Friends: The Reunion | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Birt 19 maí 2021
Our favorite friends are back on the set that started it all. Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer, and special guests reunite to discuss everything from their casting process to whether or not Ross and Rachel were really on a break. Witness the unbreakable bond of the group that perfectly captured the moment in life when your friends become your family.

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Friends: The Reunion | Official Trailer | HBO Max


  • Nah I’m not crying... you are...



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  • I have everyone reccomend me to watch friends is it that good?

  • HBO Friends if I directed everything.

  • Seriously thought this was going to be a reunion show as in what the characters were like 30 years later not the cast.... Kind of disappointed... But still seems cool

  • never liked this stupid show and will never watch this crap

  • Its incredible history which not a history

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S : The Botox Revenge...

  • Это будет легендарно

  • This backing track is a little too ironic, and yeah I really do think

  • Would be nicer to see them in their real age ,the look like blownfishes with lots of botox and fillers

  • Crying 😭 Crying 😭 Crying 😭

  • I love all the cast , but I'd say Lisa is the only who seemed interested in doing this others seemed like they were forced to do this. Well matt seemed interested in but Lisa the most she is remarkable

  • Nice vid, bro! Wouldn’t u share ur position about ENGAGED? I’m so into it! It seems great. Am I right in keeping it up?

  • My tears literally rolled down when Matthew says " I'm gonna cry".

    • Although he gained some weight, Leblanc is the one who looks the most "normal"

  • matthew perry does not look healthy. and how is lisa and david aged so well?!

  • The eager richard tentatively clean because sagittarius classically pick aside a zany imprisonment. wonderful, wild insurance

  • I thought it would be a real movie🤔 Guess what it was 😁

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  • Friends stole from " Living single "......thieves! Cme up wit ya own 💩! 2021

  • I miss Lisa.. love her so much..

  • Someone said "all you need is love", that's not all that Friends had but it's what made it great.

  • Reply back to me saying your fav episode on Friends I like the cheesecake episode it's so funny

  • I love F.R.E.N.D.S I've been waitting so long to watch this I watched F.R.E.N.D.S like 12 times or more over and over I hate that Netflix took of F.R.I.E.N.D.S Thats all I ever watched on Netflix. Now what the hell am I going to watch.

  • Ross never change

  • I'm definitely gonna follow u! I'd be happy if you also said anything about My Lotto Coin. Is it worth attention?

  • Anybody under 25 years old posting here...😅?

  • The song in the end??????

  • I will never understand nostalgia. This brings nothing special to the audience's memories but them, they just got a big check for this. End of the story

  • Watching reunion hits different when u just completed the series 🥺❤

  • "That show is not gonna make u a star" Welp 😂😂😂

    • @fouoii gyhh she still got it 😂😂

    • Lisa doing the “my eyes” scene made me cry of laughter

  • To this day I’m surprised they got away with having an only white they barely even had black hair extras lol

    • @Nabil !! I see what you’re saying, and I understand it was the 90s but still. Also the fact that they barely had diverse extras is super annoying too. They were in NYC one of the most diverse cities on the planet...

    • Show was about group of friends and in real life not everyone have mixed friends. We don’t have to be politically correct all the time and we don’t have to force the idea that we all have this diverse group of friends.

  • If you didn't cry during The Reunion, you prolly never watched Friends

  • You know what’d be even bigger than a friends reunion? An office reunion.

  • Although he gained some weight, Leblanc is the one who looks the most "normal"

  • 17 years of botox later

  • Where can i see the whole episode? I don't live in us

  • Mathew in little red riding hood: Red: why grandma what big ears u have Mat: all the better to hear u with Red: what big teeth u have Mat: all the better to bLiNd u with ✨✨✨

    • grandfather's passing. not really understanding death to its meaning, i remember binge watching friends and somehow taking mind off from the reality of my hardships. put

    • outgrown me

  • This looks awful

  • Imagine caring about Friends.

  • Im not crying, u are :(

  • Where is mike hanigan? Phoebe husband

  • Hey that's captain sobel

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  • This should never of happened, they made all their money, seems like somebody was desperate. Dead ass show man, should have been called "white friends"... This trailer made me clench my butt so hard that it gave me aids, then gave my aids cancer, then the aids died and the cancer fu**ed off but now I'm left with acute depressive anxiety disorder and I can only identify as a cis-seahorse-wasp-turd...

  • as bts said on this, i also learned english from friends. not only that it was the first ever drama series ive watched to the end, the first introduction of what real friends can be and are, and got me through quite a rough childhood/adolescence. i remember watching when i was studying abroad when i was 17 and my mother had received the news of my grandfather's passing. not really understanding death to its meaning, i remember binge watching friends and somehow taking mind off from the reality of my hardships. put some big smiles watching this as i remember watching this series back then. how much they have grown, how much i have grown, and that the show's impact on me had never outgrown me

    • These six people brought so much positivity into our lives then and now, made us laugh for decades. Thankyou all for being so amazing.

  • What I want to know is . If they were really close to even negotiate equal pay for everyone . Why weren’t the guys invited to jens wedding 🤨 hmm the teaaa

  • I remember I went to the producer of the show I was on and he said "That show is not gonna make you a star"! Now look at her. I love Jen so much. I had goosebumps there!

  • People waited 18 years for this and you ruined it by having James Corden involved.

  • I still watch them everyday with my every meal. ❤️

  • Anyone know what the music is from 0:50 to 1;20 ish?

  • Matthew Perry is definitely the real life BoJack Horseman after watching this reunion

  • I grew with Friends. When they were dating, I was dating. When they got married, I did. When Rachel had her baby, I did too. I am part of Friends, and they are part of me. Thank you, FRIENDS!

  • These people should be cloned. They are just so unique and legendary!


  • god they all look fucking awful except chandler and rachel

  • Can never think of friends being other people cast

  • In the uk you can still watch it on tv also what an amazing show should of made one last season called see each other once more and show how their live are after splitting up

  • Even after 6 years they are not changed❤️❤️

  • hi Just look what is happening of injustice and forced displacement of innocents in Palestine..thank you☘

  • Check out Hindi review of Friends Reunion here;


  • Why do people eat this nonsense up. They were probably closer to crew members and behind the scenes people than each other. There's 50 to 100 other people involved in producing these shows. Why not showcase them. Just cause they're off screen means they don't exist.

  • Why no masks. Everyone in world gonna die now.

  • Hyped 😍

  • The reunion was really good,very nostalgic but what kinda ruined it for me was all the special guests that had nothing to do with show got an appearance and people like Paul Rudd,Brad Pitt or Bruce Willis got left out..Like what is Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have to do with it..?

  • Friends will forever be my happy place!

  • My favourite line from this video is, it was a incredible time when we became best friends🥺🥺🥺

  • I remember it like all happened yesterday 🥺 How old has Joey and Chandler become and Phoebe still stays a bit young...

    • Bro actual age of Pheebs is 57 and Joey and Chandler are 53 and 51 in real life 😂😂

    • I cried when they showed Mr &Mrs Geller in the audience suddenly... How positive everything was!!!!!! Awesome.

  • You don't deserve any more respect i think you disrespect our god ganesha and you think we are going to entertain this... this isn't possible... we Indians respect every culture... that's why we are walking on msg of vasudhev kutumbakam... India wants to apologise for incidence and also bhailog thoda think krke dekha kro.... itna hi

  • Damn, Rachael, Monica and Chandler looked weird as hell. Joey, Phoebe and Ross looked normal though, aged normally. The others, yikes! Anyway, should make a movie where the friends characters take on the Toretto gang, one last time. Fast n' Funny 10.

  • Best TV series are from 90s, remember that. Friends, Baywatch, X-files, Seinfeld, you name it!

  • the way Matt Leblanc said ‘my roof is a mess’

  • oh my gosh i didn't even watch friends, but i can feel that emotion like i did

  • 0:27 song?

  • France... 1994...15 ans; Friends... New-York... Melting-pot... Al'chimie... 2001; World Trade Center... "Psychological War"?!... Métaphysique !


  • Makes me cry

  • Friends fr sucks lmaoo.....

  • I'm not crying,you are 🥺

  • fire james corden into the sun

  • who else wanted an episode of their characters reunion and not real life

  • This is random, but can anyone tell me what is the background song thats playing in 1:05 timestamp ? Thanks

  • Expect THE BIG BANG THEORY will be doing the same 20yrs from now. Mark My Words😅🔥

  • I thought it was an actual future episode this is jsut kinda sad

  • Friends cast entering the set be like every newbie entering the TARDIS !

  • U look at the comments n see you ppl from Russia, China, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Japan, UK, France n all over the world..this is a global phenomenon!

  • I never watched a single episode of friends, but I just came here to say that asshole Jerry Seinfeld should do something like this, that I would like

  • the way Matt Leblanc said ‘my roof is a mess’

  • I grown up with this (friends) show 🥲many thanks for the 6 heroes 💕

  • Did anyone else sort of feel like they were all guarded and distant from Perry? Like look at that scene were he was telling LeBlanc he missed him and that comment was totally just wooshed over. I'm also sort of thinking when Perry made the "joke" that he doesn't hear from anyone...that it might be true. I mean addiction is hard, and it can result in people being guarded around you but Perry was open about his struggles on the show. Not to mention Chandler as a character would have been hard. High energy, lots of physical imagine having to do his scenes over and over...the pressure would have been high so I get it. I also would get the cast and distancing themselves but damn...he's trying....I dunno this just made me want to hug Perry and shake the others

  • and I am still watching friends season 2 🙂

    • Anyone used a lot of tissues watching it

  • sad to see how matt changed

  • Probably the most unrealistic Show... BUT THE CAST AND COMEDIC TIMING THEY HAD AS A GROUP... mind blowing...!

  • Overrated

  • Am i the only one who got face cramps from smiling during the entire episode 😁 end ended crying in the end 🥺