My Thoughts on Reality Shifting

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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!


  • If multiple universe exist there would be universe without realty shifting and so if I want to go there but I cannot do it because shifting does not exist in the particular universe which implies that i can't shift to my desired universe which breaks the total logic of realty shifting,which is that I can go to any universe I this shifting thing is completely wacky.

  • me i just dream sometimes but my dreams are like back to the past and i go to the future

  • One of my classmates shifts, I don't believe in it myself but she can do what she wants.

  • 🇬🇧🤩

  • 6:16 yo come fight me for Bakugou!

  • I actually can shift, I personally think it’s not really more realities, I think it’s more like a mental thing, like a dream but being awake at the same time

  • Im a half flat earther and i am a half round earther combine it B)

  • 2:51 What is the furry doing... I have a dirty mind

  • Draco, Bakugo,MAKE UP YOUR MIND

  • 6:37 hey look it’s mrs.frizzle I haven’t seen her in years!

  • Bakugou.... IS NOT URS JAMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS he’s mine- Ok sure nvm I give up he probably choose u over me ;-;🥲

  • When the smart kid looks like tommy innit with a baseball cap

  • i thought he wont ever upload again

  • Basically an isekai lol

  • The people who "shifted" were probably Lucid dreaming.

  • James : back off bakugou hes mine. Me : *bainging my head on walls because im tired of seeing people fangirling/boying to katsuki*.

  • Don't tell em about Tulpas

  • If reality shifting was real I would want to go to my hero academia

  • what if,, we left the community alone?? you're talking shit about shifters and yet hardly anyone does so towards religious people. both parties have no solid proof of their beliefs, but they still choose to believe. just,, shut up. you're not doing any good for anyone.

  • 8:10 thats a good bakugou drawing my guy

  • Heya uhh i just wanna say realoty shifting is just kids lucid dreaming

  • I never knew you like Boku no Hero :o

  • "Feels unhealthy, my guy." "ALSO, BACK OFF. BAKUGOU IS MINE"

  • As much as I hate to admit it, I havnt watched an Odd1sOut video in a long time, and now I have come to the beautiful realization that he watched anime, and my stupid ass got really hyped up when he vaguely MENTIONED Lance McClain in an old video, I’m currently subscribing again

  • I believe in the multi verse and that there is tons of different realities... But fictional realities are a stupid idea. It doesn't make sense.

  • My biggest problem with people believing in reality shifting is them treating it as scientific fact, rather than a belief. I've seen too many people say stuff about entropy and thermodynamics, and how it's supposed to work, instead of just acknowledging that it is a belief.

  • If reality shifting did exist, there was a dimension where everyone was apart of an organization that was trying to swap everyone to this reality and there was multiple dimensions that do the same but with different uniform colors and others that do that to other dimensions, doesn't that mean that you would be conscience swaped every second?!?

  • stay away from bakugo james im waring you

  • How to fix it back hand them

  • tik tok: 6:54 Me: 6:37

  • I'm literally waiting the whole video for him to say it's complete bull because it is. Thinking about it makes me cringe. Just think about all the TikTok who fake "reality shifting" for views. Tik Tok should just stop. It's not even the app it's the idiots who try to convince you this stuff is real. I'm sorry James I completely respect the way you look at this but I can't stand it.

  • 5:30 They want other people to try and then they get many and I say many likes and shares

  • This is why *sometimes* sharing is not caring!

  • Me being a kid it's not kids being kids or maybe I'm wrong

  • You GAY?

  • wait......... dose this mean we could be in a diffrent reallity right now think about it james think about it.

  • it looks like someone's been playing the zero escape trilogy

  • what's tik tok?

  • Hello, theodd1sout, I don't know if it's appropriate for a person like me to ask but could you do a video on Mandela effects. I want to hear more. There are so many Mandela effects going around. For example, the Disney Tinkerbell intro, food brands and even cartoon characters. A large amount of people think that Mickey Mouse wears suspenders but no he only wore pants. Please do a video pertaining to this topic.

  • A reality where Game Stop stocks are low? I wonder which one that is!

  • But but the cia documents

  • Is he the food theory guy

  • man i sure wish that i had 10k **some random universe where i make amazon** "NOOOO IM BROKE"

  • I thought reality shifting wasn't real

  • I think reality shifting is just them dreaming LMAO

  • I love James x bakugo

    • other people: IzUkU x BaKuGo

  • This video has so much bakugou so it should of been called "Talking about Bakugou with theodd1sout"

  • Still, I'll go to my danganronpa rd.

  • Its sad that all of those realities, Spiderman is fake in our reality.

  • wait a minute does that mean there's a reality where reality shifting dont exist

  • James: This is not true Me: wait till someone named Rick invents a portal gun

  • You clever bach.

  • why he hasnt uplouded is because he died from covid from the vaccine

    • Tell me you're joking

  • James kinda has a thing for aggressive blonds

  • So um The OA you should watch it but none of these kiddos who believe in reality shifting should because the shows solution to switch realities is uh well they just shouldn't watch it.

  • kids atp are becoming delusional bc of social media, like leave the alternate reality experiments to actual scientists 💀

  • people love to attack things they don’t understand disliked

  • 1:47 amogus

  • how many times did you say that jeez put this on 7 hours

  • 3:31 kinda sus

  • hint: it's lucid dreams


  • You subconsciously shift every second without even realizing it dumbass get your information from somewhere other than Tiktok

    • @eek - nono. Believing in something is a thing. Believing that it can be a thing that some people can do is okay. Believing in the multiverse theory is okay. But telling people that you CAN move between universes and insulting people who clearly dont believe you? That's just wanting to be some kinda wizard and wanting people to believe you

    • @Coconut Boy same case with religion lol. just let people believe in what they want to believe, it literally isnt that hard.

    • "Guys I swear I have superpowers and I can jump between universes only that I have no proof about it"

  • So, there is a reality where voldemort survived

  • Happy bday in 6 days:)

  • 5:53 why does she have grenades on her shelf

  • .

  • I love u odd

  • My brain: No no Terrance isn't real Me: *Agrees* Watches somebody else Au Me: NAH NAH BRAIN TERRANCE IS REAL




  • 0:29 *how could you*


  • #MRTOP5


  • TheOdd1sOut: say hunger games my brain: *happyness noises*

  • Well in general I’d say that first there is a lot of adults from what I am seeing and also it’s like when you dream but you seemingly have all your senses like when you have sleep paralysis and I believe that it’s kinda a view of what’s happening or just entering your dream world

  • The two dumbest TikTok communities are the Reality Shifters and the "TikTok Science hybrid splice" community. They think you can mix a pig with a cat.

  • 8:04 this part made me disintegrate

  • send save to Brazil

  • when you shift, you have a clone that does what you would do any day but if u put it in ut script, you can make the clone tell whoever that you shifted and you can change ur script while in the other reality and when u wanna leave, you have a safe word so i heard

  • Oh I always thought shifting was more like a scripted lucid dream that you could attempt to control, not actually switching consciousness to a different reality

    • Lucid dreams are fun, these people believe you LITERALLY go to another world.

  • 2:23 whale from battleblock theater

  • Guess I’m mentally damaged. 😌✌️

    • @Lauren L ^

    • Yes. If you believe this is a legitimate thing you can do, yes.

  • best motivational speaker of 2021

  • James ARE YOU A FURRY hmmmmmmmmmmmm ARE U hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Y/n be like: 👁👄👁

  • Anime watchers gonna here about this one

  • What i-i-i cant go to hogwarts!! 😢

  • Hey James I made a card game like you did I like it but I did not buut you in it so sorry is it ok if no sorry if yes yay

  • хай американские челы

  • hi i was told you are cancelled is it true please say no

  • Yeahhh this... this video got you a new sub...

  • Omg I saw "can't catch Harry" At hobby lobby

  • I bought the odds1out Poosh head

  • Wraith from Apex Legends believes, talks about it, and it is real. In Apex Legends

  • can we have sooubway part 5

    • He has no more stories

  • Welp you must be painted plumnet theodd1sout wear your seatbelt+matt attack theodd1souttrousle

  • He didn't say "and remember to wear your seatbelt" :(