Metric Paper

Birt 26 mar 2021
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  • Yes, I’m watching this at 3am

  • so yea... Metric Paper do be kinda dope

  • Okay, but how do I use the Spin?

  • I’ll just wait for the JoJo fans to comment here

  • i think i had a seizure

  • This feels like 3 months ago, not weeks. What is happening to my sense of time lately, it's really never been this warped before. Things I swear I saw last year popping up as 1 day ago, things I swear I got the notification for yesterday actually being 1 year ago. I'm so confused

  • Oh boy was I not ready for this. Thought it was going to be a light why metric system is the best video.

  • This might be the best video I've seen this year.

  • CGP Grey, what does your channel picture mean?

  • I miss the lava lamp

  • Kars be like

  • Please no

  • thank you grey i jave discover a new phobia i left this vedio with an internal crisis and wonder the meaning of my life thank you

  • Probably he also reading the script form an A4 paper .

  • Okay but can you do a video about metric paper now? :(

  • What an incredibly novel idea to explore the scale of the universe with paper sizes. Really cool video.

  • When the teacher asks you to take a sheet of paper.

  • What happend if you light a lighter next to a gas giant

  • so basically it doesn't matter if we are researching super small stuff or super large stuff, we always arrive at the void

  • well, first of all the nothingness between the things that make the thingness is what allows this thingness to be explorable thingness, since if all thingness was completely cramped and all close together with no gaps of nothingness between the thingness, the universe would be far more bland, simple and boring being a giantesque block of cramped up thingness surrounded by nothingness. also dark matter possibly could be the invisible component that compounds this "nothingness", that actually could just be funkier thingness.

  • You know that vortex thing that shows the entire universe in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Yeah that’s how I feel right now.

  • It's just paper bro

  • Some day America... Some day... To think that everyone except Americans probably used this...

  • Deep

  • Props to the animators

  • Beneath the robes, we find a man Beaneath the man, we find his... Nucleus

  • I made the smallest paper in the world: A374537253637256463537563583745373447

  • "which light takes 8 hours to cross" but just a fiew minutes for a A4

  • my brother once folded paper like that, he exploded then

  • sir this is a wendys

  • Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.

  • please

  • Thanks i’m having an existential crisis now!

  • My brain hurts

  • Brain hurt, me sad.

  • no amount of tears could fill the literal void

  • I came for metric... I left with mouth agape and brain having silent existential crisis

  • well what a tangent

  • how does one think of this?

  • Bro wtf

  • Is this the kind of stuff that Dan Howell watches?

  • This is definitely MY MOST favorite scale model youtube video. Love this video

  • Imperial system is better

  • The metric paper, the true meaning of life.

  • Rest of the world: Look how cool DIN A4 is! USA: I DON' WAN' IT!!!

  • This basically just a comprehensive scale of the universe measured in metric paper folds and unfolds

  • From paper to an existential crisis.

  • Man, you have a thing for bees

  • Somebody have had to mutch time in the office...

  • So this man... Made me contemplate life.... With a piece of paper. Nothing else. No pen no scissors. Jsut paper.

  • is this a jojos reference?

  • This is the saddest I've ever been to unsubscribe, but you just won't stop spamming the dead links to livestreams. I'll miss seeing your scripted stuff the moment it comes out. Hopefully you stop the spam and I can resub some day.

  • sir this is an Wendys ....

  • Look up "if the moon was a pixel" It's a really informative map of the solar system

  • That is a weird stairwell my man

  • 0:20 "only works for metric" "a full sheet of metric is called A4" * Forgotten B series & C series noises.

  • Unsubscribed after you started playing Minecraft

  • now A4 paper will always give me existensial Crisis

  • I’ve been coming back to this video to remind myself how large and small we are

  • This sounds like a scientific midlife crisis

  • Are you alright mate?

  • How have you managed to make a scale of the universe using paper measurements

  • If you were put in the Total Perspective Vortex in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy it would just plays this video to you.

  • Don't you mean "same proportion"


  • This is why I gave up paper and have gone all in for electronic correspondence and transactions.

  • This is just the chessboard-rice grain-story dialed up to 10

  • It looks like a 3d dropper

  • Came here expecting to learn fun facts about paper sizes. Well that escalated real quick...

  • This video reminds me of the powers of ten video from the '70s.

  • is this a jojo refrence

  • ok grey i like your content but F U for the existential crisis. again.

  • Feel like I learned a lot and nothing at the same time.

  • With all the recent streaming you should consider moving that to a gaming channel. I am unfortunately unsubscribing bc I cant stand the constant Minecraft live items at the top of my subscriptions tab. That is not the content I am subscribed for :(. I am hoping that the algorithm is smart enough to show me your new videos to watch in the future. But that is why I use the subscriptions tab, so I don't have to worry about the algorithm deciding if I know about your new videos.

  • Please don’t become just another gaming channel on ISmem. You’re better than that.

  • Jojo part 7 confirmed?

  • plot twist: CGP is your teacher so you already know this

  • So if my wife asks what you doing, nothing is a scientifically backed answer 😂

  • It's crazy that either see stuff from a microscope or a telescope...there us mostly nothing , yet we humans on a speck of dirt have created these mini worlds where nothing is seen as failure,sorrow, destruction and everything full is loved... Ok need to stop smoking 🚬 now 😂

  • Well this video took an unexpectedly amazing turn real fast

  • looks like somebody watched ,,the powers of ten" before getting an existencial crisis

  • Cool, paper induced existential crises

  • Not enough love for origami, squares rock.

  • what did i click on again?

  • What and why matter? Does matter even matter? Am I sad, or glad? My brain hurts.

  • 4:28 Eastenders theme intensifies.

  • Holy crap Mars really is mega far away

  • ISmem picked 4/20 for me to watch this mindf*ck.....🤯🤯🤯

  • Guess that wraps it up folks

  • arvin brought me here

  • Bro I just wanted to learn about paper not go insane

  • Ah yes, exactly what I needed right before bed; an existential crisis.

  • 1:03 I love the word mathemagical and now I shall use it everywhere

  • 👁👄👁

  • Definitely not the day to watch this one.

  • I'm here for this

  • Someone give the animator a medal. Mind Blowing

  • Day one of learning the fibonacci sequence

  • Pretty sure TOOL wrote an album about it

  • this made me sad