Minecraft, But Caves Are Super...

Birt 11 jún 2021
Minecraft, But Caves Are Super... (Even better than the 1.17 Update Caves)


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  • These caves are terrifying 😭

  • Minecraft but xnestorio says don't talk about endre pealing

  • This mod is a literal update

  • I smell like poopoo

  • Cave update 69.69

  • 16:08 you missed althemodium

  • How

  • 3 minutes of death and God's mand

  • I wanna see more of this cave mod 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • This just 1.17 but better xdddd also warden finna 2 shot full Netherite people

  • Lol

  • Me when playing minecraft for the first time after 1.16.1 update: Thinks basalt is wood.

  • Minecraft but it’s upgraded 1.17

  • i like your vids forrest

  • I want to download this-

  • Caves in caves on caves on caves

  • That new diamond ore is called deepslate diamond ore

  • You are just using original textures :/

  • If there were emerald materials… what if there were… obsidian, red stone, or lapis tools??? Or A SECRET NOTCH APPLE TOOL?!

  • Sadly bedrock doesn’t have all features Java has

  • caves in 1.17 be like hi

  • Ma man crafted 10 crafting table 。◕‿◕。

  • Go to 13min 5sec

  • 4:11 WHATTTTTTTTTT??????????????

  • Gravel is falling

  • Is this its own mod?

  • I love werden

  • The the wordon

  • Alternate Title: Searching for cave villages in a large cave system

  • L

  • Minecraft, but what is that?

  • 16:07 u missed it LOL (look to the right)

  • 13:12 hehehehehe

  • Minecraft but I am confused

  • Alternative title: Minecraft, but caves are super...... gay

  • He passed some of the ore

  • The caves are so so so so terrifying

  • Thort they are so scary so so so scary

  • i really thought that he was gonna make the full set of the ore by which he made the boots

  • I have an idea for an alternate title the title is...I am very confused of this mod!

  • To hit the like button in half a second took me so much tries and I finally got it

  • He did MLG water bucket even though he takes no fall damage

  • Alternate Title: Minecraft but xNestorio gets lost

  • Nestrorio wait you can make emerald items!!!🤣

  • And happy you’ve gone to 50 subscribers let’s go to 10 K 10 K

  • I know the warden

  • At 16:07 you passed something … very sad

  • Oh yeah you could’ve used those diamonds and using emeralds if you knew that

  • I’ll do that there wasn’t a village that’s why they fix that now you can make Emeril tools in emerald armor well I guess you haven’t seen that one coming denture

  • Just a regular Minecraft because I can’t figure out how to get in the mod ones

  • Oh and I forgot I play Minecraft as you too

  • I really wish that is actually mine but one thing can you show me where it is please I will six scribe on your video and hit the and I like your video and hit that notification bell with all I’ll give you more comments if you just tell me where that is please

  • You need more subs :D my friend saw this channel for the first time but instantly subscribed

  • Who else notice that he walked by an allthemodium ore

  • 5:27

  • I love thus guy 😊😊😊😊

  • you ran past some of that good stuff at 16:07

  • can you post like the link for the map and the mods used?

  • At 16:08 he missed one

  • Dude your videos are great (:

  • New cave I got confused (not clickable)

  • Title:Minecraft but caves a large (Thats what she said)

  • Wow I found a cave like this in one of my video! I left a like for sure. That’s op

    • @venom Pretty sure the one you would want to find if possible would be the Super Caves, or anchor to Cave Ruins. I’m not actually positive on the name

    • what is the mod called for the caves?

  • xNestorio: I’ve never fallen in my life ender pearl: now you will

  • my brother is chilling on me

  • it shold be called confusing caves

  • OMG this is a big super cave OMG

  • 13:23 dream watching like hahaha allow me to introduce myself

  • bruh he passed the modded ore PS I forgot the name of the ore

  • 4:15 how many times can a man say “compact ore”

  • 13:10

  • I think they are called “the cave of my misery”

  • The thankful believe essentially hang because dimple formerly glow on a enchanting playroom. ashamed, abject cd

  • 10:47 POV:are you sure about THAT???

  • Great vid

  • What mod is this

  • Alt title minecraft but caves are stupidly op

  • Alt title: what is that? Stop. Don't kill me.

  • This is a tip for the nether you can mine faster than that is a holy golden picaxe but it only works in the nether

  • 20:13 he forgot with his boots he takes no fall damage

  • I'm the best enderpealer 13:22

  • U talk to much

  • xNesrorio:I'm the best ever *falls into lava* Me: XD no you're not

  • Hi 3 week old

  • Alternative title: Me being stressed as heck for 21 Minutes straight…

  • Can u do the same cave but 100 days

  • You're voice makes me mad but it's cool at the same time

  • 30 bits of me not knowing what's going on

  • alternate title, everyones hopes of 1.17...

  • I thought it sayed minecraft but caves are stupid 😅

  • Alternate title: Minecraft, but i run around trying to get the best wood for crafting tables

  • XNestorio be like I need netherite everything

  • If me and my friends did this i think me and liam would mine and sophia,stella and liam.f would ma ke a house😞

  • Vgyy

  • Minecraft but the world is a cave

  • in 16:08 0f the vid you passed some atlruaim

  • 12:36 convenient cut

  • Alternative title:21 minutes of me painfully suffer cuz my pc is a piece of potato

  • Reality:that is definitely not a fortress but it might have some netherite Captions:that is definitely not a fortress but it might have some netherwight Me:What?????