Going Through Maddie's Private Diary to Reveal Her Secret!

Birt 15 apr 2021
I hope we don't live to regret it. First Rebecca Zamolo created "Being Mean to My Best Friend for 24 Hours and Surprising Her with a Dream Vacation!" Next Matt and Rebecca uploaded "We Trapped the Evil Ghost Evilyn Living in Our House!" Finally the Game Master Network made."Maddie Finally Reveals Her Secret, Instantly Regrets it." Now in order to trick Rebecca and Maddie, Matt and his best friend must get them out of the house. Matt writes a private message from the game master to send Rebecca and Maddie on a mission. While they are gone, Matt and Rick Noah, his best friend, go through Maddie's private Diary. This might get extreme when we learn about all of her secrets, crushes. What will we reveal? Do you think the girls will know what we are up to and will the game master meet Rebecca and Maddie at the lake of secrets? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.
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  • Mac you doing something wrong

  • Like Noah has a crush on Maddi

  • I think that Maddie has a little bit of a crush on him

  • Rebecca was lying they don't go to home depot

  • NO

  • Yes

  • That’s with Noah how old he can you OK if he doesn’t tell you the truth put a level took the test until he tells the truth and then if it’s the same answer that he’s telling the truth but he’s hiding something from you met

  • Matt I do you have to take a lie detector test on Rick Noah

  • We can I was hiding something from you Met

  • Is it just me or does the game master look different I know he sounds the same ish but he looks different

  • Game master sound different

  • Rick Noah Matt what is Maddie and Rebecca went through your phone or your diary’s 🤔

  • Who is the game master?

  • RHS SPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca: the mom Matt: the overprotective dad Rick Noah: the brother who is great friends with maddie Maddie: The 15 year old who gets mad when her dad calls her a kid 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  • Rreck and Matt are so rude I rather not talk to him for like a year

  • Yeah she wants to turn into a princess are you guys cuckoo well you are boys not girls so I shouldn’t say that

  • Diary of a wimpy kid

  • Ben-Hur Crush

  • diary of a wimpy kid

  • Rebbca and Maddie are lake of secret

  • Diary of a ........ sorry I didn’t finish it :(

  • Buried married

  • is not nice to look at people diary

  • Maddie's biggest fear is ghost she is so scared of ghost make sure everyone goes on the go step make sure that everybody is safe

  • I wonder how does the game master looks like

  • Maddie has crush in Ben azelart

  • I don't like the part when Matt read the secret diary of Maddie I feel bad for maddie

  • Noooooooooooo

  • I know that guy is lexi

  • Yesssssss

  • NOW!!!!!!!

  • I what to know her secrets

  • No

  • This is Fred thing on his arm

  • I think that I hate you matt

  • I feel so sorry for Rebecca all she wants is some nice kids to have in her house 😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😥

  • im so soory Rebecca

  • I just now saw game master

  • ♥️ I have to go to sleep but I do like your videos so bye 😁

  • I love your videos❤❤❤❤😀

  • Matt and Rick Noah need to get prank for 24 hours because they went through Maddie’s diry bad idea Matt and Rick noah

  • Rebecca Matt did not want to post it on the game that's right with no one wanted Matt to post all the stuff in your diary Maddie on the game master Network app you need to figure out a way to delete it with no wanted to put on the game master Network app you cannot let that stay up for long you never know who can get maybe the orange juice a kingpin just trust me man I love you Maddie 😁


  • Do not tear those pages or I will tell Maddie

  • Girl rule boys drule

  • If you tear that page I am going to tell Maddie

  • hey Maddie Ben your crush has a ISmem channel

  • What will you do if somebody went through your diary if you have one hoh

  • Diaries are for secrets not for spoiling it

  • Why do you have to be mean for her she didn't do anything

  • It was so mean of matt and rick noah to read maddies dairy

  • Merrick know what you are the worst I don’t like you anymore it’s like you know anyone I making crying face all the time because you guys always been into Rebecca and many

  • Rebecca and Maddie the paper with your surgery go to the lake a secret it was my aunt I forgot his name but it is the Green me please listen to me I’m your big big big fan

  • Saalihah 💞

  • Juhhhhh

  • look like someone call Rick like MaDDie

  • Maddie noooooo Hey i now that rick noa has a crush on maddie and i do not treste my mind

  • De bois ar de wurs😠

  • it is a trick from matt

  • Why are you guys going true her dairy

  • I love this video

  • Diary of a wimpy kid

  • Wait douse Rick noah like~ Maddie oooooo~~~~

  • Maddie and Rebecca the boys are looking in your diary 📔

  • dairy of a wimpy kid

  • I unsubscribe because what you did

  • GIRL said we better and better hacker but the boys tricked them caought

  • 😭

  • Rebecca punch matt in the face

  • Maddys fear is ghosts that is totally right

  • Like yeah me to

  • i saw r.h.s at the bac k of rebeca

  • I am so mad at matt

  • Why would Matt and Rich Noah go through Maddie’s diary that mean what if you had a diary then Maddie went through it

  • Why Does Maddie Have Multiple Crushes.

  • Rebeca your dumb when your were back there the went 3 2 1 and you we’re back there


  • That guy was ben

  • Poor Rebecca

  • Rick Noah is working with the rhs he is Daniel's best man

  • I would have smacked Matt with that shovel

  • I am upset because apparently us that are not VIP aren’t as important to know about all of this. 🥺

  • His name is Ben Azelart

  • Evilny is in rick Noah

  • I started to watch your vidos just yesterday day

  • I have subscribe and I hit the bel

  • Alaska is usually Irish Kansas kaiser susu isjs Kansas kaoss skills

  • Rebecca I hate your husband he’s just a little cool he is thanking you so he could get more here with Noah his best friend he have more time to just go to your cousins diary he actually wrote that 📝

  • Rick Noah has a crush on madey

  • ??????..?.?...?.?..?.?..?.?a..?.?..?.?..?.?.?..?..?.?.?.?.?..?..?.?..?.?..?.?.? ?..?? .?.. .?.?..?

  • matt and ricknoaw saw you .

  • I'm laughing 😂😂😂 when the game master slap maddie and punch

  • I can't Believe you


  • I’m sorry Maddie they gotta open it they got the 🔑 :(

  • I don't like Rebecca I love her

  • Diary of a wimpy kids is my favourite book

  • Aneira said Guggenheim