I Survived 100 Days Inside a Hidden Minecraft Base...

Birt 20 mar 2021
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I Spent 100 Days in a Hidden Minecraft Base!


  • I need more hiding inside a Minecraft base videos

  • Awesome

  • stalker

  • Do a next one pleaseee

  • Its like playing spy for 100 days

  • Where did he go he's been gone for ever

  • I always loved hiding in other player's houses and put hidden signs to scare them. Btw this guy really inspired me to start playing minecraft again, cause I also looove to decorate houses really pretty with a lot of details

  • Ive watched this vid before but i forgot alot of it so im gonna watch it again

  • Hmm i wonder what happene to tekker

  • Of all the ISmemrs I watch, you are the most positive, even if you are a foreigner.

  • Stalker at a new whole level

  • Ooooooomg

  • What was that outro song?

  • omg so fun to watch

  • fgjfgjgfjgf

  • What is the server name so that we can join the server

  • And he is gone again

  • What server is that i would like to join

  • I wanted to see you confront him lol

  • *guys is he dead?*

  • For some reason I can’t join server

  • Is the server 1.12

  • Day 88?????

  • 5 close calls... -_-

  • John wick

  • 4 close calls????!!!!

  • Close calls 3!?!!!???


  • he is not online

  • I've tried joining the server but it said I have to be in 1.15.2 and I changed it to that but it still doesnt work. does anyone know why?

  • what about doing the same without invis

  • Where is the ip

  • Has he quit?

  • Did I just watch an entire video of somebody stalking a player and living in his base? Yes, yes I did.

  • Plot twist - he actually knew that tekkers was there and bill is what he referred to him as

  • OMG

  • I really liked this! Can we see another someday!?

  • Nice video!

  • I really want to play but I don't know what to put in the server name section, I tried "Warlock Realm" but nothing, is there a parent server that I need to put in? If so, name and IP Address please?

  • :( THE Marzy was copied from this video, I thought it was from him but I realized this

  • I'm in the update it says I have to be on and it is not working


  • What's the minecraft version of the server

  • Ohtekkers has not posted In a while I’m starting To worry about ohtekkers

  • I spent 100 days in a Minecraft base

  • Bruh moment

  • It's cute how he'd grown so attached to the guy who didn't even know he was there, that he called him bluey,

  • Wonder if the mystery person was ever found on discord?

  • How have name you minecraft server? lm on bedrock pe

  • Like here is you want an ohtekkers bedrock server also can u play on realm if u don’t have it? #teamohtekkers!!!:)

  • *Plot twist* The player was a payed actor

  • I know I’m 4 months late but I love this video

  • Ohtekkers when is ur next vid? It’s been 4 months.

  • Did you ever contact him afterwards

  • I really want to sub but I don't know much about your vids sorry I will watch more and many sub not maybe I will sub

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  • Is he stalking or is he under cover

  • Why doesnt he recordd bro??

  • Is he dead?

  • Part 2 or unsub

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  • Bro i cant believe this vid got 17 mil views

  • Did he get to talk to blue though? For some reason I was more waiting for the reaction he had

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  • Do more of this plz

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  • Where has trekkers went :(

  • What a show! I've watched till the end and i dont even play the game...

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  • Does anyone know the song playing at 26:03? It gives me Knights of Cydonia vibes 😝

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  • 17:20 That voice crack tho

  • The music at the end made it feel like a movie

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  • A spanish youtuber also did this

    • De hecho el youtuber español fue el que se copio

  • 21:31 Theres this and that and these and this......and then he came back with a hOe

  • Can you do 200 days

  • Okay now do it in real life

  • Am I able to join this server if I’m on PlayStation? If so how do I do it

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  • "That was a close call, my heart was beating" Could you explain to me how you get your heart to stop beating? Anyone pls.

  • Where are you?

  • Sus

  • I think he is ded

  • History books: * watches video* Also history books: Where’s my pen?