KALEO - Skinny (LIVE Performance from Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption)

Birt 14 apr 2021
KALEO - Skinny (LIVE Performance from Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption)
From the new album Surface Sounds out now: kaleo.lnk.to/surfacesounds
Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius Son
Filmed, Produced and Directed by:
Rough Cult
Production Unit:
B Cam: Erlendur Sveinsson
Drone Pilot: Arnar Þór Þórsson
Sound Engineer & Recording: Teitur Ingi Sigurðsson
Safety & Medic: Vernharð Guðnason
Post Production: Rough Cult
Sound FX: Francesco Fabris
Color: Trickshot
Title Design: Ingi Kristján
Music mixed and mastered: Arnar Guðjónsson at Aeronaut Studios
Special Thanks To:
66* North
Reykjavík Foto
Pete Turner
Edda Tryggvadóttir
Páll Halldór Halldórsson
Gaukur Davíðsson
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  • WTF... keep rockin' boys!!

  • Fodaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  • history been made in this video

  • I feel you Sending love from Sweden 🇸🇪❤🤎

  • 👀

  • TE AMO

  • Savages they’re from a different planet most people don’t have courage to near a volcano not mentioning a erupted volcano

  • Watching from Santa Monica, California. You are terrific - your music and your video. Great!

  • Ellos desayunan peligro xd

  • From morroco 🥰

  • cool song

  • I have never seen this level of sacrifice for art

  • Where's his face mask?

  • Tan intensos como el volcán mismo .como la sangre que corre en mis venas cuando los escucho así mismo la lava..fluyendo con su música. 😊✨✨✨

  • Is this for real?

  • These words break my heart......and thank you for putting them out there for our babies x

  • I would have expected a bursting volcano to be more hot you know what I mean he's wearing too much

  • Is noone gonna ask why my man is wearing a beanie and a sweater in a volcano???

  • I can't understand what's the meaning behind the lyrics.... great performance but there must be a meaning of the lyrics, lmk if anyone does have a clue

  • Just goosebumps everytime...which chords is he playing, anynone knows? Thanks

  • All the dislikes are from people that are afraid of the Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Perfect

  • This is awesome 🙏🏼

  • WTF, never seen anything like that...

  • 4:23 and he's feeling cold....

  • interesting that he is in an erupting volcano and still feels cold kkk #fanFromBrazil

  • This is soooo Icelandic. I'm in love with this performance😍

  • 🌋

  • This is simply amazing well done brother! 👀💪🙌

  • Advice from Iceland. Kaleo was just doing "sponsorship" contract to the soccer team at there home town ( Mosfellsbær ) ( town of 10.000 ) the name of the team is "Afturelding" and they will have there name at there short, fore the Icelandic tournament in soccer, 1. deviation, this year ( 2021 ). And I´m sure you can mike some money, by purchasing the sort ( if it is available, don´t know ) 3 of them played for the team, at young age.

  • Total cool and hot👊

  • When the world is burning and you're just chilling, listening to this song.

  • Perfect as always. That voice is just wonderful. 🤩

  • Breathtaking raw emotions ! KALEIDOSCOPE KALEO 💙

  • God move.🙌Good job mate.🤝

  • Og and

    • Absolutely nobody makes a cooler (or hotter) video than this in 2021.

  • 🥶🤠🥵 and her friend

  • Here in Ukraine we don’t have any volcanoes, but our hearts (and medovukha) will heat you even more. Waiting for Kaleo in Ukraine

  • Can't top this. Just incredible.

  • Their gonna do it on the moon next

  • You gotta upload this performance to digital platforms!!!

  • Man you’re brilliant 😘

  • Omg I love it!! Best live performance I have seen in a decade 🔥🔥

  • um how is he cold!!! lmao, great performance!

  • Просто космос!

  • It’s Beautiful

  • 💙

  • Love this song

  • Don't worry, he won't get burned. He's way too cool for that

  • Absolutely nobody makes a cooler (or hotter) video than this in 2021.

  • So sad I missed the Boston show... soo heartbroken 💔

  • They are the best 👌 in the world right now. Greta van fleet, bebadobee, Royal Blood, gary cinnamon, cannons and the black keys make rock 🎸 music 🎶 alive and with a lot of hope for better days.

    • Try Sam Fender if you haven't already. That kid is rocking


  • Kaleo in 2025: playing in the past cause they already used all the cool locations on Earth and now they need a new dimension

    • adoro o fato de que a cada live performance eles se superam no quesito lugares inusitados!

  • I don’t know how I stumbled upon your God gifted beauty but I ain’t mad at it. I literally melt and get goosebumps listening to your voice. You’re so talented😍😍

  • I'm lost for words.

  • Even the volcano seems to be mesmerized by their talent.

  • You guys are the best!

  • 3:16 I'll keep coming back to this

  • How do u pronounce that volcano's name!

  • So these dudes are angry at Iceland's female leadership?

    • The emotion in this man’s voice is completely breathtaking

  • Atmospheric. That orange glow and feeling of heat is unreal.

  • Not having this on Spotify is a crime.

  • It is not easy watching something so darn beautiful, become the ugliest thing in the world

  • the other members of kaleo: Hey JJ we are out dude, we can go to an inactive volcano but not this, are you fkn crazy. JJ: then ı go alone

  • Damn this is sooo incredible 😍😍😍😍

  • I saw that lava

  • adoro o fato de que a cada live performance eles se superam no quesito lugares inusitados!

  • Your voice matches the background perfectly raw and stunningly beautiful.

    • Amazing song with a dire warning Love this man voice Love the Band

  • This vocal is amazing

  • Hvenær fer ég á eldfjallið bara hvenær

  • I feel the heat watching this

  • I turned off the sound and it's amazing

  • What a badass.

  • The emotion in this man’s voice is completely breathtaking

  • Next should be pyramids

  • I mean, it's incredibly cool but I just can't imagine it's real. The level of toxic fumes there should make it very difficult to breathe, let alone sing.

  • Insane 🔥

  • Это превосходно!!! Один из лучших клипов который я видел за последнее время!!!

  • When Jökull was asked how epic he wanted the video for Skinny to be he merely pointed south of Reykjavik and said ‘Yes.’

  • I'm speechless 😶 the dedication, respect 🙏🙌

  • One of the best creative video clip ever taken. No ass, no legs, no naked bodies.. Pure music and earth . Congratulations.

  • Amazing song with a dire warning Love this man voice Love the Band

  • Beautiful



  • JESUS CHRİST 🔥🔥🔥😳😳😳


  • Quality is %582521664646345


  • Damn.. Just awesome.

  • If it would be a metal song then it would be awesome.

  • This is lit 🔥

  • I really would love to mess around with a volcanic recording see how it differs from a studio lol :)

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  • I'm still waiting for "No Good" live performance on Mars. For real now, this is absolutely stunning and amazing!

  • My eyes are blessed 🥺

  • First clip in the mordor 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Bet National Geographic's gonna use this song for a future advertisement of theirs because of this video's aesthetics.

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