I played weird virtual pet games

Birt 14 mar 2021
video game animals
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monky with sweater


  • Can you try pokemon go

  • Can you post more videos more often pls

  • Jaiden

  • You have a daughter

  • Hey Jaiden, don't if you want to or not, but can you do a pokemon White nuzlocke?

  • Jaiden make a jojo bizarre adventure reaction or new pokemon videos or make new videos pls I love your videos and it's content

  • nobody: large: *i don't like you*

  • I have 1k+ comments here. How?!

  • Dude is mother's day when your gonna gret your mom💕💜

  • Pls send new videos i m so bored because of my summer break so I only watch your videos and I have watched all ur videos 🥺🥺

  • **Monke Twerking**

  • i think i have petz but with cats and dogs


    • there isnt one unfortunately but she announced it on twitter so its a win-win

  • Jaiden, where's our ari's 5th birthday video?

  • Jaiden should try Pokemon: Soul Silver or Heart Gold Nuzlocke tbh

  • Keep up the good work hopefully we can get monthly content one day. 👍

  • It looked like a chaos card from Isaac

  • Hey jaiden can you make the video you promised us about the carbs being the devil I’m still waiting for it (reference from the parent stories video)

  • Look at my ari

  • 6:09 LARGE: "out came a baby boy" Jaiden: (???)

  • I wrote it wrong kk.

  • شخص ما يتحدث باللغة البرتغالية

  • random super mario bros movie reference??? 9:11

  • Pewds got me Joel, and Joel got me here... Now I am fan

  • Where Ari birthday

  • It’s past Aris birthday :0 is Jaiden even gonna post a video of Aries birthday 🍰:00

  • Jaiden Animations Jaiden Animations Jaiden Animations

  • Why duz every single one have a Z like

  • Hey Jaiden! Uhmm... I Just wanna say that I really like your videos, you draw super well, and your videos make me laugh a lot! And is really good to find someone who likes Pokémon because here it’s super rare, and actually I’m not american, I’m actually brazzilian, so... I really aprecciate your work and hi from South America!

  • Your so close to 10M!

  • It’s official: jaiden is a gaming channel now

  • I really enjoy this video and all your other videos but there is one thing that I would like to comment. Your videos are s little boring due to the lack of colour😐 I’m sorry for critising

  • The movie scruffy is so said 😢

  • its been a month were still waiting im still at the party im the last one the chukky cheese wifi bills are going to high there gonna cut it out soon the mascot is hunting me down Jaiden your our only hope

  • I like that at 4:25 the bird could have won without tricking Jaiden.


  • I declare more ari vids

  • 10:19 *snap out of it you!!*

  • When is it ari birthday again I really like those videos

  • What do I said stop the😡 videos

  • Are we gonna ignore that champ has a actual name? Other then the others that are just verbs 😭✋🏼

  • 6:37 today I’m feeling ~aloha~

  • 9:02 Holy crap im barely taller than my kitchen counter so im terrified of this monkey

  • Well it's been almost 2 months when will the next video will come

  • Happy late birthday to ari

  • Guys jaiden is almost at 10M subs

  • My sister has a nintendo DS Lite

  • IDK

  • Pets are cute

  • Mmmmmm monke

  • Hamsterz was one of my fav games as a kiddo. I had a gray Hamster named Steal, based off an irl hamster that liked to steal food. Rip Steal

  • “He cage is too small”

  • Do you have frog

  • everyone, play my horse prince

  • I like the name star I named my other email star

  • Where’s the ari bday video at?

  • Yo, jaiden, look up the song revived and click on a video by Cainttern. The song sounds like you.

  • Do one pokemon calng

  • THAT DARN HAMSTER GAME i played it so much as a kid you just brought back such strange memories

  • i cant live whitout jaidens videos i am going insane. send help post something pls idc how much time it takes

  • 9.92 Mil...

  • Where new Ari Birthday video

  • 1:55 Oh no it's one of these games

  • My cat at 3 am 7:45


  • Oh God the hampsterz use owo dialect

  • Why didnt you choose ari as ur parrot in the parrot game Xd

  • he cage is too small

  • Make something new like a new nuzlocke

  • Hey Jaden if you're listening to this or reading this remember that video you posted a while back about the face reveal I watched it I had the same feeling but you don't need to feel bad just keeping yourself and try not getting back to those motion I'm sorry if I have to bring that back to you and I know you had a tough time back then but we support you all of us do we love you as a ISmemr Jaiden

  • play more Pokemon gams

  • Is it weird how she makes only 7 vids a each year

  • Ari birthday?

  • Anyone else starting to think jaiden's running out of stories and is just resorting to playing games to put stories in it

  • Hello

  • Hi Jaiden! I wanted to know if you use a Tablet to animate. (If so what tablet do you use?) I also wanted to know if you use drawing/animation software, and like again what is it called? Sorry for the buttload of questions I'm asking I just wanted to try and start animating, there are a lot of people I'm inspired by, (Including you!) If you can please include what pen you use or if you even use a pen or at least give me some tips! Thanks so much!

  • 3:13 when you mom gives you McDonald’s


  • hey you still hanging out with kate

  • Let’s get her to 10 million! She deserves it

  • 1:53

  • Hi


  • Hey ummm can you play Friday night funkin, just a suggestion you don’t have to👉👈 🥺 it would be cool though if you would .

  • Close to 10 million subs

  • u ded?

  • It’s a week past Ari’s birthday

  • Jaiden did you know that arizona pruduces so much cotton that they can make 2 t-shirts for every american person

  • Adopt me

  • Fun fact did u know Jaiden animations is the voice of bunny bun bun from a vid from sans

  • I love your videos :D

  • Pokemon nuzlocke

  • 3:54 there's *_TWO?!_*

  • Should try Custom Robo for the GameCube very interesting story.

  • I had a dream with monkeys

  • Of course the hamster talks

  • Me talking to my brother be like: 3:25

  • Wow noice vid

  • happy late birthday ari

  • Stand master: Jaiden Name: Star Nintendog Stats A A A A A A