Mayweather vs. Paul: Post-Fight Press Conference | SHOWTIME PPV

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul speak to the media after their SHOWTIME PPV exhibition fight.

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  • "kids can't eat legacy, but they can eat of the currency" Pretty deep from Floyd

  • The real winners are the guys who didn’t pay for this and haven’t payed for a fight in ages!

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  • It was a fantastic competitive hugging match. Was on the edge of my seat for the whole match!!!

  • So when is Charlie Zelenoff going to be against on any of the Paul brothers, that will be more balanced fight.

  • I can't believe literally 1 million people PAID for this CRAP! LOL

  • BGS 10 Charizard

  • Logan tells the reporter, you’re invited, he’s like for real? I’d love to come lol

  • It was a joke of a foght

  • 25.10 hit the nail on the head "money ain't everything"? Oh yes it is, if you think it's not it's only because you have a lot of it

  • It’s all just game to fuck with people’s energy- and the average predictable cash grab.


    • Logan against a legit opponent at his own weight he's DEAD round 1 😂


  • he talks a lot about money

  • “If you broke and clownin a millionaire the joke is on you.” - J Cole

  • Cmon everyone know Floyd was just playing around with Logan weak ass Paul the whole fight 😂😂😂😂 he could barely stand!! While Mayweather was just chillin tho he didn't even try.


  • bruhh

    • Floyd sat there and repeated himself for 30 minutes.

  • Here come the copy paste comments

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  • Tyson should fight Logan and end this fool, and when he and Tyron knocks out Jake they both can say "Gotcha career."

    • Quiero Un Novio Que Me aguante Y no encuentro 😎💦💦

  • Logan against a legit opponent at his own weight he's DEAD round 1 😂

  • should be ashamed will never watch again

  • i spent Only 5 cents watching this match on fb.. lmao

  • When I first saw 24/7 I realized I was making a stupid investment, an investment is when you put your money into something and it grows and it pays in dividends, now every time I was putting forth all that money all I ever saw that his homes were getting bigger and bigger and mine was not I drive the same vehicle he owns a parking lot and his house is bigger than Walmart I don't begrudge him but he is no longer going to pimp me out because I didn't pay for this shill of a fight🦨

  • A fake fight

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  • Mayweather deserve everything he got!

  • Floyd sat there and repeated himself for 30 minutes.

  • ….Purple Jacket Baldie looks like this Generations Don King.

  • I didn’t know mayweather was such a WUSS. Lol. A 10 yr old would’ve done better.

  • He's a beast

  • The winners are the stupid peoples that stupid enough to pay for this fights🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣I’m glad I didn’t pay shit for this stupidity lol 😝

  • Quiero Un Novio Que Me aguante Y no encuentro 😎💦💦

  • Floyd sat there and repeated himself for 30 minutes.

  • That's it, I'm fighting Floyd. Gotta make it out the hood y'all.

  • That's it, I'm fighting Floyd. Gotta make it out the hood y'all.

  • Logan tells the reporter, you’re invited, he’s like for real? I’d love to come lol

  • I'm surprised Floyd could walk let alone box with Leonard's head stuck in there so deep. What a clown.

  • This was the biggest piece of crap con job in the boxing world today. I think Don king is behind this somewhere😂😂😂😂. What a freaking joke!

  • Great Fight Guys! people will always hate on the success of others but I just am looking forward to MuchDank's video and that's why i'm here.

  • Downloaded the fight in HD

  • That suit that Leonard got on is 🔥

  • $CAM

  • Logan you very lucky he peck you up to show fight now you mad allots of money become reach and famous very lucky

  • What is the name of the song in the intro ? Its fireee 😳😳

  • If you like watching fighting, like I’m talking literally anyone putting hands on each other Street Beefs type shit, then your money wasn’t wasted.

  • People do not waste your money nor your time supporting these ridiculous things.

  • @ShowtimeBoxing Sorry but everyone comments that the most ridiculous thing they have had is the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, it's stupid.

  • @ShowtimeBoxing Disculpen pero todos comenta que lo más ridículo que han tenido es la pelea del Floyd Mayweather y Logan Paul, es una estupidez.

  • Only way I was paying to watch. Is if Mayweather would pull a Mike beat down of Homes. But everyone knew they would not allow that.

  • Logan tells the reporter, you’re invited, he’s like for real? I’d love to come lol

  • Bollywood

  • When is this match

    • @Aera ok

    • in approximately -3 days

  • manny pacquiao vs brandon rios full fight please

  • shout out fight hype

  • I'm not a fan of exhibitions and side shows. On the other hand, some of these guys are so obsessed with Floyd that if he announced that he will be beating his dick on PPV they would buy it

  • Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados .

  • Floyd. respect his point of view. so smart. he knows what he's capable of and he already accomplished all his goals and it's all about his family now.

  • Floyd and Logan are money making genius.

  • 41:55 who is the chick on the right?

  • 10:00 this like laughing at the ppl face who bought 😂

  • Floyd went way too easy on him

  • What a crock of shit 2 snowflakes dancing not boxing. Afterward they spooned and tossed salads

  • yo wtf does mayweather need this money for

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  • Why does Logan think he won technically?

  • This whole fight was just so Floyd could remind everyone on camera he's still rich and "making smart investments".

  • Two hungry idiots wanted to proof to the world money is everything, Especially when u can Legally scam people. Floyd , killed hundreds of kids dreams wanted to become best boxers after seeing their idol being bought. Watching this was so Disgusting.

  • the winner: logan and floyd. the loser: the dudes paying to watch the fight.

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  • this is like Tom And Jerry, these guy seems like friends who put on a show

  • Mayweather dropping a lot of truth bombs. A lot of great information for young an up an upcoming talented boxers on the rise. Learn from the absolute best. Whether it's from him in the ring or from his words of wisdom outside the ring, listen up. 🌹 For the Champ. EDIT: I haven't really payed too much attention the past few years or more, but is Manny Pacquiao really as broke as Floyd is making him out to be ?! That he NEEDS/ HAS to box, whereas Mayweather doesn't even NEED to ( obviously) but ffs Manny has made a shit ton of money, how is he broke??

  • 41:55 The fuck is Taylor Swift doing there?

  • We fucking get it you have money. Oh wait did y’all know he makes 30mill from the patch’s on his trunk? Oh wait “ its not about the money” but his bank account is looking better and better


  • CLOWN 1 VS CLOWN 2 = CIRCUS ...a circus is in Town



  • He has his life sorted out.


  • Clown show

  • Logan has no class he is the classic example of a boxing bum! This guy is a bum! I want to fight him!!!!!!

  • Logan is a clown!

  • Kareem Tillman amateur boxer wants to fight Logan next!!!! Let’s go big mouth!!!!!

  • Fight Kareem Tillman you bum Logan? Let’s go!? Me and you chump! I challenge you!!!!!!!

  • Who is this clown Logan?

  • Logan is slow, sloppy, and off beat. I would love to box him myself! Sore loser playing it cool! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Funny how this bum Logan is still talking hot after a loss. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • This Motivation Making all world fool Making Money

  • When you are Good at something JUST DO IT Business .

  • Looks like lebron james

  • Even tho it was a money fight if anyone thinks Logan won then you all crazy

  • So glad a black man is envied by whites. I love this dude!

  • Whats next:Floyd vs.the janitor...Floyd vs.. the bus driver..Floyd vs..a politician...Meanwhile Pacquaio vs. Spencer..salut to Pacquaio..!!!

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  • 0o

  • Uv all just paid to watch a play.