Leo Terrell exposes Democrats' 'big lie' after Derek Chauvin verdict

Birt 21 apr 2021
The Fox News contributor discusses the Derek Chauvin trial, racism in America, and the media. #FoxNews
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  • The entire infrastructure of this country was built upon race, Yes that can play a part in the taking of a life. BUT, The act of taking a life is wrong regardless of those facts. Media and politicians are both guilty of blurring those lines through propaganda.

  • Delusional

  • I know Leo, that is not who he is, fox is definitely paying him!

  • Why don't we ever talk about the almost double white people being killed by police none of the 400 and something white people killed by cops don't even make it on the news so how is it that cop are targeting black men when there almost double the white people killed by cop every year

  • Leo Terrell is Spot On regarding "systemic racism", a Dem/MSM strategy to further divide the country.

  • It's okay for Maxine Waters to say whatever she wants she's black Trump says it and it's impeachment time he says let's walk together and all of a sudden he's insiding rights she's saying let's get in their face let's fight and it's okay there's the systemic racism where black people get a ticket in the past every time

  • Truth, you can't modify it to come to you, you must modify yourself to come to it. Leo has a lot of truth, and a great ability to speak it.

  • They owe us and it’s time to pay

  • Creepy little man

  • Feel safe with them running America.

  • After what they caused at the boarder. No American should

  • Is Leo 2.0 Clayton Bigsby from the Dave Chapelle show?

  • Leo 2.0 is the best! I love listening to his take on the issues

  • Why aren’t we talking about the GANGS in America!!??!!

  • This is why it’s hard to prove racial hate crimes cuz you can’t get inside a persons heart.

  • what a load of BS, of course the cop was being racist, he had other prior complaints over the years, get your head out of your A$$ fuax news

  • If Trumpites think this country is such a toilette they should leave this country to the real Americans and go found their own country and show us all how it's done. Does any of this sound familiar Trumpites? Didn't Donnie say he was buying Greenland?

  • Leo people like you are nothing but puppets and you are nothing but and house trigger and you always will be

    • So says you Chico and that's merely your opinion which we all know is totally worthless.

  • Media will play the RACE card, Trump time for your TRUMP CARD

  • If they want black people to stop getting killed by cops they should tell their fellow black do not resist arrest or commit heinous crimes

    • Well said and correct Isiah, my friend, complying with lawful orders rarely see's difficulty.

  • Sorry Leo, its the same folks who own all of the media. We are being played by both sides. Wake up people

  • Joe and Kamala are really stoking the flames of racism to divide our nation to continue to fuel the woke take over and over through of our constitutional republic! American Marxism is what they want.

  • Thank you Leo

  • Oh yes they love you to speak the words that absolutely tickle their fancy. Hmm oh my behind closed doors I wonder hmm??

  • 💘Love Leo's transparency; he is bold & effective; Period. God Bless this man to continue on speaking TRUTH! 🕊 ✝

  • You are definitely wrong!!!

  • Harris rushed to judgement in the Jussie Smollett case , she has no credibility ! This racist administration is becoming a disgrace for all the World to see !

  • @2:25 yeah & he quickly tried to put the blinders RIGHT back on via a corny-copia of token appointments of W H staff based on? ...you got it RACE & gender

  • The $20 ended up being real btw js....

  • I agree

  • The Brother has a strong head on his shoulders

  • No question it was about race

  • Fox News is a lie

    • So say you Lottie ole buddy, but that is simply your opinion which is well known for being totally valuless.

  • Yes racists don't like being called out on being racists. Who cares about how they feel? Their ancestors were also murdering people for the color of their skin. The south is a sad inbred place

    • @grant palmer Once again so say you grant ole pal.

    • @EMD-E8 Half of it was opinion and half was fact

    • So say you grant ole buddy but that's just your opinion which we all know is totally valueless.

  • You Kamala put a lot of them away in prison.

  • TRUMP in his interview with BOB WOODWARD, said that there was SYSTEMATIC RACISM IN AMERICA, enough said.

  • But you put so much black people in prison that didn't need to be there

  • I'm fed up with lies. Pelosi Waters Schumer. Enough already. Race is a issue to socialist dems...they need a new voter group, hence the open southern border.

  • Are black police officers killing black men

  • It has a lot to do with race you think that officer would have done that if that was a white man

    • No Barry ole buddy, a White man would have lawfully complied with the officers orders and hence no harm would befall him.

  • Love this so true!

  • Terrell is brave to say the truth

  • Democrats want everyone to be treated the same!!

  • They’re sick and joe and his kamel promoting racism

  • Leo Terrell is not a honest man for denying existence of systemic racism in America.

    • What Ragefull Madcow rubbish.!!! There is no such thing as systemic racism, any more than there is systemic religiosity, or systemic tattoo propensity you watch and listen to too much democrap Bolshevik foolish chatter Y Timi ole buddy.

  • Biden and Harris ! Yawn same old song book ! Race Hustler's ! Didn't they lock up more black men than any other ? Oh yeh and Maxine ! Not my "Auntie"

  • Fox news is a joke keep leo off of this no one even know who he is. He looks dumb as hell. In fact im a look him up.

    • You Loto ole buddy have bought into a ""Bill of Goods"". In addition to that you need to learn to write. You watch too much of that deviant Ragefull Madcow, listen and learn from ole uncle Leo and you won't be such a fetid unguent.

  • It is a difference. It's unfair he knows it. Because of people like him.Look,Look ,you are not crazy. If you put your self out there you will see.TRY IT!!!!!!!

  • All this from Floyd to Covid is the divide and conquer technique which has always worked. It was a psyop to start race wars and y'all fell for it as usual. You're so distracted by fighting one another you don't see the puppeteers. The government is suppose to be our example, right? How can they tell us to be united when they are didivided by parties? Come out of the brainwashed, subconscious programming and see truth. The divide and conquer technique is in effect right now with anti-vaccers vs the vaccinated. Although, they know people are dying from all of them in high numbers. Look up the original definition of vaccine, not the new one from the CDC. You'll see the words, "Artificial immunity." That means they never truly helped you build immunities so what were they really doing to your DNA??? Nothing man made is suppose to go inside the body. There's a reason herbs and medicinal plants exist on this earth. Keyword: artificial

  • Abe said it best......A house divided against itself cannot stand. Wake up Libs!!!! This administration wants to divide us!!!!!! We should be VERY CAREFUL!!!!

  • Love leo he is telling it like it is

  • We LOVE you, Leo Terrell; and your NEW SMILE is contagious! It's time for you to run for political office!

  • Amen Mr Leo! This man is 💯 correct!

  • WAYNEL SEXTON, you manipulated sheep

  • Maxine Waters is an embarrassment. Classic useful idiot.

  • Would they put trump in jail already what's taking so long!!!!

  • I think Leo got saved! He used to be so angry and on the left! He’s happy and at peace now! He definitely found Jesus!

  • That is NOT DEMOCRATIC PARTY BUT IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY AND THE DEMOCRAT PARTY'S PLAYBOOK IS SAUL ALINSKI'S DOCTRINE and you can see the Weather Underground are many members of the Demoncrat Party especially in DC, NY and California.

  • Why do you talk about racist joe biden and harris is not black why are you talking about this quit this calling for more riot white is white black is black god made us that way for a reason and his cut ether and they bleed red not white not black god blood race though us

  • Never seen this guy before... I like him... mix of Larry elder attitude with a ben Carson face and a mike tyson lisp

  • As long as they allow people like Maxine Waters to openly cause Riot and lie about racism she needs to be kicked out of office if a white representative had did that they would have been kicked out immediately so it's okay to be racist to white people but not too black people keep in mind most of the people killed by police are criminals in the middle of committing a crime

  • The thing is for around 50 years there was a race problem but the Democrats were running things most of the time .! They were the race problem not the Republicans !!!!! Plain and simple. They are racest if anyone is .Thats all they have to keep them where they want to be and if they didn't open the borders too much attention would be on dems. For the bs. they cause.When are they going to be put behind bars where they belong.?

  • Way to go Leo! Tell the truth!!

  • JB and KH are just NPCs repeating the same mantra

  • Sometimes I got to ask myself this question is President Joe Biden vice president Harris's puppet or is he the president of the United States

  • I hope people of color can see what the Democrats are using them for their own political purposes and that's it if there wasn't anything to gain on this they would close the door on them in a second that's my belief

  • The democrats are destroying America and don't even care so sad. K.v.s,

  • The great President Trump coming back to save his country even after having his election stolen what a great patriot he is. Amen. K.v.d.

  • Wake UP AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!! PayAttention 🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾🙏🙏🏾


  • Leo Terrell is the moron that said Jim crow died in 1964. GTFO. I don't need to hear everything else he says

  • The conversation about race in Chauvin is about a pattern of police involved deaths in which native american and black people are statistically most vulnerable. It's not about individual officers, most of whom believe they weren't racist. It's about the pattern. I'm basically hearing Fox commentators say talking about the reality is bad.

  • Biden is racist remember he came from era of racist which has been corrected. Every one is trying to correct our mistakes.

  • If anyone thinks Biden is actually the president. You're a fool.

  • Just love leo

  • Biden is more embarrassing than Trump

  • Joe Biden and Kamalya Harris want American people to believe the racist stuff to keep our minds on it so they can do whatever they want and we don't notice it

  • Yeh but you don't know what was in Chauvins heart, he could have hated Floyd on plain sight. Not to fuel anything but Racism Still Does Exist, mister.

  • Once again nothing but lies!!

  • I just need him to say Waskily Wabbit one time

  • Fox news you are racists devils and every word out of your mouth is lies. Go to hell.

    • Ah Natalie ole buddy, that's simply just your opinion which as we all know is totally worthless.

  • I'm white , so glad he was found guilty. I can't get the image of him with his knee on his neck with his hands in his pockets and looking at people asking for him to stop..black and white people both asking him to stop politics and the media are the cause of all this racism and causing people to divide. God created us all in his likeness. Let's band together with God in out Hearts. 🙏💖

  • Anyone who watched the trial knows that neither side tried to play the race card. Only when Biden & Harris came out to employ their race card did race even surface.

  • Leo Terrell has a long history as very liberal civil rights attorney in Kamala Harris old District. He is also a devout staunch Democrat, who used to go into ballistic fits when arguing with conservatives. If Leo tells you something about Democrats you can take it to the bank.

  • Everything is about race to the black americans brainwashed by BLM and DNC. It is NOT a racial issue.... It is a rich vs poor issue. It ALWAYS has been. This narrative of systemic racism is pushed hard to keep a strong line between two substantially strong groups. If the sheep would open their eyes they would understand that the elites and politicians are manipulating the masses. If the citizens would wake up and realize the elites don't want us to get along. It would be 99% vs 1% and we could run this country!!!!!

  • In 2020 alone, Jeff Bezos has added $85 BILLION to his wealth, Elon Musk is $74 BILLION richer and Apple has added almost $1 TRILLION to its market cap. While a majority of the population have lost their small businesses, are in poverty and can’t pay rent due to lockdowns. It’s going to get MUCH WORSE with a left-wing government, WAKE UP!! 😴🤬

  • Yes rascim real I don't care what u say be real .Believe what u want

    • @Teresa Carter Well Teresa my pal in addition to your valueless acrimonious philippic it appears as if you'll remain ill-informed for some time to come.

    • I am not your buddy I am a 72 yrs old black woman. Poor writing and all your opinion is worthless

    • Ah Teresa ole buddy, that's just your (poorly written) opinion which as we all know is totally worthless.

  • I love Leo! Smart and he speaks from his knowledge of law and civil rights experience. But, the new administration is NOW saying we’re systemically racist!! They never saw this in all of their years in power? They’re pounding this falsehood around every chance they get. But, Americans know from their own experiences and living here that it isn’t true. They will not force another civil war because we, the People will not participate in their schemes. God Bless our one and only, America!💕🇺🇸🎶

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  • Kamala Harris should be impeached to because she is inciting violence as well as Biden.

  • Chauvins wife is asian ,but she left him because of this

  • This POLICE OFFICER did a hate crime. No one said a word about that. He has killed black men before. No one never said a word back then. He has injured men before. The CITY DID NOTHING. WHY. DID THE CITY COUNCIL THINK IT WAS FUNNY. YES THEY DID. IF THERE WAS SOMEONE WITH A CAMERA TO RECORD THIS ACTION . HE WOULD BE WALKING AROUND BRAGGING ABOUT IT. ALL OF HIS FRIEND WOULD BE LAUGHING WITH HIM ABOUT IT.

  • LEO! LEO!! LEO!!!

  • Insulting to the black people not to vote Dems............................... BUT THEY STILL VOTE DEMS ...... someone's brain don't work.

  • Leo Terell: Democrats unending race cards! Harboring BLM as a tool for their political agenda. Disgustingly evil!

  • Love you LEO , God bless you.✝️✝️💕💕💕

  • Leo Terrell is amazing and intelligent. God bless you Leo.

  • If locking up black people in prison was a sport, Kamala Harris would be world champion! 👮‍♀️🏆

  • Leo Terrell is a great man of integrity, he was OUTSTANDING tonight on Levin's show.

  • Leo you are spot on!