Minecraft's Most Disturbing Experiment

Birt 3 maí 2021
Minecraft has a long history of events and stories, but none as disturbing as this. The Closed Map Experiment is Minecraft's strangest and most disturbing social experiment, a test of players resulting in betrayl, revenge and real world attacks.

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This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a documentary about a disturbing experiment. Even more disturbing then the possibility that Dream faked his boat clutch in a manhunt vs sapnap, badboyhalo, georgenotfound, antfrost and awesamdude.

0:00 Prologue
1:14 Jay
2:41 The Experiment
5:16 Clans
8:41 War
11:13 Anarchists
13:35 Mistakes
15:20 Fallout


  • This is so cool. I want to to dis same experiment but be a participant

  • The merchants remind me of the merchant alliance and the trade federation in Star Wars there neutral and just want profit

  • 5:10: so basically the hunger games.

  • I’m disappointed

  • waste of time

  • cool

  • I wish they called the brotherhood to the brotherhood of steel

  • this is naruto but minecraft clans wars and shit

  • Am I the only one who thinks this looks super fun?!

  • This experiment shows human nature. Steal Destroy Exploit

  • Ngl, the experiment got me Maze Runner vibes and it sounds fun, if the strict rule was removed

  • I thought this was about the owner of the server hacking all the players..

  • This is so fake, when jay was guarding his tree, there was a bee hive, in that year, the bee update didn’t exist

  • Bruh, this is just 2b2t before it exploded it popularity a few years back.

  • Not really a disturbing experiment, but a rather interesting one. This is actually so cool to split the process up into sections and compare it to real life. Solo resource gathering, groups, trading, scarcity, tension, war, peace.

  • my friend henry was in this test.... he was one of the best fighters there

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  • not disturbing, just a cool experiment

  • I made a disturbing story based on this for my friends to read

  • Minecraft DR no sleep

  • This story/event is actually pretty cool

  • David summers???? Is that you?????

  • What if this event was recreated

  • from the first coulple sentences you had me on the edge of my chare for the entire video. it was amazing!

  • I'm watching this at midnight

  • This. This is the original version of the events in the dream smp

  • Love the creepy vids!

  • Not scary

  • This started out as the beginning of a horror story and turned into an smp

  • This is interesting cause you see that is representing what humans are doing to the earth even tho it’s just a game we should think about saving the earth before it’s too late

  • What does DDOS mean

  • 35:00

  • "He's met with something strange." Of course at that moment, a sparkling water can fell over and scared the lights out of me

  • He made this way more scary than it was lol

  • Before:a fine world.then:war.now:the apaculips

  • This feels like The future of Third life

  • This experiment looks fun tho, i should try.

  • Who else notices that he stole the background music at the beginning of this video from Daniel Cc movies?

  • Plot twist: Woody got inspired by the movie/book Maze Runner

  • Do OldRoot

  • This is very cool

  • This sounds like third life

  • No one Dream smp if it was in 2012 and had no lore=

  • 1:10 -his computer WiFi connection is bad

  • This is murder island

  • amazing ending

  • Jaywastaken

  • i just got the most invested i EVER have in enything ever

  • Watch My Vids @SunnyPie to see my perspective on disc 11

  • Before you read this; I’m not saying this is 100% true. This makes me think of Bill Gates. How? Like this: 1. He is concerned about the resources of earth because of the population. This is why he wants to depopulate the earth. 2. The way people get together during a problem (like how they were trying to survive the mobs.) The top people in the world are throwing problems at us on purpose so that one day the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, bringing us all together, will calm things down. As you can see this is why Woody asks how this can relate to real life.

  • Tbh I would want to make a server like this and have fun but not make it weird or creepy

  • This experiment is just 2b2t but downscaled.

  • why do u speak in a scary voice(creepy noises in dream)

  • Expectations Me: someone gets hacked and all of his private information,bank information,and private photos was sent to hackers which was sold on the black market over Minecraft ReAlity: some group on a stupid obvious experiment gets a high school kids internet hacked After vid Me: Yes good /: And me: yes totally did not just steel this (;

  • Actually,i would like this type of server.Of course not counting the bad part.Does somebody know this type of server?

  • Way too creepy

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  • Wait real story ?

  • that sounds fun 10/10 would participate if given the chance

  • Is this real or not?

  • this video surprised me but the surprise was boring and I don't get the point of this video no offense

  • Wait,woody has the same profile pic as steaveee

  • "wordworks" Wifies: "W O O D W O R K S" Also no cap I thought that people who left early would get murdered girl or smn yet in reality the worst thing that happened was a ddos attack.

  • Fall0ut yes

  • If it was today evryone whud have iron farms

  • these guys walked so the 3rd lifers could sprint

  • I mean like all of these videos the channel person talk in a very deep bored voice. It's scary. But COOL CUBBED

  • This isn't disturbing at all. In fact, it actually looks fun to play. (Except that hacking incident, the server looks fun)

  • Merchants are the Minecraft version of Switzerland

  • woodySMP

  • Of course it had to be meaningless clickbait

  • %player% *al* -e- _14_ &4KEKE hh

  • Lame

  • I mean, it sounds like a really interesting experiment and I believe it does say a lot about the human nature. Just because it’s a block game doesn’t mean that it can mirror real-world behaviors.

  • i not speak english :b

  • Franz Ferdinand: I MAKE WAR Jays cows: Wanna bet

  • Minecraft love island

  • Wow

  • When I watched this at night it was disturbing then I watch this now and I’m like meh is this supposed to be scary?

  • Me: goes afk. Woody: *no stop that’s not how your suppose to play the game*

  • 16:14 trust me on this one....

  • Lol the fact that all the clan names are skyrim name

  • was this staged

    • Off course it was idiot

  • Who wants to try this again when 1.17 comes out?

  • the idea seems hella fun

  • This was a huge waste of time thx down vote yo ass

  • I guess I never realized minecraft could run out of resources. Or pepole would take it so seriously.

  • 1:14 I find it hilarious that right after you said the word "Hacked" I got a shockbyte ad

  • Could've just titled most interesting server because it was hardly disturbing tbh

  • The Minecraft sleep expiriment

    • LOL I was thinking of the same thing

  • It wasnt disturbing

  • Jay got invited by a toy story character? Damn he lucky

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  • fortnite balls

  • Sounds like the early days of 2b2t.

  • I call this "The Roman Experiment"

  • Dont try so hard to make this seem like a horror story or something important lol. Its just a server and someone getting so butthurt to ddos someone.

  • Brotherhood? Sounds like fallout reference uwu

  • I'm surprised nobody ever built to the limit and used a water bucket to get down.

    • They could have, but that wasn't the point of the experiment, so they didn't. They followed the rules.