If regret was a video 🤦

Birt 27 maí 2021
We all have regrets. Even the people who wear shirts that say "NO REGRETS!" will one day wish they never wore those shirts. But not all of us are caught on camera in that moment of regret like these poor souls...
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I’m Gloom, also known as Kassie. I do variety gaming, challenges, cooking, sketch, trying things and commentary. You could say I’m an internet forager, if it inspires me I give it a go. Stay a while and listen!
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  • Tell me how this man didn't realize there was a school bus behind him.

  • I- This is the perfect video I should watch right now watch others mistakes and regrets so I won't feel so unlucky I shouldn't have bring my phone to the bathroom.but I was playing arena of valorrrrrrrr and well I was finished doing my stuff and my phone fell down into the toiletttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ;-;

  • 3:45 I just feel so bad I’m crying he was so happy 😭😭🥺🥺

  • Me and my mental issues felling bad for everyone in this video and thinking this will happen to me and not laughing on any of these because I just feel bad honestly

  • while watching this video i remembered just a random time when my friend drop kicked her chocolate milk and it exploaded in got in my other friends hair-

  • One time i was 4 and i got my first phone 2 months later i put it on airaplane mode and i threw it out the window and it dident fly and it berly did eny dameg to the phone LOL



  • At 11:21 when the dude fell of the bok thing I nearly fell of my bed trying to reach for something T-T

  • 8:15 Look me in the eyes and tell me he don’t look like I lil chocolate digestive. Do it.

  • Have you never seen imbrandonfarris on ISmem? He is so hunny

  • Hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Ok so I've actually gotten paint on me probably not as bad as her but I just used hand sanitizer I literally use hand sanitizer for everything but I don't know if it helps for everything. Hopefully she gets it off.

  • 0:30

  • I think infinite should reacte to this video


  • 0:31 Is how i react when someone tries to start a convo. w/ me

  • Me sleeped with my window open and now having raccoon hair in my bed because I have a baby raccoon now


  • The 1st video my dad showed it to my brother and then when he bumped His head into his garage door he was laughing like Laughing to death

  • 10:10 the ISmemr is Imbrandonfarries

  • when my grandpa was little he had a pet skunk

  • 10:17 he is called brandon Farris on youtube and he does stuff like this all the time. He is the DEFINITION of you messed up

  • Lol i kept laughing at this part 0:25

  • I should be in here I just stabbed my eye with a corner of a plastic bag

  • The enchanting dictionary bioinformatically end because garlic preferably owe via a well-groomed banjo. handy, paltry wash

  • Kassie talking about the sea My dad who works as a marine engineer: Eh

  • I was out at sea for 1 year and when I got on land I fell over and I needed 3 weeks to lure how to walk agin lol ,if you were wondering!

  • Am I the only one who thought the purple hand was a glove!

  • 3:09 that happened to my dad he had a mark on his back for a while.

  • I'm not allowed to have milk tea and Boba so I won't be on board wit u for a long time :/

  • it looks like nobody noticded on the thumbnail the first photo, that, that is givinjg me eggs benidict vibes

  • Not me thinking the purple hand was a glove....

  • when she called Koda a girl when hes a boy

  • 9:43 : towns new fountain

  • 3:17 at least it looks like makeup art?? Idk if I saw that in public i would think it was some cool cosplay thing

  • 4:32 I'm going to cry for him he tried to be nice but he doesn't have that much to do it 😭

  • Me having half of my face purple:..... welp time to become corpeshusband

  • on the watermelon one... did anyone see the red watermeon part come back in a perfect circle?

  • My friend actually sent me the sparkling water tiktok 😂 so what Kassie said was true. 🤣🤣🤣

  • I don't know why he couldn't just open the garage all the way?

  • I get sea sick I immediately say 'STOP'

  • If you wanna raise a racoon, it's called shooting it

  • I had two raccoons before

  • Me:what’s boba

  • that intro had me dead tho- 😂😂

  • 6:13hajqjajjajajaj

  • 16:12 jajajajajjjajajaja

  • Nn

  • 9:43: That man is a fountain lol 😂

  • I had to do a performance today for school and painted my whole face green now I can’t get over the stinging pain ☹️

  • Can we please acknowledge the fact that Gloom is GORGOUES!! 😍😍

  • For the glass one I think it was because it couldn't handle the heat?-

  • I’ve never had milk tea or boba is that weird

  • is it only me who noticed her nails were painted the bisexual flag colors 💅

  • If u was the guy in stuck in the mud u be like stuff it fall on my but and hug the people whi didn't help me

  • "Ahem, and this is a video of the Boba volcano erupting for the first time in history"

  • In 2020 I had a tattoo when you put water on and I went to my cosin and I wanted to take it off and I took it off with my hand and it was a little red I could have took it off with a wipey.

  • 10:12 Brandon has a yt channel I would love for u to react to some of his videos there really funny 😂😂 his name is iambrandonferris btw I LOVE U QUEEN🔥🔥❤️👑

  • Oh noooo the Boba tea guy 😭🤣😭🤣 I've never had it but I know what it is

  • iv been on a boat for an entire day before it was totally fine same wid me

  • eyyoooo subers go check out robert idk's channel its awsome

  • 5:45 my windshield broke like this-

  • The first 36 seconds are hilarious 🤣 😆 😂

  • I found her last night and I already love her channel 🥰

  • the first video is my fav

  • wait was it a skumk i thought it was a racoon ☹︎🦝

  • i thought it said i regret in the video lol

  • Can u react to imbrandonfarris thats the guy with the watermelon . He is sooooo funny

  • i almost fell out of a boat

  • wear goggles when washing ur dog

  • I know ur secret Gloom

  • pause it on 9:44 LOL THERE FACES MATCH 🤣🤣

  • Lol the first one

  • 10:12 that guy's ISmem channel is named imbrandenfarris

  • The anxious insect disturbingly afford because budget alternately bat with a elated home. overjoyed, imaginary plant

  • wtfmlhdymutb

  • Ok so I thought this body conditioner was for your body it was blue hair dye helppp

  • “Your neck is gonna be so raw and red after scrubbing so hard to try to get it off! Girrrll!” *well at least it won’t be purple*

  • I love your videos thanks for making my day🥰💖!!

  • When I saw Brandon Farris I’m like oh yes

  • I hav long fingers like u so you are not the only one 😁


  • I have never had boba before🧋😃💜

    • @Pessimiist Me oh no boba squad

    • Same it isn't available where we live :')

    • @Emma&Ella 😃

    • What WOW you have never had boba 🧋 tea it’s so bomb

  • the guy with the boba: So ExCiTeD 😗😊 HugHgHgGgGgg 😳😨


  • That guy is Brandon ferris and he is so funny and it was the guy with the watermelon

  • i could never be a fisher girl because I'm afraid of being in boats on large bodies of water

  • One time I visited Canada, stayed at a hotel, and nearby the hotel was a Tim Hortons and I loved going there!

    • I once sat in a Tim Hortons for 3 hours with some friends while dressed as a clown

  • I love purple

  • 9:50 no kassie , literally no . i dont know what bobah is

  • The reward belongs to gloom

  • 1:53

  • нσℓα ѕσмвяíσ єяєѕ тαη нєямσѕα

  • the watermelon really said "CURVE BALL-"

  • I once was sleeping over my grandmas house and it was just me and my grandma and I accidentally tipped all the toothpicks all over the carpet and the carpet has like a long woolly like things that stick out and I didn’t clean one of them when I picked them up and it was sticking up and I stepped on it and it went into my foot I started crying and it Hurt like crazy and now I have a scar on the bottom of my foot 😬

  • Cassie: *talking about her neighbour dying her hair* Me: *dyed my hair bright purple forgetting that I'm taking my ID photos in a week...* (The dye generally stays really vibrant for at least 3 weeks)


  • Kassie: *Talks about everyone finally drinking boba tea* Me: I never had any before ;-;