me being a white woman would say this stuff out loud even tho it's rite there in video.. I am called a raciest because I agree this officer had no choice someone could of been killed by this girl!!

  • This is exactly why I’m a independent bc I think for myself and cnn/msnbc should be a shame of themselves in what they pushing. Don’t believe everything you hear and half of what you see!!

  • "Political correctness is facism pretending to be manners". George Carlin "Political correctness is America's newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance. It presents itself as fairness, yet attempts to restrict and control people's language with strict codes and rigid rules. I'm not sure that's the way to fight discrimination. I'm not sure silencing people or forcing them to alter their speech is the best method for solving problems that go much deeper than speech." George Carlin, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

  • Start charging the media when they break laws!!!!

  • NBC in-siting a riot!!!

  • They should charge everyone involved with lying to the public and causing riots!!! Everyone involved with that report from NBC should be charged!!!

  • I keep saying it, the guy in gray kicking the girl down, badly needs his face Kicked in.


  • Media privilege, let me write this one down!!

  • Joe it aint gonna happen.

  • Aahhh... dumbo

  • MaKiah or her sister made that call. By the time they got there 15 minutes later MaKiah had grabbed a knife of her own to protect herself. Those 2 woman grown woman [in the pink and on the ground] were attempting to teach MaKiah a lesson! Yes the cop pulled up saw a knife and shot! We live in a stand your ground state but he prevented her from standing her ground He killed her! Tell the whole story or shut up

  • The black community has every right to be upset about many different aspects of injustice toward them. These issues have deep roots and have to be addressed in a unified and peaceful way. Violence is not the solution and shame on those media outlets that are fueling violence for their personal agenda. Our youths, no matter what race, are our future and we are killing them with hate. Tearing apart lives with the hate we cause. We need better education, we need to face up to the root of the problems and unify to start the long and hard process of repairing the mess this whole country is in. Our babies are dying and with them, so is our future.

  • Hitler's most important right hand man was NOT Goerring, Hoess, Borman, Himmler, Eichmann ... it was Goebbels, the minister of propaganda. Control the minds and you dictate the world. 1984 today. A person is smart but people are stupid and mainstream media exploits this to the fullest. Conserv's are thinkers. Libs are feelers.

  • Sad for the 16y/o. I get where the police was coming from. He had no time to actually think nor calm the situation. Nobody tried to calm down when the police arrived. It actually escalated. Not saying that it was right but... I feel all of that could've been avoided had the teens waited for authorities

  • The media better start telling the TRUTH or ELSE. People have had it...

  • How is this racist? Just some food for thought how come when a white person kills a black person its racist and makes national news but when a black person kills a white person its not racist and hardly ever makes local news.

  • The MSM has been lying since the start of time! So you have corrupt, covering the corrupt. What else is new??

  • I want to know why is that girl and her father go to this person's house tends to get a fight a picture would be her dad got her killed that's the real piece of s*** right there

  • Thank you fox for showing yet another example of the leftist media's agenda.

  • That shxt crazy we have no chance at all white guy stab cop got tased black people is treated so unfairly

  • Cops need to learn how to do a better job

  • Whats so fuxking funny

  • She was DEFENDING herself with a knife!. The 2 grown women should've never been there!.

  • “What if it were your daughter?” Is he referring to the girl who was shot...or the girl who was about to have a knife plunged into her?? Depending on which one you choose, answers may vary.

  • Mainstream media is the enemy of the people

  • Uh..."trying to stab" = weapon present. Dispatcher not a good listener?

  • I agree it was wrong to mislead people but if I’m correct Fox News is Also known to be A very Racist News Station Itself!!!!. That Cop made the right choice and we all need to move on. The Facts are there and very clear.

  • "We need the police out here NOW!" & they better be perfectly choreographed ...or else

  • Even most BLM supporters think this officer made the right decision. Only the dumb extremists think otherwise.

  • She got what she deserves period blame her foster parents

  • Well that's what you get on big network mainstream media, who wanted to be on top of the government and wanted to be in control of a country. It's also the kind of media we have here in the Philippines, coz the media doesn't want the present government that whom they couldn't hold on of thier neck.

  • *she stabbed one girl and was trying to stab another*

  • Ma'Khia Bryant brought this on herself. She would be alive if she hadn't tried to stab someone in the presence of an ARMED policeman. The copper did his job and a young lady who likes pink gets to live her life.

  • The world is soon to burn 🔥 Get your house in order!

  • I have to commend the officer for his perfect aim. That girl was going to stab her. He saved her life

  • When are these criminals going to be held accountable, Jail time would send a message