I Settled a $3.5 Million Dollar Lawsuit for this BOX!

Birt 15 feb 2021
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Romeo Lacoste sued me KEEMSTAR for $3.5 million dollars & i settled for what's in this box!
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  • Stonks

  • 3:39 yw

  • & that’s how it’s done! 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

  • U acting like 115k is light money 💰

  • Easy dubss

  • Destroyed him😂

  • That what Trump does, silent ppl for his wrong doing

  • *Pretend I have a check mark next to my name*

  • keem acting like this is about freedom of speech when its really about clout and money for him hahaha

  • Thats such a big W

  • Wow That’s amazing

  • Wow you have a plaque with his name on it. Dude you’re something else

  • How does he still have a play button still tho?

  • Dang he came to win

  • I always say ggs but this time it’s different GG

  • this still the hardest shit ive ever seen on youtube, keem 4L

  • Romeo still has his on his Snapchat story though?

  • Lmao keems such a fuckin child i love it

  • This video is awful.

  • what a fucking win

  • Keem woke up in beast mode

  • Fucking massive W

  • STONKS ^

  • Cockroach lmao

  • NO WAYY GG.....

  • say whatever you want about keem star but you gotta admit this was amazing

  • 666,003 viewer HAHAHAHAYAYAYAYYA

  • He didnt just kick him while he was on the ground. He took a chair and broke his spine

  • Haha iz rite

  • I hope Keemstar sues H3H3 next

  • Keemstar is the man. Freedom of speech prevails

  • Gg get claped

  • Sheeeeesh

  • Lol

  • Slam dunk

  • i literally said in my head, this man would not want a pedo's plaque. and what do i see, exactly what i thought....

  • Good guy keemstar

  • Wait... keem was a debt collecter 😁

  • Hell yea

  • Watch him get a new one lol

  • I never heard of you but from faze gang you deserve to have that hat on your head👍🏽

  • So can’t he just get another though

  • Jacksucksatlife is gonna buy the sub plaque

  • W8 holy sht that he got his golden bruh an absolute w

  • When everyone in the comments has over 100k subs :

  • Omg keemstar😱😱😱

  • Romeo: “Impossible”

  • Lmao 🤣🤣🤣


  • Theres 2 thing a man has, his dignity, and his play button, you my man took both, fair play, respect

  • You know you're a pos when keem walks away the hero.

  • Yes sirrrr!!!

  • GG


  • SAVE JISU!!!

  • SAVE JISU!!!

  • SAVE JISU!!!

  • SAVE JISU!!!

  • SAVE JISU!!!

  • Yessssssss

  • Idk I am late but dude That's epic

  • Somehow I fucking knew it was going to be about a ISmem plaque! I knew it!

  • Big W, Keem! 🙏🏻

  • Romeo: sues Keem: UNO REVERSAL

  • Glad it worked for you keem. Also what would you say about baited with u and Chad and Andy again?

  • Fatality 🩸🥷

  • Imagine seuing for money then having to pay money in the end instead of getting😂omg and his plaque oh no no no no that's hilarious

  • 3:42 SAVAGE!!!!!!

  • He can just spend $200 and get another..

  • whatsss in the boxxx WHATSSS IN THE BOXXX

  • I saw him hanging and tattooing Jesse from Nelk Boys. Congratulations Keem.

  • Got damn OG status right there 🔥


  • I see this as an absolute win

  • 25 grand for a ISmem plaque


  • *Well he aimed for the head*

  • Keem you weren’t speaking for those things alone what about sexual abuse of children?!

  • You know he can order a replacement ISmem play button through Society Awards.

  • like a boos.

  • He can get another one tho

  • The absolute flex. Well done

  • Lol he censored his comment censor so that only his fans comments are up there. What a coward

  • Bro it looks like u have gorilla glue on ur beard I love ur videos

  • What a chad man respect.

  • Despite however much I hate keem, I'm glad he won this suit, this sends a good message to people who think they can just sue someone to get their way

  • Hey keem I don’t know if you are still doing the Xbox and PS5 giveaway but I been subscribe for your channel for a while and I have the notification bell on but here’s my @ for Twitter @BryanAbundes

  • Where’s the silver one tho lol

  • Ngl i forgot about the lawsuit, but this was a big W

  • Fuck it imma take YOUR shit

  • I can't believe he went ahead with it lol @D3V1Lryd3r

  • Was anyone else’s reaction just 😐 till he pulled out the play button😂😭


  • He can buy a replacement

  • 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 You da man!!!

  • That some GOT type shit

  • Hahah you done him

  • This manzzzzzz 😂🤣😂🤣 I was shook when he pulled that out lmaooooooo... A+ I can’t even 🤣 lmaoooo

  • How

  • I didnt get my notification for this ??? 4 days late???