Matt Johnson Attempts Dangerous Act for the FIRST TIME on AGT - America's Got Talent 2021

Birt 8 jún 2021
Will he ESCAPE? Last time Matt Johnson attempted a dangerous act like this, he ended up in the ER! Watch as Matt tries this act for the first time on the AGT stage.
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Matt Johnson Attempts Dangerous Act for the FIRST TIME on AGT - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  • That was literally so close

  • I'm just happy he did not die

  • Whatever

  • This guy can escape the traps from the Saw franchise

  • The worst kind of magic. Just an act. As opposed to the incredible level of skill needed for sleight of hand for example.

  • He’s been on the show before.

  • Hell yeah beers and watches!

  • Speechless, absolutely speechless, I am. Kids what ever you do, don’t try this at home

  • Not that good 😕

  • Crazy lol

  • LOL I can't with Heidi and her makeshift goggles at 4:35 especially in contrast to Sofia who's having trouble watching. Also Heidi's screaming after that dramatic silence at 5:34

  • He has been on Britain’s Got Talent. surprised Simon dident recognise him

  • perfect background music after the act..

  • 7:13 guys 😜

  • Question pls, what’s the name of the song in the background ?

  • He say Bismillah..

  • No real honest danger machine no thumb up. People actually learn a skill and jump motorbikes and regular bicycles and do all sorts of red bull type activities with real danger. Thumbs up to them. Thumbs down to soft illusionists.

  • That made me want to cry o.o

  • What a big liar!!!

  • i’m about to watch. did anyone die

  • That must have been so much more frightening to see live. I know that they're not going to release gory videos, so I knew I was safe.

  • Covid done made people crazy. This year's AGT is amazing 😍

  • Sofia makes this show this show🤣🤣❤

  • I dont believe this was real or buy his story but pretty cool

  • In Britain's Got Talent he escaped from a locked cube of glass fill with water while he was to free himself from inside the cube and find inside the water the key to unlock the cube from the outside.

  • Sophia ma'am is my favorite

  • How this didn't get golden buzzer

  • U dammed crazy!!🤪,bravo!

  • Four yeses be darned, hIs wife is not happy.

  • This is not talent

  • He most likely faked this but most of his acts entertain me

  • ไอ่สัส !!แค่เสี้ยววินาทีเดียว⚡⚡

  • Did you know that Matt Johnson started off as a magician? Guess magic wasn't dangerous enough for him!

  • It's totally faked risk - I'm not the one to get fooled by escape artists, but man this guy has such a great charisma and showmanship, he's such a joy to watch and he designs pretty fancy escapes. He as on AGT and Fool Us, with some really entertaining routines. I hope he does well, such a top tier entertainer!

  • That look on simons face was priceless😂😂😂

  • Damn even simon was like OMG!!!

  • Oh my goodness**

  • I see Heidi goggles

  • Dude’s gonna give jigsaw a run for his money 👏 👏 👏

  • #HeresTheDeal You really think they would air this on #NationalTelevision if he was harmed/injured/killed?? 💯% absolutely not!! So you know he will succeed without even watching it Am I right? I didn't watch it

  • I just dont understand this how is simon don't recognize him from bgt simon shat in his pants while watching his water box escape act....

  • Im on ur side,,,,,Amazing++++but be careful😪

  • nice

  • This guy literally play's with his own life

  • The red water has nothing to do with it. It's merely a distraction. If you looked at it when he was off. It was between the two lines.

    • The red water is just to make transparent properties of water visible to the audience.

  • Why does Simon pretend he doesn't know him from BGT where he got to the semi final. He has basically worked for Simon already because of that, Matt also has countless TV credits to his name. Most recently in 2019 Matt was chosen as one of the TOP 50 ACTS IN THE WORLD to appear on The World's Best on CBS which aired to 22 million viewers right after Super Bowl. That same week Matt appeared as a guest on the Late Late Show with James Corden. In 2018 Matt appeared to millions on the Italian HIT TV show Tu Si Que Vales. He also made it all the way to the Live Semi-Finals of the HIT TV show Britain's Got Talent which to date has earned him over 500 Million views on ISmem. In the summer of 2017 Matt filmed at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas for Penn & Teller Fool Us and in 2014 he starred on SyFy's Wizard Wa

  • I love the way Simon pretends he doesnt know him from britains got talent

  • I think he performed in Britain’s got talent before but I’m not sure !!

  • Is this the guy that lock himself underwater. He looks familiar.

  • Terry: Don't try this at home! Me: Damn it Terry I just got the saw blades out! 🤬😜

  • He was on BGT aswell

  • Judges I don't blame y'all and Terry that y'all are afraid on that stunning act

  • Lol, look at the teeth direction on blades..lolol

  • ASSISTANT of the escapeman " dont worry im holding the breaker now"

  • Brilliant

  • God loves all and his son, Jesus died for all of your sins. accepting him is the only way to get to heaven. being a good person won't get you there

  • I felt surprised. He survived

  • simon already watched him on britain's got talent........

  • This is fake. There has to be a trick behind it otherwise the producers would NEVER allow acts like this. There are children and teens in the audience.... obviously they are not allowed to let a man be sawed in half in front of minors. It was probably rigged by his friend having a button to drop it, that’s why they went with the whole “there’s two lines because we’re not really sure when it’ll drop.” Just like that guy Aaron crow shooting an apple on heidi’s head. There is no way in hell the producers would allow that.... It’s all just tricks, but ignorant people just believe it’s real because they’re good actors.

  • Who is the guy that said, 'your wife is gonna hate me '

  • Why this got only 12k likes

  • My heart was out😱😱

  • Matt is a MAD MAN

  • Wow. Just wow.

  • There is a trick on that device...even the water is finished and full the othere box..those blade it wont go down..possible the blade goes down because he went out on the place where he laying.. logically no human doing this act if he knows he can kill himself...anyways he knows already how he can he wont bother..

  • Thank you matt, i really enjoyed it. Because as you know, people normally doesnt have to go under this amount of stress but, this is really something else. Even watching it! But i really dont know that should i even give this a like or not? I mean i really enjoyed it and i really wanna see more lf it. But as you know there's always the possibilities of anything to happen in these.and

  • 3:15 Terry: do not try this at home. Me: ohhh cmon Terry:no Me:pretty please? Terry:okay

  • he was on BGT 3 years ago with simon as a judge

  • Oh my god!!😱 Amazing👏🏻

  • now this is what i would really call a badass show. like this is the literal definition of badass

  • I was scared looking at the contraction. pls listen to your wife 👌

  • I was so scared when he said wait wait wait 😔

  • F*ck !!.. he could be dead man.......this is not a joke...

  • Here's the thing he's smart but also a 🐂💩 of course he's done this before. Of course he knows which line it is cause it's only a 25lb weight so just do the math in liquid now compare the time it takes to reach that weight to the amount of time needed to escape. It's cheesy, but shxt ppl gotta do what they gotta do for a $1mill

  • ME; 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆 SIMON; 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • So Simon didnt recognise him from Britain's got talent?

  • He was in bgt in 2018 👀

  • Phony!

  • He's showing us how to escape torture in my opinion 😁

  • I’m going to try this at home 😂😂😂😂not

  • What Would Make This Bit Even More Terrifying....Is If He Played Off The Saw Movies And Acted As A Terrified Player In Jigsaws Game.

  • Simon and the UK already know this guy... he is good... but not much more than that tbh... gid luck...

  • big lie

  • He was so much better on BGT ngl

  • My first song of my new album "Love & Dreams" The song is called "Hidden People"

  • Do not use headphones to watch this

  • This is so staged it is funny

  • This is the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life 😳😳😳

  • For a guy that did not pay attention in school he is quite intelligent more than those who did 🤔

  • I know it’s safe. I know he’s in control. But that was at least more dangerous than I don’t know, singing?

  • 🤣🙄 What a dramatic dweeb. Some people buy into it, I guess. FYI, the saw is made to fall only once he’s on his way out of the contraption… Laaaame 😬

  • Lame trick...first he had to proof that when the water fills up to the marked line the saws falls down ..he din do simply shows that when he rise upward then only the saw goes down...and the judges too acted well...

  • Anyone pls tell me the bgm name @06:07

  • so who else put their hands on their head? i know im not the only one

  • This guy was on Britain’s got talent 3 years ago and Simon is acting like it’s the first time he’s seen him. 😂😂😂

  • Amazing 👏

  • Dude….. his face says it all on how truly close that came to the line

  • Saw blades won't go down until he goes up. That's the trick.

  • This is not talent

  • Doood! Simon wants to see you again! o/ Excellent job!