Iceland volcano: Drone footage captures stunning up-close view of eruption

Birt 24 mar 2021
A drone captured stunning close-up shots of lava bubbling in the crater of a volcano on Tuesday that began erupting near Iceland's capital Reykjavik on Friday.
0:15 The drone operator braved the snow and biked seven kilometres to the volcano which is not accessible by road, and captured lava pouring from the crater, down the side of the volcano, and into a lava field.
The eruption, which occurred near Fagradalsfjall, a mountain on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland, followed thousands of small earthquakes in recent weeks and was the first on the peninsula since the 12th century.
Please note: We did not slow down or manipulate the speed of the footage for effect. However, the music was added for your enjoyment.
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  • I know they are trying to be artistic but I would've been a lot more interested if the drone had something to read temps and I could see those temps on the screen as it flew.

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  • 0:08 You literally could not ask for a more perfectly timed Nature shot as a cinematographer... The fact that the cone even had a breakoff micro collapse splash up while flying over it was a beautiful coincidence...

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  • Really great pictures, but I would love to hear also the sound of this event. And not some music.

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  • This may be the best use/application of a drone I have seen yet, very cool!

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  • Beautiful, love footage of a once in centuries event- and reported only 1.5 miles from the capital city of Iceland. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, SSTIG, 2021

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  • These volcanic craters have not fissured (erupted) between 800 and 6,000 years!! That is quite crazy to me!

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    • So very cool!!! Awesome footage!!! I would be in awe seeing this... as I am even on here, so great full screen!!

  • Is this captured on the DGI FPV?

  • There is such a fatal attraction about seeing a volcano erupting like this without visual obstruction of ash clouds ... A dangerous temptation ... Brilliant photography.

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  • So very cool!!! Awesome footage!!! I would be in awe seeing this... as I am even on here, so great full screen!!

  • 2:54 - 2:58 That's rock # 8 floating down that stream starting at the top middle and ending at the bottom middle...

  • I find it very hard to believe that a drone got that close without melting or being pelted out of the sky. IF this is true footage... kudos to you!

    • IF this is fake, kudos to them for making it look 100% real. This is, however, real.

    • Or they sacrified 2 or 3 drones in the process Edit: and why would it be a fake ffs, they film the volcano since week one. You do like to make brain-knots, do you?

    • I would say that they had zoomed in on the fly by... so looks close, but in reality was far enough away to not get effected by the heat. It's wonderful footage.

  • Im actually from iceland and i visited that place, its very beautiful, especially at night.

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