Minecraft Manhunt, But I'm A Redstone Master...

Birt 12 maí 2021
Minecraft Manhunt, But I'm A Redstone Master...

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    • @SuprSpaceBoyGamz #you missed the joke

    • Yeah same

    • Wtf?

    • @LOL MAN shut up it’s was the joke r/woooosh

    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Ah yes. A netherite pickaxe is redstone related

  • Why do they sound like Xbox kids

  • Minecraft but I'm mumbo jumbo

  • P

  • 18:28

    • Ahahahhaa

  • You used the redstone clock wrong u have to use lever on and off very quickly

  • Is kier red or blue?

  • It’s fun and all but the banter can get pretty toxic and disrespectful

  • how can we get this modpack?

  • Greatest line : "I am stupid but I am not an idiot"

  • The ancient withdrawal literally test because doubt rahilly appear among a unsuitable numeric. accessible, mean save

  • Maybe instead of mushrooms use a tree,also sorry if it doesn't work and u have tried before I don't know because im new

  • :o

  • I have no idea who's talking

  • 3:59 *sans theme*

  • Mumbo Jumbo: *Are you sure about that*

  • Dream team: OH DREEEEEAAAAMM Kier and dev: OH DUDDEEEEEEE

  • Low key this is better than dreams manhunts

  • You need a shorts channel called kev and dier


  • This is op but the acting looks to be totally fake,,but good run

  • I thought it supposed to be oh George not ohh dude bwt like the video if your watching in year 3105

  • 7:37 this is fake and scripted, his voice cuts out, and look at the chest

  • That sans song from undertale

  • These two guys will be the new generation's MiSTiK and LaGGeR (Context: on rutube there's the duo of mistik and lagger who were childhood of every russian child in gen z basically and they also had that siblings ish vibe)

  • You should make a piston elevator to the world tight and then after he leaves you can mlg water Bucket

  • 320 fps in nether?omg

  • Lol so scripted

    • @Saurish Mangla but reality both r likely partially scripted

    • @Saurish Mangla lmao this one got me

    • Dude your at wrong place this is not Dream

  • Kül düd

  • Try the same thing but this time use your food wisely.

  • Soo cool

  • Oooo so dream saw your video and got the idea 💡 to use the flying machine to go to the end. I would it if dream would have given the credit to you but still I love your video 😍

  • There are two types of Minecraft players. Those who can do Redstone and those who can't.

  • My man doesn’t know what a Centipede is

  • Dev’s voice is deeper

  • I love when people freak out with poison on them. They don’t kill you and you can be safe in some ways

  • That intro made me laugh *Kier pulls lever* Dev: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • There’s a new feature called the notification update just click the bell after you subscribe

  • Meow 🐈‍⬛

  • Sushi 🍣

  • SUS

  • Omg

  • I love this channel im new here the vid os so good👍

  • it’s not new right now

  • Me wow so cool whats a aredstone master???

  • I would’ve made him so giant that little the Giantess person in the home game what do you even be lovely 1% of his size

  • YOOO

  • I feel bad for dev

  • When you think about it dev guessed correctly the twist is basically kier becomes batman

  • A

  • Mean, rude Dev >=( 😞😠

  • Debare

  • Why you didn't have built a flying machine in the end to go for Elytra and chorus food? :-o

  • I dint know whos who

  • Ur the brain devs the brawn


  • Simping for sharkcraft rn

  • You made your tunnel 3 blocks tall at the end and the enderman teleported in

  • Gotta admit the best part of this whole manhunt is the conversation 😂.

  • First one he ran into the lava and then faked the surprise

  • “There’s so many mobs! 😫” 5:16: it looks like the perfect habitat for them

  • Omg Keirrr I love ur content u deserve the subs that u have and I just subbed cuz ur content is too good

  • You’re the best at redstone

  • Minecraft Manhunt but I watched a mumbo tutorial

  • Red one sounds just like dream no cap

  • I subcriiiibe youuuuuuwu

  • I never knew i can unsub i though it was like signing a lifetime contract •_•

  • you are a god of trap


  • Kier you sound kinda like skeppy in a way

  • Dev is qctually so bad

  • Engineering vs brute force

  • Manhunt except even faker than dream.


  • Die to endermen

  • Suggestion: Use captions so we can see who is actually talking. Your voices are very identical and doing this will allow the viewer to follow through and make the viewing experience easier meaning more views and they won’t just click off in the middle of the video (Day 1) I'm not a bot, just a man who found the same issue from another commenter. Just want to help to improve the channel!

  • Wow I am new it’s like big bro and small bro or are you friends?

  • ???

  • Yeah

  • You are boring

  • This is kinda like dreams videos.

  • You could have tripwire hooked The nether portal and made him fall or do it for the end portal

  • This is a video of Mumbai jumbo did a manhunt against grian

  • 18:04 “Ima gonna enchant, that’s the best I can do with 6” Me: If your out of the Nether which you are, find a village then upgrade your iron armor and axe to diamond, not that hard.

    • Lol not how that works...

    • You mean with a smithing table? You do know that that only works for diamonds to netherite right?

    • ?

  • What did he build in the portal room?

  • U guys voice are hard to follow with

  • how is this plugin names?

  • Kier when he's buliding a redstone machine: detective music play

  • teach me i wanna be a redstone master

  • Hi I'm new

  • The main difficulty of building anything decent with redstone in a manhunt is getting the slime, I think that stuff is too uncommon

  • Your skin is kinda like tapl. Love your content tho bro

  • smart is beter than strengh

  • Redstone is nice!

  • U sound like dream

  • 19:00 I assume hes talking about strip mining

  • Have u ever seen a vid where they don't see a ruined portal in the beginning

  • Your freinds annoying

  • me when I saw the thumbnail: Minecraft manhunt but I carry a bucket of water