I Spent 50 Hours Locked In An Art Store

Birt 21 apr 2021
I can't believe we locked ourselves in an art store for 50 hours straight
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    • Nice vid

    • @zhc 😁hope fully you chooses me so I can have good recording products for the James Stroud Classical guitar competition for next year. If not can I have a customized painted classical guitar. ? 🤣🤣hope fully it isn't a long shot

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    • ZHC really be flexing in his videos nowaday while I cry in broke

  • Zhc is the coolest

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  • Thank you for making content for all these years and not giving up 😁

  • I like dragon ball z

  • You should make a video no editing

  • I love you ZHC you are the best

  • Hey can you plz come to my school and help because a few weeks ago my school was about to shut down because of low money and people not coming to school and my school name is Hancock middle senior high school and I would love to see you there and meet you in person because you inspired me to go back to drawing and living my dream and it would be greatly appreciated by the school and everyone that works there...

  • Hi Zhc I am a really big fan of your drawings and vids!! I hope you never stop drawing or doing art!!❤❤❤❤

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  • Ok zhc

  • Can I have $7 million love you

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  • It’s not a waste to buy things for strangers or your friends!! It’s not a waste of your money! Also if it was, would you really be doing this?

  • I am Watching U From Last 8 Months


  • I am good at art and I sub to you tannel

  • My daughter love your videos,amazing art man.She now wants to be artist thank you for giving inspiration to my daughter ♥️

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  • ZHC in 50 years: I painted the whole state of Massachusetts!

  • ZHC’s budget when shopping in a art store: $1,000,000, My budget: $5,000 - $8,000

    • No joke that’s how much money I have

  • Love ya guys

  • I absolutely love what y'all do. I'm an artist also

  • I Just Love Watching You Guys Do Really Cool Things Jake Is So Funny

  • we barely see mackenzie

  • I love art if u have instagram account my name is Lewis Retter and u can see my art some of them are cars

  • Plz sa vada pool plz

  • I wuld never use purple Me:Uh- My hear Edit: ZHC:For youtub purposes only Also ZHC:AAAAAAAAAAAAAH-

  • 😀

  • love from Bangladesh.Big fan bro.I am 12 years old.I need good device for my online class but my family is middleclass family.I have no good device😞 love uh bro

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  • Zach you’re so kind!!!! You’re my inspiration ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • i dre you fly 2 canada and fly and fly all the way back

  • I hope i live in a same cauntry with zhc 🏃‍♀️💔


  • Viewers: (spends zhc's money) Me: Give me art supplies i need supplies to continue my art

  • I did subed already

  • he is playing gta V in real life 😝

  • ZHC ❤

  • u know i wish i was in your place as i love art instead of u i would stay there

  • Jake is hillarious

  • Hiii

  • Zach had 2 fort-nights

  • Gamers : “we need Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from 🇾‌🇹‌🇼‌🇴‌🇳‌.🇨‌🇴‌🇲‌

  • Your so rich omg hahahahahaha

  • salute to you from india

  • If bankrupt was in a video 😭

  • Zach: Hey Mackenzie u spent more than Izzy....1000 dollars Mackenzie: YAAAAAAAA!

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  • Please I would love one

  • You should have painted the whole store

  • You look like vegate

  • Me parents need help P.S. I love your art videos

  • You like being a manager zack

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  • Omg zhc is really nice 😂🤣

  • And i like art

  • Nice vid i like it

  • I wish u could come to my school but I live in Australia

  • It's so amusing how they give away thousands of dollars and art supplies to people genuinely, like bruh they didn't hold back giving away and it's so satisfying to watch and tbh I've never seen like this influencer before 💖

  • Please me

  • Hey guys I love your videos but I have a question if you guys need to go to the bathroom what do you want to do like pause the video and then go and then replace the video again answer me please

  • ZHC in 20 years : I will pant the earth 🌍

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  • hi zhc btw you should stop cersing

  • And it’s my sister and I first time going to america

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  • I just love how funny you and your friends are😎

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  • 6:24 yes this is true.

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  • I saw you doing a painting for the school video

  • I love black pink ROSE 😍

  • You know that two days is 48 hours, right?

  • I love your videos sooooooooo much and you also 💖💖

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