Minecraft, But You Can Combine Any Item...

Birt 11 maí 2021
Minecraft, But You Can Combine Any Item...

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In todays Minecraft Challenge... We can combine any item together to create a new overpowered custom item! We can combine diamonds and cobblestone, swords and shields, pickaxes and totems, TNT and snowballs, and more! Each new OP item have special abilities. Can we use these new custom combination of items to beat the game? Like and subscribe to help us get Trending #1! Let's do this!


  • what is the name of this mod?

  • mod name?

  • In the fire leggings you poop out fire

  • Another name for the ladder boots are anti-gravity boots

  • What mod is it

  • tommy : hey bionic wanna pvp? Bionic sure (take out sharp shield) timmy : never mind :/

  • lol omg

  • A bone and a music disc will be a wait for It... bisc!!!

  • Bruh, climber boots are epic, a long with the totem Pickaxe

  • Bionic you forgot one moon costume item a crafting table with diamonds table

  • Ok but the background manhunt music

  • Love you

  • Guys did you even notice he has 17 ender pearls


  • OMG bionic pvp mod let's fight in Minecraft

  • So marvel can you come to my house my address is Tulsa ok 👍👌📱😊

  • 7:18 😂

  • This vid bionic have hacker pack

  • how that mod i play minecraft what that mod? i like it that you all conben

  • i heard the dream song when he is on mine lol

  • how about ender dragon egg and sword

  • Can I have the mods

  • U could have combined the lucky diamond axe with the scythe and the ches plate with diamond apple Edit: OK maybe the bedrock Is better


  • How about Minecraft as undertale

  • OK now put the diamonds and gold together

  • At the beginning you said imagine putting together a music disc and bone so put the music disc and bone together OK!

  • NAH my luck more unreal i got flint first try not even trying to get it

  • Me in my survival world: first gravel I break becomes flint

  • can you make custom tnt?

  • In Minecraft I found an evoked outside the mansion in the middle of nowhere

  • Jerk

  • You should be sorry for killing me

  • *being triggerd for bionic not making a new pear of pants*

  • Where is the data pack

  • whats the mod called

  • You said end rod 19:11 funny 😅😅

  • You only had 8 iron it turned into 64 n 11 🙂🙂

  • Can anyone please tell me the mods name?

  • Haste + totem pick axe on daimond block = fast delivery

  • Seed spoky mansion

  • Bionics life is very lucky


  • Troll your friends at the flying boots

  • Wow ohh

  • I need that seed know

  • Naminaminaminoi

  • YO I WANT THIS MOD!!! but... how much memory it will take with all those custom items? INFINITE??????

  • Effect is stronger

  • no just no I’m not letting u on top for 3 months

  • Hackers on pvp servers be like iM wEaRiNg ClImBeR BoOtS yOu jUsT cAnT sEe tHeM

  • What is this mod tell me now

  • End: Ladies And Gentlemen We Got Him

  • he is 'speedrunning'

  • U can be the next herobrine but eccept ur called biobrine😂

  • They should make it so bedrock is breakable but slowly even with like a netherite pickaxe, probably like something much stronger

  • Climbing boots is god mode

  • me who was staring at the egg hoping he would use it

  • 19:16 blaze rod end rod BRUH

  • Nani you founded a WOODLAND MANSION its pretty cool

  • Imagine making a shield and then talk meekly combining it with a diamond or something or like at least own or maybe something or like combined with something that might like replace the wood hopefully make it better combined with something to make it better are we still come by with some stove or

  • wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwut

  • Blaze rod and end rod 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 THE THING HE CALLED A END ROD WAS A ENDER EYE LOL

  • did you know that mansions are the 2nd rarest structure in the game

  • Nice vid what is that mod for Minecraft I'll take it

  • Wait... 0:19 is that the woodland mansion???! bro you just spawned right next to a woodland mansion

  • 40 Arrows on his ISmem

  • Where did you gets this mod

  • What is download link

  • 1:32 u made me lost a 1 brain cell


  • Mhoymneminoy


  • your world is mess up and I'm not talking about the fuse thing hint it's when you leave the desert piramid in the river

  • Bionic: Mines bedrock Me: Calling FBI FBI: HE MINED BEDROCK?!?!

  • Nani

  • I'm 15

  • Sorry about my speech

  • When you have a diamond sword in a regular smp. *you killing spiders* *bionic has a freaking sharpness 5000000* *you what the fuck is that bionic that is 1000 percent cursed* *bionic dont ask or you will get the stab* *you what the fuck is wrong with him he is cursed*

  • Jk

  • Bionic Is Jesus

  • He is so lucky I never find that many diamonds

  • 19:15 endrod?

  • Minecraft

  • i saw you in somebody comment wow! right

  • Imagine he called iron ironler lol

  • You can have infinite diamonds

  • 20:49 thats the rarest block and you get it by the lucky helmet

  • I will call u BONC

  • try a custom item plus a custom item

  • Omg the grenade

  • please give me the link of the mod

  • Can you make a video where Minecraft but you can Be invisible and make custom potions?

  • Lov

  • You were so big brain when you didn’t pick up the diamonds when you headstone

  • Yeah yeah yeah

  • 2:21

  • THE AIR LOGIC:I CANT BE WALK ON BIONIC:Lol I can climb air (According to Minecraft,Air is count as a block so you can /give them but they'll disappear)

  • Fun fact the ender drago. Shootes popped chorus fruits which explode