I Built the World's Tallest Trampoline Tower!!

Birt 29 maí 2021
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Carter Sharer just stole Ryan Prunty's car and added $10,000 of Lambo mods to it ( ismem.info/for/v-deo/r560l3x52pKtlGk.html ) But today things truly got Rare And Ridiculous with TEAM RAR because we made the Worlds Tallest Trampoline Tower (and then jumped off it!!) Lizzy Capri, Stove's Kitchen, Ryan Prunty, Bailey Payne, Deniesse, Matt Braeden and even sky surfer @Hunter Kowald stopped by with his real hoverboard to see the tallest trampoline tower in the world!! We had to do something with the 30 trampoline park we put in my back yard (after we did last to leave 30 trampolines wins $10,000) so making the world's tallest trampoline tower with 11 trampolines seemed like the next step. It was so tall we could see all the way down to downtown Los Angeles and helicopters started circling us overhead while we did insane jumps off it. What should we do with all these trampolines next?? Comment below!!


@Dangie Bros 10 STORY TRAMPOLINE SKYSCRAPER!! *WORLD RECORD* Tallest Trampoline!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSAdW...
@Ben Azelart LAST TO LEAVE TRAMPOLINE TOWER WINS $10,000 www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqz6D...
@Lizzy Capri I TURNED THE TEAM RAR HOUSE PINK!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPg1A...
@Bailey Payne WORLD RECORD TALLEST TRAMPOLINE TOWER!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWEHy...

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  • Literally??

  • This is crazy😱😨😱

  • this is my firts time watching you guys but im alredy absessed

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  • Make a 24 hour vid

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  • Can you give me a bill to do a rainbow trampoline one until 100

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  • to be honest it looks fun but scary :)

  • Maybe the trampoline will fall and then you know And then I will follow and then you’ll follow that and then you know you’re hurt and then go to the doctors so don’t do that that’s dangerous stop

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  • I bet he could get to the top of the universe in weeks

  • That kind of reminds me when I was in second grade and I jumped off one of the highest steps and it was fun but scary.

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  • Very risky and very big

  • This is so cool Carter I wonder how you are going to unstack those trampolines

    • @Ronald Campbell because everyone says his name

    • How do you know his name is Carter

  • I think that’s dangerous

  • Make a hiding between all those trampolines

  • Must be hard work and u must be strong it is probably so fun I want to be there

  • 10:08

  • Como que se tiro y no está mojado

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