George W. Bush calls GOP 'isolationist' 'protectionist' and 'nativist'

Birt 21 apr 2021
FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo reacts to the former president's comments on the latest edition of 'Seen and Unseen.' #FoxNews #Ingraham
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  • George Bush has turned to the dark side. Lord Sith Obama is his master.

  • George Bush is a has been and not good for our country if he thinks the likes of liz Cheney are good for republicans.

  • He might,at best be 3 or 4 IQ points above Buck Fiden.

  • Ambassador George Bush Senior sold out the country to China along with Kissinger. They made China stronger than the United States sold out the workers of the United States and their friends cashed in

  • Bush I got the Bushmaster what you going to do

  • Right wingers are incapable of innovating. That is why they fear EVs and new technologies. They are luddites.

  • Funny, a beloved republican war crime president now vilified by republicans because he’s too liberal 🤣😅😅🤣

  • Bush is a war monger

  • There are more important issues that need attention like the border.

  • I never liked bush. Man was a disaster.


  • On one cares what this boring man or his entire family for that matter, has to say about politics, you and your whole family are oil mongers!! Silence is definitely a virtue when it comes to all your family!!!

  • I mean technically what Bush said about the GOP is true. Is that good, or bad? That is strictly up to your opinion of whether being an isolationist, protectionist and nativist is good or bad.

  • Bush idiot

  • W bush dumb president

  • i think fox news drank to much Lysol...

  • Bush, an epitome of Cronyism.

  • If Biden is the idiot president George w is the moron president

  • I dont see anything wrong with being "isolationist ", "protectionist ", and "nativist " when it comes to protecting this Country! If that's what it takes to protect out country; then so be it! We should isolate ourselves from butting into the business and problems in other countries. We have our own. We should protect ourselves from the people who come here and seek to change OUR WAY of life. They should stay in their own country and fix it. We should protect everyone who was born here and is a Native to this country before we help any body else!!! Nothing wrong with these words and ideas! George has lost his way.

  • Coming from the "Alfred E. Newman" of presidents. G.W. didn't have anything to say as president, and he doesn't have anything to say now. Hey Bush, give us one more "nuclear" before you go............NU-KYA-LER.....................and this Moe was president?

  • Go back to sleep bush

  • American citizens must vote with their brains not by their heart.... Support whoever with the better policy for the good of the country..... Better start a campaign to demand for clause that permits recall for every politician

  • Every conservative becomes a liberal at retirement because they gotta sell books to college graduates.

  • Bush is corrupt... I wonder why there is no laws about political donations and transparency in federal contracts....

  • Mr. BUSH , can't agree with you this time. Republican nowadays are more cohesive and constructive, putting their political agenda aside. And citizens voices are now being heard.thats a big Change.

  • All I have to say to W is: you’re either with Us, or against Us, Mr. President.

  • Bush 43 was an idiot big deal.......

  • Nice work Bidenites.......JEEZZZZZZ!!!!

  • GWB is absolutely right. He’s ashamed of the GOP and he should be. Democrats are crazy but Republicans are just flat out hateful ignorant people

  • This is the same man who is still a dumbest. Call it like you see it.

  • sticks and stones.

  • The man who lie about irak.who believe in bush ? Nobody.

  • Coming from a globalist evil satanist shill.... how was it to see your father dealt with by the first honest administration... remembering they have it all.

  • Joe Biden’s mind is like a kids web browser. 38 tabs open, 27 of them froze and can’t figure out where the music is coming from 🥴

  • America is not a nation of immigrants. America is a nation of citizens. After all, the whole point of immigrating is to BECOME A CITIZEN .

  • Isn't this the same man who called people all over the world, "the axis of evil; you are with US or you are with THEM." Strange that his arms weren't out then, and now all we have is some painted pictures of the "isolationists" faces who were ordered to occupy their country. Makes one wonder what universe we're living in.

  • Now all Bush needs to know is what those words mean.

  • GWB is a real creepy guy.

  • What happened to BUSH~In kahoots with who or what? Shameful!!

  • Conflict of interesting? Biden is an idiot. Electric busses, bet most of the Radical Left have invested. Ya think? As far as Bush is concerned, Shame on him for pandering to the Left, they hate him and have vilified him for years. What the heck, he needs to go back to wherever he lives now. What a disappointment.

  • I think he should keep his pie hole closed

  • Why do the Bush's favor the people South of the border?

  • I am sorry that I voted for this guy when he ran the second time. I wish I could take the vote back, although (I know) it wouldn't make any difference now. In retrospect, he definitely was NOT WORTH IT!!

  • That murderer needs to sit down and shut up!

  • Dubya is probably hoping we forget about him, his abysmal Presidency and The Bush Crime Family They along with another crime family, The Clintons took turns destroying our country.

  • Knowing what we do about "W", his comments mean nothing...

  • Bush need to stop talking bad about Repuplican.

  • Oh you of little fate , why don't you comment on your good buddy's, Oboma and Clinton

  • Hate I ever voted for that evil man!


  • Fox News is most stupid racist evil ignorant idiot television station in world covers themselves with freedom of speech

  • Sadly their was a time when I thought you were an honest forthright individual. I was wrong.

  • A faux Republican and I voted for Bush.

  • George W. Bush needs to be impeached. When the Republicans win back House, let’s get it done.

  • George needs to go back to sleep. He appears clueless.

  • Good thing he’s not president any more he can go cry in private

  • Another idiot

  • Boy Trump was so right about the Bushes. 🤮

  • Bush you committed war crimes time to shut up!

  • Never did like him

  • We respected you please,please stay behind the politics don't comente or come and live by the border. You have no idea leave it along and just paint .. we have respected you even if you're with Obama Biden Harris Clinton etc. Maintain yourself..

  • No respect for George. He should keep his mouth shut.

  • There is literally no reason for the existence of the Republican Party.

  • This guy is a sold out , another low energy.🤔

  • Remember back in the day Frank Caliendo talking about Bush making up words in speeches. He’s still doing it.

  • I'll bet "W" cant say ' nucular ' yet

  • These two are a couple of douchebags. We'll just check back when these two are 78 and see how they do.

  • Bush killed a lot of people.

  • Hey George, what brought down the twin towers, and bld. Seven?

  • Coming from the president that told us that airline fuel can burn steel beams, and that had a building that never got hit by a plane demolished in 5 hours. The same evil people that made us eat that lie, made us eat the lie that Joe Biden won the presidency.

  • Kick the Bush family out of the GOP. They are shameless.

  • George W. Bush the most stupid president in American history.

  • Exactly why i didn't vote for this grasshopper

  • Former President Bush should just fade away. The American people don't care about him anyway.

  • Crooked bush... shame on you!!!

  • George Bush is a disgrace, traitor, liar.

  • I just lost all my respect for former President Bush.

  • Grand Home did no good in Michigan

  • George Bush is wrong...

  • To think,I used to defend 43,I would give him the benefit of doubt about his weapons mass distortion and nu-clear bombs ect, my eyes are open now,43 was,is a moron. I think my uncle George will be on a episode of Omegon

  • Bush is a serial murderer!!!

  • This man is named Chinese Bush

  • Stay gone W! You were crap as a leader. Quit helping to ruin the country as you've done far too much of that already. Your presidency was a dumpster fire and you "ain't smart" 😅

  • Is Bush still alive?

  • Bush was a failure as president, and given his limited rhetorical abilities and uninformed views.... he has nothing to offer. By the way, Trump did more in four years than Bush did in eight.

  • Biden has become confused and senile in the last 10 years. Bush is just plain stupid and always has been.

  • Just as in Jonestown as soon as one person or anyone criticizes Donald Trump all of the juice drinkers take a swig even when a republican criticizes Donald Trump everyone turns against him or her that tells you that their loyalty to Trump is disingenuous no one is above criticism and correction for everyone to turn against even their own Republicans for simply criticizing or critiquing a person shows a cultish mentality he's our supreme leader never criticize him he's so great the stupidity goes on and on and now he's insignificant because he lost the White House the Congress and the Senate all in one swoop

  • FOX slams Harris for laughing it up about crisis, yet they have their own Ingram/ Arroyo CLOWN SHOW doing the same thing.

  • Bush is cheater, remember the WMD, and sent us to a war?

  • W is the reason we got Obama W second term was garbage and after hearing this i would say treasonous talk

  • Moscow Mitch's wife owned stock with a gravel company while heading of the transportation dept. They had to tell her twice to sell her shares. She was busy getting her family appointments with Big-wigs in China to support her families shipping Mitch was instrumental in setting up an aluminum factory in Kentucky for a Russian oligarch,, Glad you guys frown on Globalism>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> except when you get a lot of money for it,

  • Check hes stock ops

  • George Bush is a big time turn coat !

    • George Bush had a lot of America fooled just like his Dad !

  • Are You Disrespecting My Mom Again I Am A Native.Stay off Lakota Land!No Bear Forest In Canada! Mark My Words! Mr Busch I know what you All Are!

  • Bush, Go back to oil painting pictures!

  • He wants back in the swamp....

  • We are in an age of brainwash, propaganda and agenda pushing. What is your end goal here Mr media man? Devide and conquer?... Keep your eyes open people.

  • Mr.President I have a BMW electric car now for 7 years and is excellent but REMEMBER the solution of energy problems in the planet is not the electricity it’s still needs to be discover. Electricity is a temporary palliative.

  • "The fix is in." Finally the truth.

  • You idiots absolutely loved Bush when he was in office