I Tried Cooking Satisfying Oreo Dora Cakes

Birt 4 feb 2021
Homemade Oreos are my favourite dessert ever and when I saw this recipe I absolutely had to try it, but I'm using birthday confetti oreos and sprinkles to make it more like Dunkaroo frosting! This is 4 ingredient no bake Oreo biscuit cakes, recipy by Delmira Cooking.
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  • how many dogs you have :l

  • make cake pops

  • whats dunkaroo

  • if you wanted to know they are really easy to make and taste delicious

  • More bagle yasssssssssss my favorite with peanut butter

  • I like how she said no bake no oven and she's using a stove to bake

  • 1:09 Are you serious Karen?

  • Homemade Oreos: Starts whit Oreos😃☝️😐✊

  • When she said goopy for the oreos when they were mixed my cat looked at me bc her nickname is goopey for how much she drools and sneezes

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  • Me: I got all of the ingredients! The baking soda: I have ruined your day MWHAHAHAAH😠

  • Ok so I had never heard of Martha Stewart, and I was watching this video in the kitchen with my mom and she was like "that girl's name is like Martha Stewart's! I wonder if she likes her." and I looked Martha Stewart up and I can never look at Kartha Gewart the same again

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  • Kartha: it's so stuffed! Me: ... That's what she said. I'll show myself out

  • Gloom u should make treats for anjing

  • Oreo icecream is my fav

  • i tried it and it went so wronggggg lolllllll (im just bad at cooking! ;-;)

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  • This recipe doesn't work so you should stop making kartha videos

  • So I just made theses (using ONLY Kartha/Deagles recipe) and it made 3 big ones and 3 small ones. They taste amazing and my whole famous LOVED them! 🥰 I definitely recommend making theses! Thank you Kartha and Deagle! 😂😉

  • thx for the tutorial gloom, i am going to make these right now ! :)

  • I have a pug and 3 chihuahuas but Deagle is Very cute

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  • Where is Twiki

  • What happened to the other dog :(

    • @light _buz nope it is terrible

    • @-Skelly- wha-... no your joking right?.

    • He passed away

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  • Kartha: who ever made up the birthday cake flavor is a genius I want to marry them Terry: wait- Kartha: 👁👄👁

  • So for this recipe you have the Oreos, you smush them up and then you reform them. Why 😂😂

  • Fun fact: When you say different names to your dog you can confuse them with there real name so be careful

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  • I made these and boy they were AMAZING but i ate 8 in the span of 40 seconds and now i feel so sick butbit was worth it 🤢


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