John Kennedy: LeBron goes ‘from zero to screw everyone pretty fast’

Birt 22 apr 2021
Sen. Jen Kennedy, R-La., joins ‘The Faulkner Focus’ to discuss DC statehood, Ohio shooting and Lebron James’ controversial tweet. #FoxNews
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  • He knows Basketball that's it uneducated!!

  • Give them state hood then shut them down nothing in or out block every thing

  • Our forefathers would roll over in their graves !!!

  • We need more folks like him in Washington. He has my respect and admiration. His love of America is obvious.

  • DC cannot become a state! It is unconstitutional!

  • Cancel DC

  • NO D.C statehood!!! There is a reason it is not a state and they know it!!! Republicans need to get off there asses and shoot it down

  • Too many people in the swamp live in DC. I they live there because of the swamp. Therefore for them to become a state is conflict of interest.

  • Democrats need to go to jail. This is America I think they receive money to do what they do. Citizen need to keep them accountable in Jesus` name.

  • Polsie lies so bad.

  • Let the people vote for DC to be a state in 2024 WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THIS SAY IF WE WANT DC TO BE A STATE.

  • This situation has nothing to do with Latino's, why do people keep including other races on the teenage Afro American girl getting shot and killed .... please stop changing the subject.

  • Label anything as a "civil right" and the sheep will eat it up.

  • She must think everybody is a bunch of idiots. This is all about a power grab for the Democrats. So they can have a couple more senators and a couple more congressmen in the House and Senate. Pelosi is the most corrupt evil manipulative b**** I have ever seen in my life

  • senate needs to send it back

  • Too Bad This Man Isn't President! 100%

  • That’s what we’re saying not all put get the bad apples before they rot them all.

  • Ķ,

  • Many thanks to Harris Faulkner for inviting our conservative senators and giving recognition to our conservative states. God bless you.

  • She's a liar can't stand corrupt Pelosi

  • Le Bron made his millions in USA 🇺🇸 and for his thank you he is a traitor and hatter for USA he is a virus 🦠 spreader

  • Le Bron doesn’t care for Americans he only cares for his bank book another traitoror

  • They don’t care about anybody. Only power

  • Nancy Pelosi is the biggest hypocrite that's ever been in congress. She doesn't care about the homeless people that are out here dying in Los angeles. She never has. She never will. She lives in her multi-million dollar mansion, flies on that private jet, has armed private security, and has millions of dollars in her bank account. She pretends to care about the American people. She has never cared about the American people. Wake up America

  • The founders did not want DC to be a state. They were very clear about that. It's a power grab by the left. It will ensure that they get to stay in power forever. The House and Senate will end up passing this, packing the supreme court, passing HR 50 and SR 50 and then this country will be ruined forever.

  • Ask the girl who's neck was about to be slashed has to say.

  • Just put it in Maryland

  • Lebron james can hire his own security he is rich enough

  • I disagree. Leaders certainly can 'shoot from the hip' in their conclusions. Donald Trump proved that. :D

  • No wonder his father did’t stick around. Do you blame him tho? Who would want to try and raise that thing.

  • He blinked 983 times

  • What the circle back girl does is wreckless by making comments without reviewing full evidence of the incident. Gotta stop inciting feelings. Investigation is a local job.

  • Boycott LeBron and all other celebrities who incite violence !

  • Olympus has fallen!

  • They are totally ignoring the history of why DC is the District of Columbia because of separation of Government and as the National Capital.

  • 🤦

  • Pull the race card its going to back fire on you biden there's going to be a revolution 2 separate governments

  • If this happens we are done. Simple as that. We will see if our reps don't fight this. If they don't the republicans are in with the Democrats. At that time we are done.

  • Pelosi is a lizard

  • Dems don't care about riles constitution or any laws they are above the law they've been caught with illegal things where they should be in jail why are they still there they shouldn't be anywhere but jail

  • DC is never to be a State. Let Maryland and Virginia take over the area around the Federal area.

  • Harris is awesome! You are such a good journalist!

  • This is about releasing convicts from California prisons releasing convicts from prison looks like U S. Marchals can sue state of California for not up holding the. States laws someone add




  • I live near Cleveland and can tell you no one likes him anymore

  • LOL..You Republicans are a bunch of nuts.

  • This administration is evil a d traitorous. Wake up America

  • Does this racist bag of wind even have any top teeth?

  • 'Stop Obama from messing up your name President. Biden!

  • 8:34 Thought: I am offended, outraged and I want justice! (Looks outside) oOoOh a riot?! Gucci, prada, nike, chanel-all guilty, all sell life's necessities... Speech: Which one do I loot for justice first?

  • With all due respect Senator Kennedy, I don't want Biden leading ANYTHING ANYWHERE!! I was much happier when he was hiding in his basement drooling on himself!

  • Nobody should take Kennedy seriously. He’s a performance artist. You got to see that. Even if you don’t think Dc should be a state, which I personally don’t, because it’s in the constitution. But come on guys, you can do better than John Kennedy the performance artist

  • Hey, this is a free country if you don’t like the way the constitution effects you....move!

  • CNN cover the 125 person Biden rally in Georgia?

  • Who is perfect in this world? None!!!!

  • Yes! Americans peoples not perfect! But they are good! That’s what we need!!!

  • 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  • Only criminals don’t like Police Officers!!!!

  • Only criminals don’t like Police Officers!!!

  • Harris is always so well spoken and in command of herself. A joy to see a woman who won't resort to the low tricks of the Left.

  • Only criminals don’t like Police Officers!!!

  • Only criminals don’t like Police Officers!!!

  • Le stupid Bron just put it up in the first place INTENDING TO "create more hate??

  • I like John Kennedy...

  • This dude is hands down my favorite Senator. We'd be happy to have him here in Texas.

  • Who cares what labrum says. What does ja rule say?

  • This man's wit is sharper then most knifes. And just as pointed.

  • We all saw these Evil 😈 Dems DC Statehood ideas coming...& also other Territories like, Puerto Rico, & Guam. Watch out People of America, We Have Anti Americans in Office right now...They Are trying to Shut your mouth and take away all your rights...especially white people! White Males...

  • Kennedy said it perfectly... Biden is not left of center, he is left of Lenin. Truth!

  • Lebron James made a threat against a police officer he need to be arrested.

  • hooyah!

  • How about voting for the state of Jefferson statehood tit for tat

  • SenatorJohn Kennedy is a good man smart and has wisdom and he's straightforward. We need to try and keep this man in the Senate.

  • who knows Morris code, I need to know what he's trying to tell us

  • Kennedy completely missed the point when the interviewer asked about the hypocritical crickets from the NBA and Twitter.

  • It's finally up and running!!! @t

  • so its ok for lebron james to threaten American citizens with no repercussions.

  • Pretty much called LeBron a brain dead idiot and a liar. truth

  • This guy is full of it

  • I wish I had half of this mans brain, absolutely love him.

  • Lol. Well spoken Kennedy. Well spoken. Slim ball James needs to be canceled. We need more white players in the NBA to bring back the NBA ratings

  • Hmmm people really think we have a say in anything the gov does ! Notice how they’re talking about changing Washington to the 51st state and than all the sudden distracts you with a story about Lebron and what he’s tweeting. Nobody gives a F*** about Lebrun or basketball. Look at their ratings - no one cares what he says - he is a puppet. Just like news anchors. Gematria effect news was talking about how he believed they would change Washington to the 51st state bc of ritual numbers. Conscious is rising Babylon will fall.

  • James will never be Michael Jordan anyways!!

  • There Psake goes again...She is a useless corrupt liar just like her papa Biden

  • Government just got bigger, lol saw that coming! From Illinois help! 🇺🇸

  • These Democrats are PURE EVIL MONSTERS!

  • DC was never intended to be a state. Research

  • It would mess up the flag. 👎🏻

  • This the only politician that I’ve seen tell the truth in reference to Labron.

  • No taxation without representation. Puerto Rico too! They pay taxes and can't vote. It's what the Founding Fathers would want. Who cares what their politics are. I repeat: no taxation without representation! If they can't vote then make it so anyone who lives there doesn't need to pay federal taxes.

  • Biden and the Left IGNOR the hard work of, leadership of and vision for, a goal of American Unity from which prosperity for ALL is derived, while promoting the goal of Diversity which REQUIRES DIVISION and results in loss of dignity, resentment, destruction, failure, excuses and blame. Better than any nation in history, American Unity has over come ALL national, religious, ethnic and gender differences in pursuit of excellence creating prosperity for ALL never before experienced in the history of mankind. American UNITY makes DIVERSITY IRRELEVENT. ask any wining sports team.

  • Communist party doing what communist do.

  • It's not a civil rights issue don't believe those lying no good people it's a issue to take total control of the country turn it in a communist state and sell it off to China they're also open to open borders you know what that means that means that house that you're buying have paid off on you own no more keep letting them have what they want and pretty soon you won't have nothing

  • If John Kennedy competition with LeBron. he will be zero at all times.

  • Stop being the Woke aristas.

  • Stop using us black people, to push your agendas, and wrong policies, that's all we hear is systemic racism.


  • Our founders were also a bunch of old ,white, racist and sexist your argument is not valid sir 🤣 idiots