Leicester vs Arsenal | Watch Along Live

Birt 28 feb 2021
Leicester vs Arsenal | Watch Along Live
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  • he’s amazing

  • Arteta and this team deserved to play in Championship.

  • Bellerin should never play for Arsenal again.

  • Hi robbie love your show love the lads and ladies irish gunner

  • Fun 🤩 fact 😎Arsenal are just 3 points behind defending champions.. Liverpool 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • VAR overturning the penalty in was correct

  • Pretty boring without DT or Troopz

  • Charlene celebrates like she is holding a poo

    • Elneny is box to box not side to side,what game are you watching?

  • 1:37:10 Mari tackle💪💪

  • Yo I hope Charlene ain't bleaching her skin

  • The rebirth of Willy and VAR for Arsenal 😅

  • What a joke? When it is a clear penalty to Arsenal, VAR couldn't make a decision. They have to let the referee make the decision. Because they didn't have any excuse to let this penalty taken away. Agenda?

    • Charlene celebrates like she is holding a poo



  • Aftv = ADHD tbh

  • I avoid this channel because Kelechi is painful

    • @Patrick Morgan Yes so right.

    • It's true, seems more about the attention than arsenal The United stand barring mark goldbridge they definitely care more about united


  • holaa

  • Don Robbie doing the Samir Nasri 59:13

  • as soon as we concede then the team goes from Hero's to Zero's in less than 60 sec

  • Robbie criticizes every Arsenal player except Auba. Fanboy

  • Ndidi committed the foul first but the player never went down until the Tieleman's foul. just because he went down on the second challenge dosen't cancel out the first foul.

  • Everything is a penalty for ya'll

  • VAR overturning the penalty in was correct

  • what has Martinelli done to justify starting over Willian. Willian has already got 4 assist this season. Martinelli has no goals and no assists this season

  • Elneny is box to box not side to side,what game are you watching?

  • Whoever mo Leicester is you’re a ledge 🤣🤣

  • Too much positivity going on here Will check back when burley beat them 1-0 next week to hear them blame Williams

  • They celebrate players getting a card than actually scoring a goal... WHERE IS THE CARD!!!!!!! Bunch of bozos lol

  • Lee turns into samson because of the chics🙄

  • Watch from 17:00 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Laca bad boy pen taker never misses

  • All they do is cry about decisions it’s getting boring now, even when they got the penalty still moaning god damn this is what banter fc is now.

    • @Amman fk off

    • Then don’t watch it’s literally that simple🤣

  • Good laughs before that early set back well done boys great win

  • 2:12:54 worth a fiver idc lol

    • Haha

    • @Tom Moore Well yeah it’s far from “deep” as you put it, makes the kids laugh I suppose.

    • @DBX lol it’s not that deep.

    • Its harmless fun..dont know why everyone loses it on here..cheer up man

    • Think of something more witty and get a life while your at it 🙏

  • Best reality show on ISmem

  • Well done my manager for sticking with it and with Willian, now let's Show some consistency.coyg😁

  • Im glad robbie admitted he was wrong Nothing wrong with resting some players

  • That Charlene is so clueless about football

    • @jay Bevoman bro stfu she knows more than ur dusty ass

    • @Ram Winter you’re an idiot

  • Get in there boys big win today next Spurs

  • 1-0 Tielemans: 18:38 Penalty overturned: 24:40 1-1 David Luiz: 51:30 1-2 Handball and Lacazette Penalty 56:43 1-3 Pepe: 1:24:29

  • Tottenham still above Arsenal and Arsenal fans getting to overhyped Arsenal won't win the Europa league because Olympiakos will knock Arsenal out again like last season

    • @Ryan Spurs Go we rested auba, saka and partey


    • @Sam Owoseni not even crying have you seen my emoji I am laughing 🤣

    • @Ryan Spurs Go keep crying plus idc about your club cause it’s in Arsenal’s shadow 😂😂

    • @Sam Owoseni never seen you so jealous Arsenal only won because Maddison was injured and that's why Leicester City lost Tottenham are back in form told every single Arsenal fan that Tottenham will end there losing streak against Burnley and they did don't care what you say you just need to calm down lol 🤣

  • aftv playing 3-2 formation

  • Once again where are the laughing rival fans. Still a long way to go but we need to be patient. Any way great win for the Gunners hope we can keep it up

  • The players maybe finely listening to Mr.Arteta...

  • 19:21 scoreboard is drunk

    • @Captain Obvious hi Elcheman pessi : Ronaldo's left weaker toe is greater than your whole career ..

    • Haha

    • @To this DAY!!! why do you get injured during the knock out stages you punk ?

    • 🤣

    • 🤣

  • this should be played at high volume preferably this should be played at high volume

  • 2:12:56 Robbie gets baited again

  • Charlene celebrates like she is holding a poo

  • Tielemans didn’t even touch him lol. He was fouled by Ndidi outside the box 😂

  • Penalty merchants

  • Willian and Pepe really bossed the game, Pepe for Man of the Match....he made leicester panic and disrupted any rhythm . Laca was also instrumental in the hold up play. Revenge taken from Leicester for that defeat in Emirates

  • Hi

  • Pipa's jacket is bloody lovely


  • TBF all we’ve ever wanted from Willian is for him to run a round a bit, preferably quite quickly.

  • Imma man city fan and i thank your team for holding back Leicester

    • @My dick is incredibly tiny and I'm an idiot , but feel sorry for u mate, maybe you should start watching football then you’ll get to know more about the game 🧂🧂

    • Wait your a city fan????? I didn't know they existed

    • @I love my ma Ik we’re just too good at the moment

    • Wtf do you mean. You can't be any fan of football if you don't already know City have won the league

  • Well done Pepe

  • Fun 🤩 fact 😎Arsenal are just 3 points behind defending champions.. Liverpool 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • also, if Everton, Aston Villa, and Spurs all win their next game(s), Liverpool could drop to 9th

  • When you pull it out and she complains you haven’t shaved 25:31

    • Gross and terribly unfunny

    • @T&Talha 🤫

    • @T&Talha do you not get it

    • @T&Talha my thoughts exactly 🤣🤣

    • Huh?

  • MATCH WORN IAN Wright shirt on eBay auction people ends 5 hours

  • Hahahah! Love the Reaction From U Guys! I Hope We Can Play Like This For The Remainding season

  • Xhaka albanian Man big up robbie

  • Robbie’s overall logic is so flawed it’s incredible.

    • @Anton Gustavsson I get it though. Arsenal have lost 11 games, I’d also be worried if you’re not playing your best player against a team in the top 4

    • Yeah today Robbie was so off in saying we should play Saka and Auba, dont get that at all. We don't want our best player injured when we can have Pepe who is a good player as his subtitute for at least a game. Wake up Robbie.

    • I didn’t watch the stream what happened?

  • Good job guys You we're 9th for a few hours Now back to tenth This is progress

  • Willian was poor. Those 2 assists any other defender in the league could make

    • But your mom is not in arsenal though

  • Lee is becoming a clown

  • "Willian and Xhaka are an absolute disgrace" That aged well Lee

    • @Ram Winter you and lee are flops

    • Ram Winter xhaka has had a few good games this season. We look weak without him

    • @Ram Winter Willian turned up mid week and against Fulham and as for Xhaka he has been good recently

  • Arteta and his coaching staff need to go in the Summer period. Thus rebuilding process needs to start at the top Kronke out rest if shite board members who are weak and not committed out. Aliko Dangote in with a Proven winner as manager then I will trust the process only then.

    • @Samz Clearly never been a football player in your life was you into netball

    • Arteta is the best manager we’ve had since arserne, ppl who say he should go just can’t see the bigger picture

    • Arteta is the best manager we’ve had since arserne, ppl who say he should go just can’t see the bigger picture

  • 2:12:56 robbie gets baited 👍

  • Cedric is so clear of that Lesbian Bellerin ffs... Pepe flourishes when Cedric is on his side and Cedric never made an error in his preferred position Arteta needs to see the light

  • Don robbie doesnt believe in rest Man is a workaholic Rest when your dead

    • as long as hes enjoying life

  • Gr8 game gunners

  • Bellerin should never play for Arsenal again.

    • He’ll be In the starting 11 next week against Burnley don’t you worry

  • 18:46 1-0 Leicester 51:33 1-1 56:45 penalty 59:15 1-2 arsenal 1:24:37 1-3 arsenal

  • Willian is better than Ziyech after all 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Football 1 assist against Wolves also that’s 7

    • Winfred 3 actually assist against benfica 😂

    • @Winfred we need more

    • @quincy dio 2 actually cant forget the game against fulham has 5 assists now in total oooooooo.

    • 1 good game lol

  • 59:15 The don doing his normal exercises

    • @SNGS was thinking the same 😭😭😭😭😭

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • @NM Z the ghost of Samir Nasri

    • Poor ghost got knocked out

    • 🤣🤣

  • I'll say it today, I'll say it tomorrow, Pablo Mari is our best defender.

    • @Ajay7137 if he made a mistake he wasn’t faultless lool

    • @Shaks Afc I rate Gabriel highly but he needs to stop being rash in his tackling

    • @George Pablo was not at fault for the first goal. Elneny was the free man who could have cut across and gone one on one with Tielemans. In the end it's a stupid lack of communication error.

    • He made one mistake but after that he was faultless

    • @Rayu yeah I see what you mean but David was there, he should have moved across and cut off the angle for the shot, same as mo, he did well with the 1 on 1 with vardy but other then that he’s done nothing, gabbi holding and David are ahead of him in my opinion, he’s almost to casual sometimes and that worries me I do hope he comes in and makes a difference but for me, saliba is doing well at nice with tadibo and atal, he can do a job for us same as gabbi and holding, for me he’s like our 4th choice

  • The fact you guys could only admit Tielemans never touched Pepe on the overturned penalty only after you had gone 2-1 up says it all about how you love to play the victims when you're losing. It was very clear Tielemans made no contact with Pepe from the very first replay but you were only willing to admit the obvious after you had gone ahead. Bunch of crybabies who play dumb so they can force this nonsense that you're being cheated. Childish.

  • Willian's left weaker toe is greater than Ziyech and Rasfords whole career..🤣

  • Willian has more assists than ziyech...Don Robbie was the misunderstood genius

    • @Ok Then Clown 🤡

    • @gunner Richthofen clown no wonder why ur 10th

    • Less goals though and 400 minutes more

    • And Havertz 😂😂

    • I didn't even realise that!! Don Robbie was right after all, where is Ziyech now?? Just warming his butt on the bench!

  • Love it lads, brilliant performance all round, got to carry this on and thankfully I never walked off today 🤣

    • @Shaks Afc k

    • No way u almost have 100 subscribers by tricking people that you're actually lee😭😭😭

  • h

  • Great win today! Why do we always perform when nobody is expecting us to😂😂

  • Goal Reactions @18:40 1-0 Leicester @51:30 1-1 Arsenal @59:10 1-2 Arsenal @1:24:30 1-3 Arsenal

    • U legend 💪💪💪💪

  • Goal reactions: 18:42 1-0 51:32 1-1 59:12 1-2 1:24:34 1-3 Thank me later 👍