Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Official Teaser

Birt 24 maí 2021
"Throughout the years we have never interfered, until now." Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios' “Eternals” and experience it in theaters this November.

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  • Super fantastic from 🇮🇳 love from india

  • From - Ibu hatela khaega kella ! To marvel long journey

  • Eternals are not interesting. God-like charachters are boring !

  • so many indians in the comments, guess vlogs were true who these are catered to, This is a Flop anyways.

  • Daim all the hot actresses

  • The trailer gave a spoiler for everyone who didn't watch mcu

    • Its an Indian Bollywood type movie its not a real marvel movie

  • 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Inu hatela will lead the Avengers😂🤣

  • *Loki tries to conquer the Earth* The Eternals: "We sleep." *Malakith tries to return the universe to eternal darkness* The Eternals: "We sleep." *HYDRA nearly assassinates millions and takes over the planet using SHIELD Helicarriers and Project Insight* The Eternals: "We sleep." *Ultron nearly wipes out the human race* The Eternals: "We sleep." *Dormammu tries to absorb the Earth into the dark dimension* The Eternals: "We sleep." *Killmonger tries to wage a war on the world with Wakandan technology* The Eternals: "We sleep." *Thanos wipes out half of all life in the universe* The Eternals: "We sleep."

  • Music ❤️❤️

  • I might be a mere mortal but my love for MCU is eternal.

  • Why did eternals didn't helped Avengers

    • Watch MARVEL Studios' Eternals on November 5, 2021, to find out why.

  • Anyway, how *Marvel* come up with such great ideas for their creations!? *tell us the secret*

  • Anyone who played Fallout 4 will definately remember this song ❤️

  • I want iron man 😔😭😭

  • I waiting this phase 4

  • After iron man death I have stopped watching marvel😣

    • Yeah, why? All of the Disney+ shows have been great so far.

    • Why?

  • Can I be apart of the Marvel's scenematic universe marvel? 🙏

  • Mr Stranger Who Ever Read My Comment Ur Parents Live thousand of year and you live happily 🤲 aameen

  • Bht mehnat karti hu Ap sabhi izzatdar bhai or bahno ki hausla afzayi chahiye 🥰❣️..

  • Song name?

    • @Jacob Ross thx a lot

    • “End of the World” by Skeeter Davis

  • The heartbreaking linen rationally release because softball immunohistologically grease inside a depressed end. ultra, dear girl

  • Robert Downey Jr (after watching this) - abe sale ..

  • now that cap and iron man are gone who will lead the avengers? Captain Marvel: i could lead them every single avenger besides nick fury:🤣

  • Each Marvel movie has a very high expectation and I always worry they’re someday gonna make a rubbish one!

  • 😲😲😲😲😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • "Throughout the years we have never interfered - Eternals TVA - we were watching you to know if you adhere to Sacred Timeline, else it could set in Multiversal war and become variants,😌😌

  • Eternals: we've lead and guided them. Also Eternals: we've never interfered until now. So, eternals are europeans. Wah!!! prachand hutiyapa.


  • Where's Ibu Hatela

    • Harish Patel as "Karan or Karun", Kingo's (Eternal) assistant.

  • Jon snow ❤️❤️❤️😘

    • Kit Harington as "Dane Whitman"/Black Knight, a human warrior who wields a mystical sword (Ebony Blade).

  • Jhon snow 😍

    • Kit Harington as "Dane Whitman"/Black Knight, a human warrior who wields a mystical sword (Ebony Blade).

  • 마블리♡ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • All the way from "Khaega kela" --> MCU, if that isn't a jump I don't know what is !! 🤣🤣

  • We have helped and guided. Throughout the years, we have never interfere, until now.

  • Thanos baboon vs Eternal baboons

  • Who is here for Harish Patel🇮🇳

    • HP as "Karan or Karun", Kingo's (Eternal) assistant.

  • When he said i could lead them i started laughing before they did😂😂😂

    • Ikaris is the tactical leader of the Eternals. That said, Ikaris is capable of leading the Avengers.

  • Soo glad to see the game of thrones cast

  • I don't Care what others think, I Will judge the movie when I see it. PS: I think the movie Will be great and a game changer.

  • the end of the world song is literally beautiful

  • 1:32 - best part.

  • Wish you a very Happy Birthday Chris Evans 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Many Many Happy Returns of the Day 🥳🥳🥳 May God bless you 🎊🥳 Your all dreams become true 🎉🎂 I'm your big fan ❤️ from India

  • Wow harish patel in marvel movie🇮🇳👍

    • HP as "Karan or Karun", Kingo's (Eternal) assistant.

  • I love fifa world cup in 2022

  • If people judge The Eternals for not interfering, they should also judge The Watchers and The ATV.

  • So the Eternals are basically the Switzerland of the Marvel universe.

  • Why Harish Patel didnt laugh?🧐

    • Karan or Karun was focused on eating his meal.

  • They better have GOOD explanation for not helping the Avengers against Thanos.

    • Thanos is an Eternal in the comics, so there’s a chance we will.

    • Because they same species

    • What's not supposed to happen according to the new rules from the TVA in Lokis series.

  • is that the dude who played robb stark too? poor kit harrington is so pigeonholed now i feel bad for him because he's really not a bad actor. snow will be haunting him for the rest of his life... which aint a bad thing i guess. he can probably make a couple hundred thousand cash just signing autographs at comic con over a weekend

    • Richard Madden as the Eternal, "Ikaris". Harington* KH as "Dane Whitman"/Black Knight, a human warrior who wields a mystical sword (Ebony Blade).


    • And Sersi, but it doesn't matter, simply because in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe/Earth-199999, the Eternals are an immortal alien race.

  • Marvel be like let's squeeze everything we get from endgame fame

  • 👍

  • Yeesss finaly

  • Wow is the best man👍👍👍

  • Loki tamil dubed plz

  • Salma girl, what have they done 2 u

  • That weird pose thing they did at the end 🤣

  • We need Many Movies IN 1 year

  • if you will make the following movies Avengers And Transformers, The Flash, And New Heroes

    • The Flash is an upcoming film from the DC Extended Universe (not the MARVEL Cinematic Universe), and is scheduled to be released on November4, 2022.

  • Superb

  • Anyone else thought Harry styles was gonna be in this 😭😭

  • Why eternals have not intergere They are from multiverse where loki is right now.

    • No there in the main mcu timeline

    • Watch MARVEL Studios' Eternals on November 5, 2021, to find out why.

  • Ye

  • Ramin is a genius ❤️❤️

  • So no Tony stark in MCU Rob Stark Hold my fur coat

  • Ibu Hatela @1:52

    • Harish Patel as "Karan or Karun", Kingo's (Eternal) assistant.

  • Wait so all this time y'all were watching and not interfering, so you telling me if you guys had interfered Ironman would still be alive

  • I hope they release this trailer soundtrack soon, it'll be perfect while waiting for the movie

  • Eternals costume is like ragpickers dress.🤣😂

  • all i care about is that cool spaceship they got

  • Okay. You have to admit that this trailer is gorgeous

    • It’s the music and costumes for me. I definitely need this version of end of the world in the Eternals soundtrack .

  • Musica de fondo ?

  • "We have guided and helped them progress" "We have never interfered" ~ The British

  • Kit Harrington ?

    • Harington* KH as "Dane Whitman"/Black Knight, a human warrior who wields a mystical sword (Ebony Blade).

  • Hope John snow will understand something...

  • Looked like an apple commercial for a few seconds....😅😂😂

  • 1:15

    • Marvel why you banned spiderman unlimited

  • Ibu Hatela , having kela is the last part

    • Harish Patel as "Karan or Karun", Kingo's (Eternal) assistant.

  • Who hasn't seen the obnoxious Marvel Studios ad that interrupts just about every ISmem video? Disney is a blight on America.

    • Then there's regular people who don't care and just vibe to the trailers.

  • Is Dong Lee in there ???

    • Don Lee as the Eternal, "Gilgamesh" AKA Hero and FKA the Forgotten One.

  • Dr. Strange: I saw 14,000,065 futures and in all of them the Eternals were chilling 😅

  • I came here to find ibu hatela 😂

    • Harish Patel as "Karan or Karun", Kingo's (Eternal) assistant.

  • The eternals are as ugly as JEFf#@$!

  • Ohhh the Indian wedding attended by Iron man was this wedding? 😀

  • I have some for yall

  • this movie has become a meme even before it came out

  • bad video

  • Looooove that they laughed at Ikaris proposing leadership of the Avengers... loooove Angelina Jolie.. loooovve the speedster special effect ... looove Selma Hayeks acting!!

    • Salma* Hayek as the Eternal, "Ajak". Angelina Jolie as the Eternal, "Thena". Lauren Ridloff as the Eternal, "Makkari".

    • @Faiyaz Chowdhury stupidity and wokeism

  • My best guess as to why the eternals didn't stop thanos is because they all vanished in thanos's snap

  • 1 Anunaki hehehe

  • Marvel why you banned spiderman unlimited

  • Idgaf what anyone says Ive been waiting for this since 2015 since the Guardians came out 🔥

  • Only OGs know that there were wrong subtitles in this video before 😅

  • Thanos needs to be included some how seeing as he himself was an Eternal. It would awesome if the opening of the movie was Thanos attacking Xander to retrieve the Power Stone and the Eternals arrive to try and stop him but Thanos was prepared for such a confrontation with them, he wasn't strong enough to take them all on at once and kill them but he has the means to trap and incapacitate them (kinda like what Krypton did with Zod and his followers) and that is why they were not present in the events of Infinity War and Endgame. I really hope they don't brush over why they didn't help in the Infinity Saga and give us a good explanation.

  • Here for ibu hatela

    • Harish Patel as "Karan or Karun", Kingo's (Eternal) assistant.

  • kuch samajh hi nahi aaya ye trailer. whats going in trailer....WORST.

  • Avengers are better

    • MARVEL Comics' Sersi & Gilgamesh (Eternals) are/were Avengers. Starfox/Eros (Thanos' brother) belongs to another factions of Eternals is/was an Avenger.

  • Why this is not in 4K?